Re-Love Project 2016

It’s that time of year again!

Do you guys remember these furniture makeovers?

Flat File Drawer Hack

Honeycomb Armoire


Well, I’m super honoured to have been invited to take part in the Feast Watson Re-Love Project again for 2016!

For anyone unfamiliar with the campaign, the Re-Love Project is a charitable collaboration between Feast Watson and Salvos Stores. The project follows seven design personalities as they each up-cycle an item of furniture, using Feast Watson timber finishing products, into a unique statement piece. Things culminate in all completed pieces being auctioned for charity.  Awesome!

Once more, there is a serious line-up of talent including the likes of Mark Tuckey (for a second year) and the teams behind Kip & Co and Norsu Interiors…just to name a few.

For those who don’t know, Feast Watson specialise in premium wood finishes, so the furniture “re-loves” must center around just that; wood. This makes for a refreshing departure from plain old paint, and provides a fun opportunity to get extra creative.

So, here’s my glorious starting point…

Re-Love Project Before

Don’t ask me what I was thinking.

I took a bit of a risk buying this big retro buffet “sight unseen” for just $5. Yep, $5!

Turns out my risk wasn’t particularly well calculated! Or perhaps it was just a little rose-tinted.

You see, I already had a plan in mind for what I wanted to do for this year’s project (it’s something a little more conventional than my previous refurbs), and this buffet seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Only thing is, it has one or two more, er, ‘flaws’ than I initially imagined.

That’s okay though. In fact, it’s kind of exciting. I have a thinking cap and a decent pair of hands I plan to put to good use.

You with me?

Keep your fingers, and toes, crossed then. Who knows how this thing will end!

2016 Re-Love Project Designers

Be sure to follow along with all the other amazing designers involved!

The Design Hunter | Simone Barter | Norsu Interiors
Aimee Tarulli
 | Mark TuckeyKip & Co

You can also keep up-to-date with the latest in everyone’s projects directly through Feast Watson’s accounts on Instagram or Pinterest.


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Over-Sized Heron Art | Huge High Resolution Free Printable!

I have created a second free large-scale download of a beautiful crane to accompany this heron for anyone who’s after two artworks.
Find it here.

After publishing the post about my DIY large-scale art a few weeks back, I received quite a few requests for a free printable version of my edited image.

Free Printable Over-Size Bird Art DIY | The Painted Hive

I did contemplate sharing it originally, though didn’t want to breach any copyright laws or kill my site’s bandwidth due to the large file size.

I have since gained permission from the Biodiversity Heritage Library to on-share the image so decided to look into hosting the download elsewhere to save crashing my blog!

You may recall that in my original post I mentioned finding the image on Internet Archive.
Internet Archive is a digital repository which pools its content from a variety of online sources. The Biodiversity Heritage Library is one such source and was the origin of my Heron illustration.

To make things super easy for you guys, I have reduced the size of my image slightly so it will fit perfectly within any large (60cm x 90cm/24″ x 36″) standard poster frame! How cool is that? If you’re unsure where to find large poster frames, check out your local dollar and discount department stores, do a quick Google search or head into Ikea – they have a few to choose from! Of course, you can always DIY your own custom frame if you’d prefer, or use a thrifted one as long as the proportions will work with the aspect ratio of the image.

Now, onto the printing.

There are heaps of places which offer printing services. If you’re not certain where to start looking, check out your local office supplies store or have a Google around for “print and copy services”. You can visit a store in person or use an online interface. I personally prefer the ease and convenience of uploading my artwork online then having my print delivered direct to my door.

For the purpose of this post I’ll outline how to use three online services; Officeworks (Australia), Office Depot (USA) and Costco (Canada). Of course, you can chose to have your image printed through which ever service you personally prefer, just make sure you meet their particular document set-up specifications.



1 Download the free printable (Heron – Officeworks) located towards the end of this post.

2 Open the Officeworks website, click on the Print & Copy tab and navigate to Posters & Plans.

3 Select Colour Posters.

4 Check the B1 (707mm x 1000mm) option ($29).

Note: You can also choose to upgrade your material to 200gsm gloss or satin paper for an additional $13.

