Adventures in Hanging a Starburst Mirror

Kristine to Hubby: Hey, do you reckon I’ll need to find a wall stud to hang this?
(Secretly thinking she was just gonna hang it where she wanted anyway regardless of whether there was a stud there or not).
Hubby: It’d be good.
(Commence drilling).
Kristine to Hubby: I think I just hit a stud.
Hubby: That’s good.

Five minutes and three each-longer-than-the-last screws later, my beautiful new convex version of a starburst mirror hangs perfectly in place.

Later that evening….
Hubby goes to have a shower. Hmmmm, the bathroom sliding door won’t budge. Oooops!

What? Don’t try and pretend you’ve never screwed through a wall with a sliding door cavity and mistaken the actual door for a stud. Well, that was about two weeks ago and I still haven’t fixed it yet. Oh well, it’s only the two of us in the house so there’s really not much need for the closing of doors anyway!

Even attached to the door I do still love my new mirror – and playing vignettes!

  1. That is the coolest mirror. I love it, even if it is attached to the bathroom door. Gorgeous!

  2. chair up says:

    That made me laugh Kristine and, no, I can’t say I have done that before, plenty of other crazy DIY mistakes though, so you’re not alone:o)
    The mirror looks great, love the colour!

  3. This post makes me laugh. I am about to embark on a master bedroom wall treatment and I plan to just “wing” it. :) I often do better without DH hovering…and trust me…he hovers. I also do it better when I do not have an audience in general..that way my mistakes remain only noticeable (hopefully) to me.

    LOVE that mirror. And I love the vignette you have posted. So sweet…so lovely.


  4. It was funny. The strangest thing is neither of us even thought about it until we tried closing the door hours later. We just had to laugh – new hole in door and all!

  5. Lee says:

    Hi Kristine, just wanted to thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog, which ultimately lead me to The Painted Hive. I’m really impressed with your amazing restorative skills! Love your blog too – it’s going straight onto my blog roll. I look forward to reading your posts over the coming months & looking at all the gorgeousness that you create. Lee :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    These photos are awesome. The look like they belong in a magazine! Beautiful work.

  7. Hee just found your blog that post was so funny, & somthing my husband would do if I let him (he is not allowed to do DIY any more) it takes me twice as long to clean up his mess hee, that starburst mirror is absolutly gorgeous!!

  8. Tina says:

    I had to giggle Kristine, sorry…it sounds like something I would certainly do – but the most improtant thing is your mirror looks gorgeous!!! Enjoy :) Love your vignettes ~ Tina x

  9. Kerry says:

    Just found your blog through Ange. I’m a new blogger too…isn’t it great fun! Loved your story and that fabulous mirror. All the best.

  10. Kerri says:

    Just had a good laugh at your adventures in decorating Kristine. We have four holes in one wall now after I tried to hang a painting – oops! But that mirror is just gorgeous, so I’m sure it was worth it.
    Love your blog by the way,
    Kerri x

  11. Ha! OMG, that is too funny! I’m sure I’ve done similar over the years. Did hubby look at you and just shake his head? {That’s what mine does}. : ) The mirror is gorgeous, though! Love the flower look to it and the color.

  12. hilarious!! but oh so stunning!! love it! thank you for visiting my blog and commenting and FOLLOWING! that made me so happy…
    thanks again!


  13. Kelsey says:

    LOL thats so funny…totally something I would do! I LOVE your mirror by the way. Did you make it or buy it? I would be interested to know how you did it because I’m eyeballing something like it for my nursery!

  14. Hootin' Anni says:

    That mirror is amazing!!!

    Easter Egg Cup Collection is My show n tell Stop by if you can.

    Have a glorious weekend.

  15. kim says:

    That is so funny. Sounds like something I would do. If my husband saw me with a drill he would take over anyway.

  16. Love love love that mirror!! the whole vignette! Saw you over at tranquil townhouse and decided to pop by… will be following. xo Erica

    ps- pop by for a visit, I’d love to see you.

  17. That is funy! Love the mirror! I can’t wait to look around!

  18. That is one of the coolest star burst mirrors I have ever seen! I am totally featuring you next week on Favorite Things Friday! Come stop by my blog if you would like to pick up a featured button! Thanks so much!

  19. DesignTies says:

    OMG, that’s hilarious!! But I have to say, your mirror and vignette are beautiful — well worth the inconvenience of a non-functioning sliding bathroom door :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  20. I would love to know how you made this mirror. It’s GORG!

  21. Rebekah says:

    So funny! Totally worth the inconvenience, though. That’s one gorgeous mirror!

  22. I laughed out loud! So something I would do :). Who needs a closing shower door when you have such a beautiful vignette to enjoy! It looks gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking up!

  23. Love your style – Gorgeous Vingnettes! This story is so funny! {and so typical me =)} Very lovely!

  24. Oh no, that is so funny! Where did you get that mirror, I love it. A little inconvenience is ok when it comes to decorating! I am new to blogging, when you get a chance come by and see my site, htt[://

  25. Funny story!!! But then it isn’t my house. Love the mirror. It’s pretty cool & I usually don’t like sunburst mirrors.

  26. Beautiful mirror! Totally worth a doorless shower. ;) I’m impressed that you can drill! Visiting from Beth’s “Vignette” party. :)

  27. Hilarious!! And that mirror is FAB!!!

  28. Oh no! Good that you have a sense of humour about it. Gorgeeous mirror.

  29. lol and that mirror is so elegant and it!

  30. Gorgeous vignette! Love the mirror!!!

  31. Melanie Beth says:

    that is too funny! love the mirror, absolutely gorgeous

  32. I love that mirror. It’s so pretty, especially with your little arrangement! I just stumbled across your blog through ASPTL. I really like your decorating style and ideas.

  33. Becky Jean says:

    You are so funny :) Love the mirror!

  34. Lorie says:

    I must know…how did you make that fantastic mirror?

  35. Lorie, so sorry to dissapoint though I actually bought the mirror! It was only $60 which I thought wasn’t too bad for a mirror like that. You could have a go at making one though.

  36. Goldibug says:

    LOVE the mirror! Where did you purchase it at? I’d totally pay $60 for it though I’d have to hide that fact from hubby ;)

  37. Merry says:

    I, too, would love to know how to find one of those beautiful mirrors! Please, do tell!!

  38. Merry, I actually purchased the mirror a little while back now from a homewares store in Australia. I’m not certain though I think perhaps you’re in the US so the overheads of a plane ticket might not be worth it!

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