Phew, it’s been a crazy few weeks…in a very good way!

I guess I should start by saying ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year’ (cue streamers and those roll-out party horn thingos).

Now, I should explain my recent absence. I’ll blame it on the following ten factors….

1. Beautiful weather
2. Pure laziness
3. My parent’s beach house (which forced me to stay in it for a whole week!)
4. Over-eating
5. Over-sleeping
6. The baby in my belly
7. Family and friends (the non-virtual kind :-)
8. Pure laziness (again)
9. PC problems
10. Menial boringness

Okay, so did you notice the biggy I kinda slipped in there? If you’re a bit of a skimmer (like me :-) and missed it per-chance, then for a more obvious visual clue I’m excited to announce that the next of my room makeovers will be along these lines….

Due early July (both baby and nursery reveal!).