I’m Back! Plus a Virtual Design Concept

Why, hello there! Sorry if you were in the middle of munching on some cereal. Pretty sure the shock of seeing a new post from me now has that mouthful of Froot Loops all over your screen! In all seriousness though, yes, it’s been a while and I’m so sorry for the impromptu absence. Thank...…READ MORE

Another Option for the Cottage Kitchen?

Further to my last post about the cottage kitchen renovation at our friend’s beach house, I had another idea about a possible layout option… If the symmetry of the ‘U’ was skewed slightly by reducing the length of the peninsula then a bank of narrow cabinets could span the whole right wall! Yes, this is...…READ MORE

A Virtual Cottage Kitchen Redesign…which plan do you prefer?

I should be concentrating on finishing my little girl’s bedroom…or sharing my next batch of free farmhouse style quote art (I know many of you guys are hanging out for these – don’t worry, they’re coming really soon!)…though last week I accidentally got lost designing a kitchen instead! Over the Easter break we were lucky...…READ MORE

A Virtual Room Makeover Before and After

A little while back I was contacted by Sherylee. She wanted to make some changes in her living room though was having trouble deciding on the design because she was struggling to visualise her ideas. In short, she was feeling confused, uncertain and overwhelmed. And, as a result, things were stagnant. Here are some of the...…READ MORE

Living-Dining Room Makeover | New Decisions and More Finds

This space is really getting there now! Over the last few weeks we’ve been chipping away at the diminishing ‘to do’ list. There are still a few projects to cross off though we have acquired pretty much everything we need! So here’s where we’re at… If you need to catch up you can check out my...…READ MORE

Living-Dining Room Makeover | The Plan

I always feel a little hesitant publishing posts like this. Posts which open a chapter on a new room makeover with the implicit promise of ensuing chapters culminating in a somewhat timely finale. Finales are not my strong suit. In fact, over the past few years, I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut about projects...…READ MORE

New Reader-Based Consultation Segment…and a room before and after!

A little while back now I was contacted by one of my lovely local readers who was seeking some design advice. She was actually enquiring about ‘hiring’ me to help, and whilst this is something I’ve done in the past, the timing was just a little off for me so I felt uncomfortable committing to...…READ MORE

Client Consultation…Sitting Room Design

A little while back I was contacted by Corinne who was in the midst of planning a home renovation. She told me she lived in the country on seven acres (lucky thing!) with her husband and five kids and was keen to refresh her interior. Her goal was to create a more open-plan layout and...…READ MORE

Client Consultation…Dining Room Redesign

It’s been a little while since I shared a client project so here’s one of my most recent. A little while back I was contacted by Sonja. She has a charming home and wanted some inspiration to inject her gorgeous little dining nook with a touch of fresh cottage-coastal flair. She wanted to retain the existing paint scheme, wall...…READ MORE

Client Consultation…Tiny Living Room Solution

Now, I don’t mean to sound immodest (truly ruly :-) though I consider interior spatial planning one of my design strengths and it certainly came in handy when I was contacted by Jana who was after some fresh inspiration for her teeny-tiny living room. At around 10×10 feet/3×3 meters (and with three doorways plus two windows...…READ MORE