The Flip House | Guest Bedroom & Main Bathroom Reveal

Floral Fabric

Thanks so much for everyone’s comments, emails and messages following my last post. I honestly feel like you’ve all been beside me throughout this house flipping journey and I really don’t think I could have done it without you!

Anyhoo, returning to my regular scheduling now by sharing two of the last three spaces from the property!

The ‘guest bedroom’, as I’m calling it, was originally a dumping ground for anything and everything – including a huge billiard table! For the purpose of selling the house, it made sense to switch that huge billiard table for a nice queen size bed.

Here’s the space before…

And here it is now…

Bedroom After

Sorry, it’s a tricky room to capture so I had to use a wide horizontal shot.

I went for a slightly different vibe in here.

It all started with the bed, which we picked up for free, that I decided needed to be wrapped in rope.

Bed Frame


It was a pretty straight-forward project though it took about ten times more rope, and twenty times longer, than I had anticipated! Still, I’m glad I did it.

DIY Rope Wrapped Headboard

In short, it was just a matter of hot-gluing strands of rope across the headboard until it was completely covered. I can probably rustle together a more detailed tutorial if there is enough interest. Obviously, I also painted the rest of the bed frame black.

DIY Rope Headboard

Next came this lovely floral fabric I found at Spotlight (which mum made into these accent cushion covers).

Floral Fabric

Isn’t it gorgeous?

It was tempting to play up the indigo though I decided to leave that as a pop by keeping everything else more neutral. So, instead I went with a soft rusty velvet (which mum made into this lumbar cushion cover) which pulls a less obvious colour from the floral fabric.

Guest Bedroom

Using a secondary colour, rather than the predominant colour, from whatever is your jumping-off point (whether that be a rug, artwork, or fabric like in my case) is a good tip when putting a scheme together. It can help tie everything together without drowning out any statement elements.

All of the other bedding are things we already owned. You might recognise the faux fur throw from my own bedroom.

I always like to use a rug to help anchor a bed and provide an extra layer of texture. Like the rug in the master bedroom, this one was a bit of a happy accident. I chose it before I really knew which direction the room was going in though how perfectly does it reference the rope headboard and add that little point of interest?


I’m absolutely in love with the subtle aztec-style pattern too.

Tribal Rug

As you’ll be able to see in the before pic of the bed, the window in this room looks straight into the neighbours house. Not the nicest of views.

We added simple pocket rod sheers to obscure things, which also work to soften the room for a subtle romantic edge. To finish the window I hung these long linen-look drapes which I found at Spotlight for just $30. I don’t normally puddle my curtains though when I was testing these for hemming height, they looked just right softly spilling on the floor so I decided to leave them.

Bedroom After

The bedside tables are simply Kmart plant stands with Kmart wooden serving trays on top. The gold lamps I got on sale from Big W.

Bedside Table

The concrete pot holds some artificial native flowers from Koch & Co. which I’ve teamed with a few sprigs of real gum leaves.

Artificial Flowers

Finally, the artwork are digital downloads I purchased years ago from Etsy (you may recognise them because I use them often). I had them printed through Officeworks then placed them in these large square frames from Spotlight. It’s a nice little modern touch which references the other abstract art in the house to give the room a sense of belonging.

DIY Abstract Art

Like many of the rooms in this house, the main bathroom was being used for storage and just needed a declutter, a really good clean and some fresh styling.

Here it is before…


And here it is now…

Bathroom After

Bathroom After

Aside from switching-out the vanity handles (using left-overs from the kitchen cabinets) we haven’t made any actual changes.

It’s merely staging, using mostly things we already owned.

The gold framed botanicals are free printables you can grab from my blog HERE, and the abstract over the towel rail was an easy DIY I painted with my son (using an old print from Kmart).

Bathroom After

The brass tray (originally from H&M) holds some pretty accessories and a fancy cake of Savon De Marseille soap.

Bathroom Vigentte

And to add a bit of life I filled a brass pot with some faux native blooms from Koch & Co.


Again, I teamed them with a few real gum leaves to make them appear extra authentic.


