When I woke this morning I noticed a soft golden glow creeping in from beyond my bedroom curtains and when I peered out the window saw the tree limbs dancing in the type of gentle breeze which makes you want to hang fresh white sheets on the clothes line. It was one of those mornings which reminds you of childhood holidays and made me think that Spring has finally sprung here in the lower Southern hemisphere – yay!

Just the motivation I need to finally shorten my looong ‘to do’ list – starting with the nursery of course! Though whilst it waits for some final touches before the full reveal I thought I’d share the latest addition – a sweet bird and twig mobile.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use twigs and timber birds and was inspired to add some filigree leaves when I came across these charming hand-carved songbirds on Etsy with this accompanying photograph of a mobile created by Hayley Duggan…

Along with the hand-carved birds I found a selection of affordable filigree leaves on Etsy too.

And I picked up two twigs from outside my back door (well, that’s putting it simply to be honest. It actually took me a good half hour to make my final selection. Being surrounded by gum trees I guess the choice was a little overwhelming!).

I decided to paint my birds musk pink. Before I attached them and the leaves to the twigs I used little round eye screws and fishing line to hang the twigs how I wanted them.

I did this first to determine their natural horizontal position (thus knowing where to place the birds so they were upright and the mobile stayed balanced). As an extra precaution I also tested the birds positions with blu-tac before I adhered them with hot-glue for good.
I know this may sound fussy (and, yes, I am fussy :-) though it was actually a real pain getting everything aligned properly. It all needed to be pretty precisely weighted and whilst I’m sure there is probably an easy way to do it, I sure as heck couldn’t figure it out! It just took trial-and-error and by the end I did almost grab the whole thing, screw it up in my hands and throw it in the air (almost).

To finish, I simply hot-glued on the filigree leaves in little sporadic clusters – thankfully that part was easy.

The completed mobile is really quite adorable (if I do say so myself!) and although I’m not a ‘pink’ person the little musk birds seem just perfect.