5 Click Upload Your Design then Select File and choose the image you wish to upload (be patient, the upload may take a few minutes).

6 Once uploaded, you will see a preview of your poster. If you’re happy with everything, click Accept Digital Preview & Add To Cart.

7 At checkout you can choose to collect the poster in person from an Officeworks store or have it delivered to your door.



1 Download the free printable (Heron – Office Depot) located towards the end of this post.

2 Open the Office Depot website, click on Copy & Print and then on Posters.

3 Select the 24″ x 36″ ($19.99) option from the Poster Size drop-down and ensure Portrait orientation is checked.

Note: There is no need to check the Fit To Size box as I have already sized the image exactly. You can also chose to upgrade your material from the selections in the Paper Type drop-down.

4 Click Upload Your Files then My Computer and choose the image you wish to upload (be patient, the upload can take several minutes).

5 Once uploaded, you will see a preview of your poster. If you’re happy with everything, click Add To Cart.

6 At checkout you can choose to collect the poster in person from an Office Depot store or have it delivered to your door.



1 Download the free printable (Heron – Costco) located towards the end of this post.

2 Open the Costco website, click on Photo and then on Prints (you will be directed to an external site and asked to agree to some copyright terms and conditions).

3 Click Photo Prints.

4 Click Upload Photos then Upload Photos From My Computer and then the Add+ button and choose the image you wish to upload.

5 Click the Start Upload button.

6 Once uploaded, tick the checkbox beneath the preview of your image then click Order Selected Prints (you will be directed to your shopping cart where you can confirm print options).

7 In the Photo Finish section check Glossy or Matte and ensure As Is is checked.

Note: The 24″ x 36″ print size specifies “Lustre Only” however just to be safe I suggest selecting your preference of Glossy or Matte also.

8 In the Quantity section place a number 1 (or whichever quantity you prefer) in the 24×36 box ($17.99) and click the Apply button.

9 Scroll down to the Prints section and ensure the correct size and quantity are specified in the area below the print preview. If you’re happy with everything, click Continue.

10 At checkout you are asked to enter a Costco Membership Number and a valid Contact Phone Number. You can then click the Pick Up At Warehouse button and specify which store you would like to collect your print from. Click Continue.

11 In the Review & Place Order page under Print Options ensure AutoCorrect is Off. If it’s On, click Edit (beside the Print Options text) and check the box beside Do Not AutoCorrect My Prints.

12 Once you’re happy with everything, click Place Your Order.


Whilst I have pre-sized this image to fit within a standard large poster frame, there is room to enlarge it (within reason – perhaps by around 30% in order to maintain quality) if you wish to create a larger art piece, and of course it can also always be reduced.

If you would like to custom size, or further edit, my image though aren’t quite sure how to go about it, be sure to check out my Free Printables series for everything you need to know.

Free Printable Large-Scale Art | The Painted Hive

Download Heron Officeworks

Download Office Depot

Download Costco

Note: As touched on above, due to the large file size of these images, I am hosting them externally (on Google Drive) to save killing my bandwidth.
To download, click one of the above buttons to be directed to the corresponding Google Drive page (allow a few moments for the document to load). Once there, click the arrow icon at the top of the screen to download (you may be presented with a Virus Scan message – rest assured, the document is clean). Depending on your connection speed, please allow a minute or so for download.

Don’t be concerned if the image quality appears super poor on your computer monitor. The canvas texture I have applied can present strangely on screen due to image compression. If you zoom in (magnifying glass icon at the top right of the screen) the depicted quality should improve within a few moments.

For the purpose of this post I have created three different downloads in order to meet the different upload requirements of the Officeworks, Office Depot and Costco online services.

:: Officeworks suggests that digital images should be sized in-line with their paper sizes. As they don’t carry a standard large poster size option, I have created a “canvas” at 70.7cm x 100cm (707mm x 1000mm) to match their nearest paper size. The actual printed image will be 60cm x 90cm.

