I have a confession to make; I’m not really much of a sewer.

There, I’ve said it, and the truth is, I don’t even own a machine!

I mean, I can do basic straight lines – like pillows and the like (as you may have seen in previous posts) – though ask me about slip covers and you’ll be met with a blank stare.

Yeah, when it comes to befriending the sewing machine I pretty much always need a re-introduction by my Mum.

She’s an awesome sewer. She even made my wedding dress from scratch

I do truly hope to increase my sewing skills and confidence one day and it’s little projects like this one that help me take the steps needed – hopefully!

I recently found this pre-loved wicker rocking chair on eBay.

(I usually get a few questions when I mention buying furniture off eBay. I know many of my readers don’t realise I’m based in Australia where we don’t have Craigslist – well, technically we do though there are only about three things on it – so eBay is one of the biggest and best resource for picking up inexpensive second-hand furniture).

It was just what I was after; comfy, neutral, generously proportioned (perhaps a little too much so for my teeny nursery :-) and just that little bit different.

Though as with most second-hand finds there’s always something I gotta change – I wasn’t too keen on the shape and style of the back cushion so decided to replace it with a standard european pillow instead.

I sewed the simple envelope cover from drop cloth fabric to closely match the existing seat cushion and attached four timber buttons to give it some extra character.

I’m contemplating painting grain sack stripes on it though think I’ll wait til the nursery comes together before deciding for sure – it’ll probably happen though (I’m a sucker for those stripes!).