Carpet | Beaulieu Daytona in ‘Green Beige’ | $400

Bed & Mattress | Originally Free from Facebook BSS then DIY Rope Treatment Applied | $100

Rug | Lotus Hi-Low Rug in Beige from Spotlight | $200 on sale*

Window Dressing | Pocket Sheers, Cotton Drapes, Rods and Fittings, all from Spotlight | $80*

Indigo Floral Fabric | Spotlight | $10*

Light Rust Velvet Fabric | Spotlight | $8*

White Quilt Cover Set | Already Owned | $0

Beige Coverlet | Already Owned (originally from IKEA) | $0

Faux Fur Throw | Already Owned (originally from Bed, Bath & Table) | $0

Feather Cushion Inserts  | Already Owned | $0

Bedside Tables | Kmart Plant Stands Topped with Kmart Wooden Trays | $18 each

Gold Lamps | Big W | $22 each on sale

Concrete Dipped Pot & Artificial Flowers | Koch & Co. | $20 total*

Frames | Square Walnut Frames (48cm x 48cm) from Spotlight | $8 each on sale*

Abstract Artwork | Printed through Officeworks | $6 each

Other Decor | Already Owned | $0

TOTAL $592



Stool | Already Owned | $0

Abstract Wall Art | DIY using Old Kmart Print | $5

Botanical Wall Art | DIY using Free Printables and Frames we Already Owned | $6 total

Cabinet Pulls | eBay | $3 each

Brass Pot | Large Metal Plant Pot from Koch & Co. | $17*

Faux Artificial Flowers | Koch & Co. | $15*

Other Decor | Already Owned | $0



*We were super lucky to be gifted some items from Spotlight and Koch & Co. 
I’ve provided their costs however they are excluded from the total.

Bedroom After

Bathroom After




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The Flip House is SOLD!

Flip House Living Room

I’ve been holding on to this news for a while, and it’s finally time to let it out!

After two weekend opens, several offers and just two and a half weeks on the market, the flip house is SOLD!

It was such a surprise – and a relief! – to hear the news.

Sitting Room After

Things still aren’t completely finalised yet (just waiting on the results of a building inspection) so I’ll hold off on sharing all the details for now.

What I will say is that everyone is really pleased with the result!

Bedroom Makeover

I still have three rooms to reveal, which I’ll do as soon as I can, then I’ll wrap everything up in a summary post.

Dining Room Makeover

Thanks so much for all of your support! Even though I knew we’d given this house its best possible chance, there are never any guarantees in real estate so I was super nervous about how things were going to pan out. A little bit proud of what we managed to achieve, especially given the soft market. It was definitely all worth it!



Setting After

The Flip House | Kitchen & Deck Reveal

Normally when someone mentions a kitchen reveal it’s something to get excited about.

There’ll be new shaker cabinets with sleek marble counters, fancy island pendant lights, cool open shelving, hardware that doubles as jewellery and an amazing tile backsplash.

Yeah, well, this isn’t that kind of kitchen reveal.

As any of you who have been following along with the flip house will know, my friend wasn’t interested in renovating (which is totally fair enough). So, we’ve done the best we can with a simple cosmetic update. And it’s honestly amazing how much you can improve the feel of a space with little more than a good declutter and some fresh styling.

Here’s how things looked at the beginning of the flip…

Kitchen Before

Before Kitchen

And here is the kitchen now…

Kitchen After

Kitchen After

Kitchen After

You can find side-by-side before and after images toward the end of the post.

In many ways we got lucky with this kitchen. It had a simple black and cream colour scheme, relatively modern stainless steel appliances and a nice functional layout.

To make it appealing, it really just needed a good tidy-up, a decent clean and a few simple updates.

I’ve spoken about most of the little projects in my previous flip house posts however will touch on them again briefly.

One of the bigger changes was painting the pantry door.

Pantry Door After

I wanted to break-up all of the cream and initially thought black would work to modernise things. I did one coat and hated it. With the benchtops and feature floor tiles it created a checkerboard feel which actually came across as dated.

So I decided to try some of the left-over Duck Egg paint from the exterior and it worked really well. It adds a fun colour hit which softens the black, updates the cream and introduces a touch of liveliness.

Another big-ish change was adding tile decals.

Kitchen Vignette

They look dimpled because the underlying tiles are textured. It doesn’t adversely effect the overall appearance at all.

The original strip of multi-coloured feature tiles wasn’t totally awful, though it didn’t exactly enhance the room or gel with the new feel I was aiming to create.

Tile decals are a quick and easy solution which pack a big punch! You can learn more about them in my previous post HERE.

Kitchen After

To further modernise and solidify things we also switched out the generic silver cabinet handles for more contemporary black ones.

Pantry Door Handle

The pantry got this cool long bar pull and all of the cabinet doors got similar smaller ones.

For a point of difference I used bin pulls on the drawers.

