Easy Budget Wall Art

Hey guys.
Just popping in for a quick one today to share this budget wall art idea using inexpensive frames and gift wrap.

(Kmart picture frames and Cavallini gift wrap maps).

I know, I know, nothing earth shattering though affordable and effective.

(In case you’re extra observant and are wondering why South America is next to Russia in one of the pics I kinda mis-measured then had to improvise with cut-and-paste. When they’re all up on the wall I’m sure no-one will even notice. If I’m feeling super motivated one day I might even be bothered fixing it – probably not though).

If you happen to live anywhere near where that arrow is pointing you can buy this map gift wrap (along with a whole heap of other awesome stuff) from Zetta Florence.

If you don’t happen to live anywhere near where the arrow is pointing, you can also order on-line from Zetta Florence or check out the Cavallini website for stockists (and their whole range of other gorgeousness).

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Bamboo Faux Window Valance

Remember how I was planning to use all these….

….to dress up the one (yes, just one) window in my bedroom?

Well, it’s all finally up and I’m really happy with how it turned out….eventually. Sure, there may have been one or two ‘measure once, drill twice’ incidents and about three hours spent trying to work out how that darn bamboo blind was actually gonna stay up there and look half decent though it all came together in the end.

First up was the roller blind which I mounted on the window frame…

As I’ve mentioned previously, we needed a blackout treatment and nothing really beats these guys for effectiveness and affordability. Shame about the looks though.

Enter solution one; el-cheapo IKEA curtains…

I love the simplicity of white hidden tab-top drapes on a narrow black rod. I hung these as near the ceiling as possible to give the illusion of height and they work really well to conceal the roller blind’s ugly plastic capping and cord whilst giving the room a gentle softness

Now, I could very well have left my window treatment at that. Because of where the roller blind is mounted it blends in pretty seamlessly, however, I had a vision (and how hard could it be to make a bamboo blind that’s supposed to be attached to a window frame into a valancey thingo that hangs off a pole? Well, not hard at all after three hours of exhausting the 101 best possible ways to do it!).

I’ll spare you all the trials and tribulations and just say that in the end I decided to cut the blind straight down the middle horizontally. I then removed the string and eyelets from the lower section and re-tied the binding thread (which sounds time-consuming though was relatively quick and easy) so I had a plain piece of woven matchstick bamboo.

I know it may seem crazy cutting up a completely perfect blind though I had no intention of actually ever using it as a blind. I did initially check out the garden section of the hardware store for some type of bamboo screening I could use instead though couldn’t find what I wanted – plus screening is way more expensive than a blind anyway.

I draped and wrapped my piece of bamboo around a cheap black curtain rod, playing around with a few different looks until I found one I liked (my blind is pretty evenly weighted though if you try this and find yours keeps slipping use some strong tape or pliable wire to keep it in place). Next, I simply hung it up on some brackets to conceal the roller blind.

I love the rustic, natural feel it adds to the window.

I needed my bamboo valance to sit out over the roller blind though behind the curtains so used mid-length mounting brackets.

You can see how it all works in this pic…

So, there you have it. A slightly crazy-lady way to create an affordable and attractive blackout solution for your window.


Roller Blind (Spotlight $60)
Curtains (IKEA Vivan $12)
Bamboo Blind (Bunnings Warehouse $15)
Rods and Brackets (Spotlight $20)
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Farmhouse Chic

…or something like that. Whatever it is, today I’m loving it.

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Master Bedroom Progress

Once again you probably thought I’d forgotten all about my bedroom makeover. Well, I have actually been s-l-o-w-l-y plugging away at it.

The other day I bought one of these…

And then, cause I needed a black-out option too, I also bought one of these…

Now, before you think I’ve gone a little crazy buying multiple blinds when I actually only have one window to dress I do have a plan (kinda).

As you probably already saw, I also finished (and have now hung!) this…

Which, as I sadly suspected might have been the case, now causes a clash with this…

2010 Bedroom Vignette (2)

Though don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll find somewhere else to show-off my beloved starburst mirror.

Sooo, now I’ve come up with a fresh idea for dressing the wall that mirror previously occupied which involves some of these…

And these…

And last but not least, I found some AWESOME lamps!

Well, when I say “I” I actually mean a friend of mine (thanks Maria!) who graciously came to my rescue when I was stumped on which lamps to go with. These aren’t super, super cheap though they’re not outlandishly expensive either (I’m lucky enough to be getting them at wholesale price which is ace).

Only problem is….I won’t have them til early December – oh poo!

Never fear though, I’m not gonna wait that long to share my bedroom makeover. I’m hoping to post about it sometime soon (featuring my current lamps of course – which, truth be told, actually fit in quite nicely anyways).

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Vintage Dresser Transformation

So, there’s cool vintage and then there’s not so cool vintage, right? Well, when I first saw this deco vanity it definitely sat in the latter category though just needed a little nudge to bump it to the former.

It came to me for the bargain price of $0 – really, the things people just throw away. It was complete with ugly bakelite handles, a glass shelf and two wing mirrors too, though I only remembered to take the ‘before’ pic after I already removed them – oops!

Anyways, after a general clean, patch-up and light all over sand I replaced the central glass shelf with a piece of timber (just cause the glass didn’t seem quite right for the look I was going for) then primed and painted the whole thing black.

To add some distinction, and for a slight industrial edge, I stencilled on some simple numbers in pale buttery vanilla before distressing the whole piece (corners, edges and flat surfaces) by hand with a sanding block.

Next I sealed the whole thing with wipe-on poly before attaching some new nickel bin pulls.

The big tri-piece wing mirror is completely detachable so you can use it with…

or without…

I love the way some paint and a few unique little touches can give an old piece of furniture a completely new feel, and in this case, has made what was distinctly a bedroom item into a piece that can be used virtually anywhere.

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