:: Office Depot does allow for the direct upload of 24″ x 36″ images so a larger “canvas” isn’t required.

:: Costco doesn’t support PDF files so I have created a JPG document and reduced the resolution slightly in order to meet their maximum upload limit of 25 MB.

If you intend to use an alternate printing service, I would suggest using the “Heron – Office Depot” image. Just ensure the particular document set-up specifications of the printing company are met.

Have fun!


Did anyone else notice I just published two posts in the one week? I better go and lay down :)

Free for personal, non-commercial use only.
Republication, reproduction or redistribution in any form is forbidden.

Free Printable Bird Posters | The Painted Hive

If you’re after a pair of large-scale bird posters, be sure to check out this post for my free printable crane.

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An Impromptu Coastal Bedroom Makeover | Before & After

Budget Coastal Bedroom Refresh | The Painted Hive

Yes, I’m aware there’s a partially complete room re-do I should probably be focusing my attention on, though I thought it might be fun to throw this surprise one in the mix (don’t question my logic :)

Coastal Bedroom Makeover | The Painted Hive

As a massive bonus, this one is actually finished (and only took me one and a half days – who woulda thunk it?) so I can share the full before and after. It seemed like a nice little way to thank all you guys for being so, so, sooooo patient with me.

Coastal Bedroom Makeover (Pretty Bedside Table Vignette) | The Painted Hive

Although this bedroom transformation took place just last week, the wheels were set in motion a month or so back when I was asked to take part in and style a video tutorial for one of my favourite brands (I’ll share more on that when I can). As part of the styling, I needed to borrow a queen sized bed on mega short notice. So, after I had a little freak out, I turned to Super Amart – a brand I’ve worked with in the past – who totally came to my rescue. Not only could they lend me the perfect bed, they actually decided to gift it to me! Needless to say I was blown away and incredibly grateful.

Only thing was, I didn’t really feel I needed a new bed. Good thing I knew someone else who did!


Before 1

Before 2

Before 3

So sorry for the terrible before shots. Mum had to take them on her crappy old phone a few weeks back before she and dad moved the new bed into place.

This is (well, was) the master bedroom at my parent’s beach house – located in St Leonards, Victoria. It’s a relatively new builder-grade home, so it does lack a little character, though its clean lines provide a nice, neutral canvas for crafting rooms around.

Our plan here was simple…use predominately what we already had to inject some vibrancy and a subtle coastal feel. We didn’t paint the walls, we didn’t change the light fixture, we didn’t switch out the curtains, replace the flooring or bring in new bedside tables. What we did do – new bed aside – was bring in some simple decorative accents and a fresh pop of colour.

Naturally, the new bed from Super Amart (a great buy at just $450) is the centerpiece of the space, however its restrained grandeur means it doesn’t overpower the modestly-sized room or steal the show entirely. If anything, it’s more like a gentle hush. A beautiful back-drop to balance, compliment and quiet the lively blues and greens.

Budget Friendly Coastal Bedroom Makeover | The Painted Hive

To keep things classic we went with simple bedding. A white quilted doona cover which mum already had (originally from the Bed, Bath ‘n’ Table clearance store), some gorgeous deep green velvet cushions which mum made herself from inexpensive fabric she found at Spotlight, and my absolute fave – charcoal ticking sheets.

Charcoal Ticking Sheets | The Painted Hive

What is it about ticking? To me those gentle stripes are the epitome of timeless, casual elegance.

Those of you who are familiar with my blog and home will know of my love for ticking. Sadly, my ticking sheets went to heaven a month or so back after my super helpful husband put a massive tear in the fitted sheet whilst trying to stretch it over our mattress! I knew they were due for replacement, though still, I just about cried. After searching for a comparable replacement for ages (it seems charcoal ticking sheets are rather rare here in Oz) I eventually came across some at Taylor Road – a New Zealand based homewares store. Although a bit of a splurge for me, they are gorgeous and totally worth it. So, whilst these sheets are technically mine, I couldn’t resist using them in this makeover. And they are just so perfect I think another set might be on the cards!