Kitchen After

I couldn’t find any really cheap bin pulls in the style I liked with the right hole centers (as obviously I wanted to use the existing holes in the drawer fronts from the previous handles) so I splurged a little here by spending a bit more than I normally would.

The only other notable change was swapping the old ceiling light for this more on-trend clear glass fixture from Bunnings.

Kitchen After

It’s a subtle change, however we’ve used these simple fixtures throughout most of the house so it just helps with that sense of continuity.

Oh, and I should mention, the two ‘pendants’ over the peninsula you can see in the before pics were merely battery operated lights attached to the ceiling (they were not hard-wired). Although I do love island pendants I decided to remove these ones. Whilst I could have updated them style-wise, the peninsula is angled and they just didn’t look right in the room, plus they obstructed the sight-line through this open-plan space.

I really wanted a shelving unit for the area beside the breakfast bar though unfortunately I was out of time and money. Still, the wall needed something (pretty BIG!) and I came across this large-scale bird wall chart when I was going through my decor stash.

Bird Wall Chart

I created this a few years back when I was helping my parents refresh their living room. At the time it didn’t make the cut (we ended up going for something a bit more feminine and refined) so it has been languishing in a dark wardrobe ever since! Surely it deserves better than that!

I found the free image online, did a bit of editing and had it printed on specialty canvas through a supplier on eBay for the super low price of $25. When I received it the colours were really over-saturated so I white washed it, antiqued it, then threw it in the washing machine.

As a result it has this distressed, grungy, weathered look which isn’t for everyone though I personally love it! To finish, I hemmed the sides then added some basic timber trim and a leather hanging strap.

The bar stools are simply from Kmart and work to give purpose to the raised overhanging counter along with fill some of the vacant space.

Kitchen After

All of the decor are things we already owned.

My collection of blue-green glassware fills the open shelving.

I originally wanted to take these shelves down because they’re kinda my pet hate, however they were well and truly attached and I didn’t want to risk damaging the walls or cabinets. I think this grouping does a good job of making them appear a little more current.

Above the fridge I kept things simple with white crockery layered with cane charging plates.

Kitchen Decor

And the microwave nook holds a few trays and a rustic bowl filled with oranges.

Kitchen After

Kitchen Vignette

We didn’t do much with the backyard (that old time and money thing) however the biggest single expense in the entire flip was building a deck.

The original paved area was wonky and weird and just plain unappealing. In fact, it was probably the single worst aspect of the whole property. Leaving it as is would have been a huge blight on all our other hard work. Fortunately my friend’s son is training as a carpenter so he built the deck for us.

This was the state of things before the flip (well, after some of the pavers had already been ripped up)…

Deck Before

And here’s the area now…

Deck Styling

I’m so sorry, though I don’t have a pic from the same aspect. Mainly because when I took my pics the grass hadn’t been mowed and made everything look really untidy – LOL!

Originally, I had visions of dressing this space to the nines: a heap of string lights hanging from the pergola roof, a DIY pendant over the table, an outdoor lounge zone with rugs, ottomans, pot plants and other pretty things. Sadly though, it just wasn’t gonna happen. We were out of time and money.

Setting After

I simply had to make do.

In fairness though, as satisfying as it would have been to go all out, in the overall scheme of things it probably would have had little impact.

In the end I simply used this table I found on Gumtree for $50 and this set of eight Chippendale style chairs I picked up on Marketplace for $100.

Dining Table

Chippendale Chairs

I ripped the table top back to raw using the coarsest sandpaper in the whole wide world (I was going for speed, not finesse, and still need to hit it with something finer for a smoother feel), and painted the base using leftover Duck Egg paint from the exterior.

The chairs were sprayed white though will probably need to be refinished at some stage. Again, I was going for speed and didn’t bother with proper prep. At the time, my goal was simply to make them look white! I guess trying to finish staging an entire house in two weeks kinda depletes your usual care factor!

Chippendale Chairs

Again, the decor bits and pieces are all things we already owned.

Outdoor Table Styling


Tile Decals | Encaustic Moroccan Tile from Bleucoin on Etsy | $60

Cabinet Door Handles | eBay | $3 each

Cabinet Drawer Pulls | Etsy | $7 each

Pantry Door Handle | eBay | $8

Light Fitting | Bunnings | $14

Bar Stools | Kmart | $25 each

Wall Chart | DIY | $30

Decor | Already Owned | $0

TOTAL $256



Deck | Merbau Deck (approx. 6 meters x 4 meters) | $4,000

Chairs | Marketplace | $12 each

Table | Gumtree | $50

Decor | Already Owned | $0

TOTAL $4,146


Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Before Kitchen

Kitchen After

Deck Before

Deck Styling

I know these makeovers are nothing special, though I hope they help inspire anyone who’s trying to make the most of what they already have.

