Firstly, thanks so much to everyone for all the baby well wishes – you guys are just too sweet :-)

Now, on to some decorating stuff!!!

I wanted to finally share the little face-lift I gave my master bedroom built-in robe.

Remember how a little while ago I put out an S.O.S for some dummy strap hinges like this….

Well, despite a tonne of friendly offers and advice from you guys (THANK YOU!) that particular style still managed to elude me here in Australia so I ended up with two of these instead….

If you’re interested I found them here on eBay.

Because I didn’t actually need the hinge function I simply cut them off with a hacksaw to create these plain individual straps.

So, here’s the built-in before….

Ewww, right?

Well that’s actually after I already painted the knotty orange pine infills pure white.

I had initial thoughts about replacing the doors completely though because I’m all about easy budget makeovers I decided it was best to try and make the most of what I already had.

Soooo, with a minimal amount of work and cashola here’s the robe now….

It’s a subtle change though certainly more in-sync with the rest of my master bedroom.

All I did was remove the doors, bottom rail and fascia (which simply unscrewed), took them outside then spray painted all the beige enamel white. Once dry I attached my four hinge straps then reassembled everything again inside.

I was a bit concerned the new white paint might scratch or chip off the metal frame though it dried rock hard and around one month on it’s still in perfect nic.

Wanna know how the painted metal has held up one year on?
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