Green Bedside Table Makeover | The Painted Hive

We knew we wanted to lighten-up the dark bedside tables (originally found on eBay for around $30 each) though couldn’t decide on a colour. Surprisingly, mum didn’t want blue (which was the obvious choice) due to a nearby bedroom already having blue accents. We threw around the idea of a neutral (white, taupe, cream, grey) though that felt a little safe. Eventually we decided on quite a zingy green (Dulux “Pretty Maiden”) to reference the green in the artwork.

Coastal Bedroom Makeover | The Painted Hive

It’s actually quite refreshing having this unexpected colour. I think it takes away from any coastal cliche.

We also added new polished brass label pulls (from D Lawless Hardware) for a hint of glam.

Brass Label Pulls | The Painted Hive

The rug is the Osted from Ikea. Mum bought it almost a year ago to use in her living room though then changed her mind. It’s been lying in her hallway (still packaged) ever since. I wasn’t sure if its dimensions would work in the bedroom though we decided to try it out anyway. It’s perfect.

Coastal Bedroom Makeover | The Painted Hive

I found the original artwork in an antique bazaar for just $25. The lovely thing about this piece is that it actually depicts a nearby beach (the location is handwritten on the rear).

Coastal Artwork

The gorgeous glass lamps are from Super Amart (you might recognise them from this previous post). I picked them up over a year ago for just $70 each though sadly they’re no longer available. That said, if you Google “verre table lamp” you might find them being sold elsewhere, albeit probably at a higher price. For use in this room we switched out the large drum shades for slightly smaller tapered ones from Freedom. I don’t know why, I just prefer a tapered shade.

Bedside Vignette with Glass Lamps and Vintage Finds | The Painted Hive

Mum already had the end of bed bench. It’s actually an antique piano stool from a secondary school. A year or so ago she replaced the wooden top (which wasn’t original) with an upholstered seat which just happens to co-ordinate with the new bed. I was a little concerned it might look too matchy-matchy, though there are subtle differences which actually help make it work.

Coastal Bedroom Makeover | The Painted Hive

The wicker basket beneath the stool is an antique hope chest. It was passed down to mum from her great aunt. I love the way a dash of wicker injects instant cottage charm! To further the cottagey feel and provide a link I also hung some simple cane baskets on the blank wall beside the window.

Wicker Basket Wall Decor | The Painted Hive

All of the decorative accents we already had.

Pretty Bedside Vignette | The Painted Hive

Most of them are from charity stores or antique bazaars.

Vintage Bedside Vignette | The Painted Hive

The shell and sea sponge are from the beach (duh!) and the lovely plant is a Lemon Button Fern (Nephrolepis).

Lemon Button Fern | The Painted Hive

Never had one before though apparently they’re excellent indoor plants and very hardy – we’ll see.

Beside Table Vignette | The Painted Hive

Some simple white blooms compliment the scheme beautifully.

White Flowers in Blue Ginger Jar | The Painted Hive

Sorry I didn’t get many “full” room shots. It’s a reasonably small space so was hard to capture without using a wide angle lens (and I’m not a huge fan of using wide angle lenses because they tend to bend the image, throwing off proportion and creating distortion which isn’t great for interior shots).

Anyhoo, here’s a before and after…

Budget Friendly Coastal Bedroom Makeover Before and After | The Painted Hive

Did you notice the stool and wicker chest are missing from the above shot? Oops, I forgot to put them in place for some of my pics.

All-in-all it was a busy, yet fun, day and a half of decorating!

Coastal Bedroom Makeover | The Painted Hive

Have a lovely week all.


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DIY Over-Sized Art from a Free Printable…and the picture frame that made me cry

You can now download my full-size, high-resolution edited heron artwork as a FREE printable here.

Before I get into how an inanimate object brought me to tears, let’s talk about this artwork.

