I’d be lying if I said the design for our nursery hadn’t been floating around in my head since I saw double blue lines on the pregnancy stick!

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not having a baby just so I get a whole new room to decorate (truly ruly) however for me it’s one of the bonuses :-)

The to-be nursery is currently our study/home office/catch-all/junk room which has never been properly ‘done’. It’s a teeny-tiny 2.5 meters square (8×8 feet) which should make for an interesting challenge – both design and photography wise!

Here it is currently….

Blah. Blah. And more blah. In fact, I never realised quite how ‘blah’ until I just looked at the photos!

Some nice pieces (most awaiting TLC) though just a jumbled-up mish-mash of everything I have no-where else to put really.

And here’s the floor plan….

As with pretty much every other room in our home there’s at least one weird angle. In this case it means a standard double bed can’t even fit without the door banging into it – see, it really is teeny-tiny.

Based on the shape and size of the space I’ve already deduced that only three main pieces of furniture will work; a cot, a dresser/change table and some kind of nursing chair. I’m still a little undecided on the feel I wanna go for so whatever pre-loved bargains I can find will probably help dictate the direction.

Soooo, let the scavenging begin I guess.

Oh, and remember, we don’t know whether that bundle in there (affectionately referred to as ‘crazy baby’ for now – did anyone else have a non-stop kicking and punching machine?) is a boy or girl so I suppose relative neutrals will be pretty key – though no real surprises there.

Wish me luck (and stay tuned for all the coming nursery updates)!