Is it already a little too late in the season to finally share my Christmas tree?

Truth is, I’ve actually had it up since the first weekend in December (truly-ruly I have!) though with my ‘real’ job being in the events industry things can get a tad busy this time of year so sadly my blog’s been on patient pause.

I love Christmas time. Whether for reasons of nostalgia or the promise of new beginnings, to me there’s just something magical about it.

In the evenings, when dusk begins to creep around the corner, I switch on the tree lights and sit content in the semi-darkness, wrapping gifts as old-fashioned carols hum in my ears (yes, I am truly that dorky). And whilst it hasn’t yet eventuated, I’m certain my romantic notion of sipping mulled wine or brandy-laced eggnog will come to fruition one day too!

We bought our dodgy faux tree the first year we moved into our house about a week before Christmas on clearance from the local supermarket for $10, so needless to say, it’s not the grandest of specimens.

This year I used some snowy green garlands to bulk up its central sparseness then smothered it in baubles, silver stars, sparkly snowflakes and pretty lilies to create a glittering ‘White Christmas’ of sorts for our hot Aussie summer.

And yes, the few pressies currently under it are actually real!