Free Printable Large-Scale Bird Art | The Painted Hive

If you’ve been following along with the living-dining room makeover at my parent’s house, you might recall I was initially planning to incorporate an art piece featuring birds of prey…

Birds of Prey

I felt the masculine vibe would give the space a bit of edge and depth.

Though as things progressed in the room, it became apparent that a softer touch was actually called for. A hint of femininity to subdue all the browns and greys and reconcile the overall scheme.

So, despite days (yes, days!) already spent scouring the internet for the perfect free large-scale image of predatory birds, I tasked myself with a new hunt for something a little more elegant – and was immediately drawn to tall water birds. There’s something sculptural about their lanky yet graceful form which walks that perfect line between powerful and pretty.

If you follow me socially (via Instagram or Facebook) you may already have seen, and possibly even weighed-in on, the four choices I eventually narrowed my selection down to…

Free Printable Large-Scale Water Birds

Clockwise from top left:
Great Blue Heron (Audubon), Australian Heron (Gould), American White Pelican (Audubon), Australian Crane (Gould)

The contrast in opinions between Facebook and Instagram was really interesting! The Audubon Pelican was the clear favourite on Instagram, whereas Gould’s Herons were by far the preferred choice on Facebook. There was also lots of love for the other two illustrations as well. And, naturally, a bit of downright “noooo” for some of my choices!

Thanks so much to everyone for the feedback. It wasn’t an easy decision! I weighed-up lots of pros and cons and in the end Gould’s Herons won out.

DIY Large-Scale Art from a Free Printable | The Painted Hive

The main deciding factors were; the fact the subject is Australian (which gives context to the artwork), the dominant use of soft blue-grey with hints of golden yellow (which perfectly references the overall scheme of the room), the form of the birds (which expresses a gentle fluidity and lovely balance I find personally appealing), and finally, the fact it’s a relatively unknown work (which makes it more unique – I love the Audubon illustrations though they are much more prolific).

As touched on above, I needed my digital image to be large enough to allow for over-size printing (as my artwork is around 100cm x 70cm/40″ x 27″) so not just any image would do. Luckily, nowadays there are heaps of large-scale online images freely available for download!

Audubon Birds

The Audubon illustrations can be found on the Audubon Society website (you’ve probably seen my gushing posts about the awesomeness of the Audubon Society before, though if not you can read more here – where I offer search and download instructions).

Gould Birds

I found the Gould illustrations on Internet Archive, a site which is new-ish to me. Are you familiar with it?

Internet Archive is an extensive online library featuring free large-scale scans of millions of books. Yes, millions!



1 Visit the Internet Archive website and search by title or author (or use the ‘Advanced Search’ option).

I’d already come across – and fallen a bit in love with – a small-scale image of Gould’s Herons via a Google search. After some investigation I discovered the artist and book. So, I jumped on Internet Archive and searched for “Birds of Australia, Gould” to see if it was part of their collection…and it was!

2 Click a book title from the returned results.

3 Once open, click the “Fullscreen View” icon (top right – four arrows) then the “Thumbnail View” icon (bottom right – four squares) for easy viewing.

4 Scroll through the book pages until you find an image you like (if you like my Herons, you can find them here) then click it.

5 Click the “Zoom In” icon (bottom right – plus magnifying glass) until you are at full zoom then right click the image and save it to your computer.

6 Once saved, you can use an editing program to check the size of the image (my Herons were 202cm x 128cm/80″ x 50″ at 72 PPI) and make any changes.

I used Photoshop to custom size the image and adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness. I also gave the image a general tidy-up, added a subtle canvas texture and flipped (mirrored) it so the orientation better suited my room. You can learn more about setting-up, customising and editing large-scale images for print in part three of my extensive Free Printables series here.

7 Say “Yay”!



DIY Free Printable Large Scale Art | The Painted Hive

Originally, I was going to DIY the frame using simple timber trim (similar to this one I previously made). However, I happened to come across this large gilt frame for just $15 at a charity store one day…

Gilt Picture Frame

It was the perfect size, and mum really loved it, so we decided to use it instead.