Oh, and I have some exciting news about the house I’ll be sharing super soon. Stay tuned!


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The Flip House | Dining Room Reveal

So, my room reveals may have slowed down a touch, though they’re still coming!

This is how the dining room looked a few months back…


And here it is now…

Dining Room After

I absolutely love the feel of this space! It’s earthy and fresh, and a little bit rustic, and it ties in perfectly with the adjoining living room.

Living Room After

My initial plan for this space was to use cheap second-hand furniture, which would have sufficed, however I was incredibly lucky to be offered this amazing setting from Early Settler. How could I say no?

The dining table is absolutely gorgeous.

Dining Table

And the woven chairs have a relaxed sophistication which honestly makes you exhale.

Dining Room After

To provide an anchor for the furniture, and help soften (and hide!) the floor tiles, this subtle rug works perfectly.

Dining Room After

I was going to use a large basket pendant in here, though once the chairs were in place it felt like there was already enough wicker in the room.

Instead, I decided something metal would work well to add some interest and reference the other gold accents in the house, however I didn’t have the budget for a fancy brass fixture.

Enter this regular fabric shade I found at an Op Shop for $6.

Second Hand Tapered Shade

Making this look like brass was a total experiment.

DIY Brass Light

I first removed the fabric (which is easier said than done – in hindsight I probably would have just left it attached) then spray painted the underlying styrene gold.

It looked okay, though a bit flat and dull, so I amped things up by applying a burnt umber glaze, which I stippled, drizzled and splattered on in a haphazard manner to create a bit of grunge, followed by a clear gloss sealer.

Now it was getting there, though things still felt a little bit plain. To create some interest, and help with the brass illusion, I decided some metal hardware was needed.

I had no idea what I was going to use, however after scouring the aisles at the hardware store I came away with some brass picture frame triangles and gold split pins.


They’re just right!

DIY Light

The shade is simply attached to a basic DIY suspension kit which is plugged into the existing batten fixture.

Dining After

The artwork was a last minute addition.

Given there is already quite a lot of feature wall decor scattered throughout the house, I was going to leave this wall blank though it just felt a little too bland. So, I took some left-over white and black paint, plus this old gold frame I’ve had for ages, and created my very own super quick abstract.

Unfortunately I don’t have a close up pic however I’m really happy with it. I painted it outside on a windy day and the breeze occasionally caught the paint and made these random ribbony scrawls which turned out looking really intentional and cool.

Dining Table Vignette

All of the decor are things we already owned. The glass vase and tea towel are still available at Kmart.


Dining Table | Highgate Dining Table from Early Settler | $990 on sale*

Dining Chairs | Cera Dining Chairs from Early Settler | $139 each*

Floor Rug | Kaya Diamond Border Woven Rug from Early Settler | $479*

Wall Art | DIY (using items we already owned) | $0

Light Fitting | DIY (using suspension kit and thrifted shade) | $30

Decor | Already Owned | $0


*We were super lucky to be gifted some items from Early Settler. 
I’ve provided their costs however they are excluded from the total.


Dining Room After

I know this makeover is pretty sweet and simple though I hope you like it :)

Now, just to update you on the status of the sale…the house has been on the market for just over two weeks now and there have been three strong offers! My friend is holding out for a bit more though interest has been high (especially considering the slow and flooded market) so hopefully there’ll be a ‘sold’ sticker across the board soon!



Dining Room Makeover

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The Flip House | Living Room Reveal

Coffee Table Styling

So, I know you guys already know this but…I have the best readers in the whole wide world!

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my previous reveal posts. You have honestly floored me with your kindness. I was actually worried some people might feel the need to jump on and leave critical feedback purely to puncture my presumably over-inflated ego – LOL!

Anyhoo, I’ve been hanging out to share this space because it’s possibly my favourite in the entire house.

Here’s how the living room looked at the beginning of the flip…




And here it is now…

Living Room After


Living Room After

You can find side-by-side before and after images toward the end of the post.

This room was a bit of an evolution.

I started with the sofa, which came with the house (originally in the sitting room). Although it wasn’t the style or colour I would have chosen it was simple and neutral enough to work with.