DIY Free Printable Art in Gilt Frame | The Painted Hive

Free Printable Art in Gilded Frame | The Painted Hive

So, as touched-on above, I custom sized my image to fit perfectly and had it printed through Officeworks via their online print service for just $30 – bargain! I then used a jigsaw to cut a thin sheet of MDF to form the new backing for the frame and went about attaching my print to it using a diluted mixture of water and PVA – as I’ve done several times in the past.

And, here’s where things start to go downhill…

I completely stuffed up my first attempt. I’m not sure what it was (kids were yelling, dogs were barking, I was rushing) though there was no saving the crinkled mess I had created!

I’m a rational person though. “Oh well, these things happen. I’ll cut my losses and have another go tomorrow”.

And it had to be tomorrow. Swift redemption was called for to soothe the sting of my failure.

So, early the next morning, USB in pocket, I took the twenty minute drive to my local Officeworks store to have a new image printed in person.

Only my USB wasn’t “in pocket”. What the? Where the heck was the dang thing?

A fleeting image of a USB atop my kitchen counter crossed my vision. Oh man!

I’m a rational person though. “Oh well, these things happen. I’ll just drive home, with my screaming toddler and over-it four year old, grab the effing thing then drive all the way back again”.

So, I did. And I had my new image printed super promptly while my kids happily tested all the pens in the “Try Me” section.

Onto round two.

Given my confidence had been a little crushed by my first failed attempt, this time around I decided to go with trusty spray adhesive. It’s almost fool proof. And extra handy when you actually have some! I swear, there was a full can in the shed last week.

“Okay kids, back in the car”.

I’m a rational person though. “Oh well”.

Back home, spray adhesive in hand. Right, let’s do this thing already.

So, I did. Very meticulously. I was just so conscious of stuffing it up again I really needed every ounce of my concentration.

The kids grew understandably bored by my inattention and curious new center of focus, so started playing around. Running, jumping, rolling. Just regular kiddy things which normally wouldn’t bother me but today, oh today, I could feel the heat rising from my collar.

Then, it happened.

I was around half way through adhering my new print to the backboard when I heard it.

“Riley, noooo”. It was my daughter Charlotte chastising her little brother for what was about to ensue.

I turned just in time to see it.

The beautiful gold frame I had so carefully propped up on the lawnmover arms (what, isn’t that a perfectly safe place to leave an object which to children doubles as a personal picture show?) was falling fast toward the concrete garage floor.


A gazillion little gold pieces flew up into the air (okay, it was more like fifteen though you feelin’ me?).

I didn’t yell, I didn’t pick the frame up, I didn’t scurry to collect the fragments.

I just stood there…and cried.

It started slowly. Soon, however, great big heaving sobs – that seemed to scare the heck out of my kids – were escaping my body.

It was bad. I am, by no means, a graceful crier.

My reign of rational had ended!

Of course, after a short while I giggled at my silliness, hugged my kids, miraculously found all the little gold pieces and fixed the frame.

I then finished adhering my print to the backboard, mounted it in the frame and hung it on the wall.

Free Printable Large-Scale Art | The Painted Hive

This simple project might have taken me all day and cost $30 more than it needed to, though in the end all was good in the world once more.




I should probably attempt to claw-back some dignity and separate myself from the title of “basketcase” by mentioning this was a rare moment for me. I’m aware that the whole scenario qualifies as little more than a “first world problem” and if it’s the worst series of events I encounter all year I’m a very lucky girl indeed!

 Free Printable Over-Size Bird Art DIY | The Painted Hive

 Catch up on all posts related to this room makeover here.

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An Old Stool Meets a New Bread Board

Do you remember this charming antique piano stool?

Antique Swivel Stool Before

I picked it up a month or so back to use as a cute little side table in my parent’s living room.

And, for obvious reasons, it was pretty affordable.

Stool Top Before

I bought it for around $30 from eBay.