Next came the sideboard which I found for $80 on Gumtree. I must admit, at first I wasn’t sure about this piece. I was getting desperate and it was the right scale and price so I jumped on it. It wasn’t until I got it in the house that I realised just how perfect it was!


Of course, I needed some armchairs to accompany the sofa, and a nice big rug to warm the space up, help anchor everything together and somewhat conceal the floor tiles.

Ordinarily I would make do with cheap second-hand items, however in this case I was lucky to be gifted some gorgeous products from Early Settler. It was an offer too good to refuse! Whilst they aren’t pieces I would normally purchase to stage a prudent flip house (remember, I am super stingy – LOL), for my own home I wouldn’t hesitate, and I know many of you will love them!

The stunning rug is possibly my most favourite thing ever! The photos really don’t do it justice.

Coffee Table Styling

And how cool are the woven armchairs?

Flip House Living Room

They’re sophisticated yet casual and give the room a lovely unique feel.

With the timber of the sideboard and wicker of the armchairs, I felt that introducing more wood or cane could be a bit much so set about trying to find a metal coffee table. I was about to give up and try making my own when I came across this one on Marketplace for just $40.

Living Room After

It’s simple and contemporary and just right.

When you walk in the front door, you can see the side of the sofa at the end of the hallway.

Entry After

Given it’s quite dark, big and blocky I added this basic gold side table (which I found on clearance at Early Settler) to help break it up a bit.

Living Room After

It can be tempting to scatter decor all over the place, though I left the top of it clear to avoid creating a cluttered feel.

For me, one of the most impactful elements in the space is the gorgeous floor lamp.

Floor Lamp

Whilst it’s not overly bold or showy, it has a gentle sculptural presence which adds interest and provides a needed modern edge. Plus the black and gold works perfectly to tie the room together. Without it, things just wouldn’t feel quite so well resolved and stylish. Don’t you think?

To freshen things up, and also link-in with the sitting room, I added a selection of white cushions. They are all filled with feather inserts we already owned and have been sewn by mum using a combination of inexpensive fabrics and tea towels – yep, tea towels make great cushion covers!

Grid Cushion

I’m not normally a grid person though something about the understated simplicity of this pattern just seemed so right in here!

And, of course, you can never go past a fine pinstripe.

Pinstripe Cushion

Initially I wanted to hang an over-size moody artwork above the sideboard. As awesome as that would have been, due to time and budget restraints I ended-up using this large gridded mirror we already owned.


It normally hangs in my parent’s breakfast nook (you may remember it from this previous post) and was a $5 Op Shop find from several years back which I added the trim to.

Sideboard Vignette

It’s super heavy so to avoid hanging it I’ve merely rested it against the wall which also works to lend things a nice relaxed feel. I absolutely love it in here and am thinking it may work even better than an artwork would have.

My original plan was to keep the decor super minimal, however as I began adding things it just started feeling better and better! I still exercised restraint, so it’s far from cluttered, though it has a layered warmth which helps it look collected and genuinely homey.


Coffee Table Styling

We already owned most of the decor, and the vast majority has been thrifted, so you really don’t need to spend much when ‘dressing’ a room.

Sideboard Vignette


Sofa | Already Owned | $0

Armchairs | Woven Wicker Occasional Chair from Early Settler | $399 each*

Floor Rug | Nomad Diamond Hand Tufted Rug from Early Settler | $560*

Sideboard | Gumtree | $80

Coffee Table | Marketplace | $40

Gold Side Table | Early Settler | $25 on clearance

Rustic Timber Stool | Already Owned (former DIY project) | $0

Floor Lamp | Williams Trumpet Lamp from Early Settler | $150*

Ceiling Light | Bunnings | $14

Mirror | Already Owned | $0

White Cushion Covers | DIY using Fabric from Spotlight | $5 each

Pinstripe Lumbar Cushion Cover | DIY using Tea Towel from H&M | $6

Grid Cushion Covers | DIY using Tea Towels from H&M | $6 each

Gold Cushion Cover | Already Owned (originally from H&M) | $0

Feather Cushion Inserts | Already Owned | $0

Brass Planter | Ashika Plant Holder (Medium) from Early Settler | $31*

Decor | Already Owned | $0

TOTAL $197


*We were super lucky to be gifted some items from Early Settler. 
I’ve provided their costs however they are excluded from the total.



Living Room After


Living Room After


Living Room Makeover

Hope you guys like this space as much as I do.

Will be back soon to share the dining room!



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Flip House Living Room