A major flaw, like this annihilated seat, can seem like a furniture deal breaker…though don’t be deterred! There are heaps of ways around this little problem.

The easiest of which being to use an affordable off-the-shelf “disk” as a completely new top.

I contemplated several options – including a pizza stone, a round paver and a marble tray – before simply stumbling across this perfectly sized timber bread board on clearance for $8 from Target one day.

Bread Board

Yes, I could have just replaced the seat insert with a circle of plywood or cut my own new top from a piece of wood, though I wanted to make this project a really basic “marriage” of elements – who doesn’t love basic? Plus, I needed a nice, flat, sturdy top as the stool is going to be repurposed as a side table.

But before I joined the two components in holy matrimony, I wanted to give the stool a mini makeover.

Its warm honey-toned wood was really lovely though it blended with my parent’s floorboards and felt a little insipid in the room. So, to introduce some contrast, I stained the stool a rich brown (Feast Watson Prooftint in Walnut).

I totally cheated here by doing no prep and applying the stain right over the existing varnish. Generally, this is a no-no as varnish will repel stain, resulting in uneven penetration and potential streaks and patchiness. I wasn’t too fussed in this case as I didn’t want the stool to look perfect and new anyway, plus the varnish was super old and dry and had already worn-off in most places.

I simply applied the stain with a rag, wiping it on and off again until I was happy with the depth of colour. Despite the varnish, it worked brilliantly and produced the perfectly imperfect result I was after! I was actually reasonably impressed by the success of my laziness.

Antique Swivel Stool with Bread Board Top | The Painted Hive

To provide consistency, I stained the bread board the same colour and finished it off with some linseed oil to add a bit of sheen (as it was pretty dry).

To attach the board to the stool, I simply used a few dobs of clear silicone. This holds it firmly in place though also allows for easy removal if mum ever wants to change the top.

Although the text on the bread board is sweet, it’s not really in-keeping with the feel we’re going for in this room so for now I have it plain side up.

Bread Board Stool Top | The Painted Hive

I absolutely LOVE the old cast iron swivel mechanism in this stool.

Antique Swivel Stool Adjuster

A beautiful testament to its utilitarian function and so full of charm. Plus it’s just plain handy that the height can be easily adjusted.

Here it is completely lowered…

Antique Stool with Bread Board Top | The Painted Hive

And at around three quarter height…

Antique Stool/Table with Bread Board Top | The Painted Hive

Oh, and do you like my new concrete vessel?

DIY Concrete Vessel Planter | The Painted Hive

I made a few of these sweet little planters on a whim a week or so back. Such an easy, affordable and rewarding project.

DIY Concrete Planter | The Painted Hive

Actually, there’s a bit of a funny story behind them…I was recently asked to participate in and style a video tutorial for one of my favourite brands (it was very exciting and I’ll be sure to share more deets about it when I can!). As part of the process, I was required to submit a visual style sheet of the decorative pieces I was planning to use. To represent a large grey pot I already had, I used an image of some cute little concrete planters – and received feedback from the creative agency stating just how much they LOVED them! Okay, eeeeek! I didn’t actually own any said cute little concrete planters! So, after some frantic and fruitless Googling, I came to the sobering conclusion that unless I wanted to spend a day or two (I didn’t even have) visiting numerous garden and homewares stores, two young children – who like to climb on and touch everything – in tow, looking for something I might not even find, I was going to have to make these things! So, I did.

There are a few tutorials out there for similar pots though let me know if you’d like me to do one too (I just kinda made it up as I went along).

Antique Swivel Stool Makeover | The Painted Hive

Seems this little guy couldn’t resist crashing my photo shoot again.

I know I say this every time I post an update of my parent’s room makeover, though we are really, really close now. Can not wait to share the finished space!

Antique Stool Makeover using a Bread Board to Cover the Damaged Top | The Painted Hive


Catch up on earlier posts about the room redo here…

Part 1: The Plan
Part 2: Progress and Pieces
Part 3: New Decisions and More Finds

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