I’m Back! Plus a Virtual Design Concept

Why, hello there!

Sorry if you were in the middle of munching on some cereal. Pretty sure the shock of seeing a new post from me now has that mouthful of Froot Loops all over your screen!

In all seriousness though, yes, it’s been a while and I’m so sorry for the impromptu absence. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me over the past few months.

If you follow me socially (on IG or FB) you may have seen that over the weekend I shared this post:

“When Melbourne went into hard lock-down four months back, it’s fair to say I wholly surrendered.

Going full hermit was never a conscious decision, but with projects on hold and motivation on pause, my blog and social channels just seemed to drift into an incidental silence (the only place I’ve remained active is in my Facebook Group).

At first I justified things by laying blame on home schooling and client renderings (which granted, were taking up most of my time), though as the weeks passed, and I still struggled to find the enthusiasm to share anything with the word, I knew it was more than that.

Lock-down had drawn me into a secluded little hole, and instead of reaching up, I burrowed down, deep.

I may have felt comfortable, but I certainly wasn’t happy.

Now that restrictions have finally eased here in Melbourne, it’s time for a change.

Time to find a solid foot hold, clasp a fistful of grit and raise myself up.

I can’t promise any of this means I’m about to become some kind of “proper” blogger or influencer (whatever that means anyway) but I’d like to try and be better, for myself and for you.

Thanks for the privilege of having you here with me.”

Apologies to those of you who have already read this. I wanted to share here too as blog followers don’t necessarily use social media.

I hope that doesn’t come across as overly dramatic. This year has been difficult for everyone, and I’m under no illusion there are countless people out there doing it much tougher than me. Still, please be aware that my words don’t allude to everything which has impacted our family over the past few months (I’ve never been one for overt public sharing), so feel free to go a little bit easy on me if you like. But also know that in the grand scheme of things I certainly understand I’m one of the lucky ones, and I am eternally grateful for that.

Although one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging is because there simply hasn’t been any new project progress, something I have made lots of progress on is client design work.

I don’t tend to share my client design work much (if at all), but it’s something I’d like to post about more often. Not only because over the past few months it’s become a huge part of my decorating life, though also because I know some of you really enjoy seeing it. Plus, this year I’ve worked hard on developing my knowledge and skills, and am proud of how far I’ve come.

To kick things off I thought I’d share this cute toddler’s bedroom which is one of my favourite designs ever (again, if you follow me socially you may have caught a snippet of this space already).

My client is expecting her second baby early next year so is moving her 18 month old son out of the current nursery and into a new bedroom.

The brief was super open and the room was essentially a blank canvas. The only requirements were to add white shutters to the window, to retain the cot from the nursery for now (with scope to move to a “big boy” bed in the near future), and to incorporate a cane dresser she already had.

Here’s how the room looked before…


And here are the pieces my client wanted included…



Bamboo Dresser

Yes, this is the same dresser I used in the girl’s bedroom at the flip house. My client purchased it when I offered it for sale on Marketplace. That’s how she found me!

And here’s my virtual design concept…

Boy' Bedroom Concept

Boy's Bedroom Virtual Design

It has an earthy vintage vibe, with a bit of an eclectic jungle edge.

Boy's Bedroom Virtual Design

Boy's Bedroom Virtual Concept

You can see the shutters, cot and dresser are all accurately represented. That’s something I love about creating these concepts – the challenge of getting things as true-to-life as possible!

I’ve worked with this client before so I knew her style and taste well enough to take a few risks, and she trusted me to nail things for her. Fortunately she absolutely LOVES it!

Being able to share navigable 3D models and 360 degree panoramas with clients is one of the great features of the software I use (for anyone interested, I use Home Designer by Chief Architect).

View Floor Plan in Chief Architect’s 360° Panorama Viewer.


View Floor Plan in Chief Architect’s 360° Panorama Viewer.

Virtual Room Design Before and After

I know it’s not the same as sharing one of my personal projects, however I figured it was better than nothing, and I hope you like it.

Given the easing of restrictions here in Melbourne I can finally start work on my parent’s suite extension again so will be back soon to share our progress moving forward.

Thank you so much for still being here.



If you’d like help with a room in your home, refer to my Design Services page for further information.



  1. Sara says:

    I had to blink and look again when I saw your email… What a treat to hear from you! Love the nursery design.

  2. Anna, Sydney says:

    Ooooh I loves it! Love that green and the … mustard? (I’m not fancy enough to know the proper colour names but that yellow goldy colour is currently one of my faves.) Love the furniture too. And the curtains! And that looks like a velvet chest? Don’t tell me it’s a velvet chest?! I’d die if it’s a velvet chest.

    Velvet chest. ;)

    • LOL, it’s just a distressed green chest, but it can be velvet if you like :)
      And I refer to that deep mustard colour as russet though it’s totally open to interpretation. You can call it whatever you think fits.

  3. Carol says:

    A wonderful surprise Kristine, great to see you are well and still creative as ever. Love the nursery, thanks for sharing.

  4. Welcome back Kristine!
    Looking forward to more of your virtual designs and this design of yours for this room is so amazing, it feels warm and cozy.
    I also love that you put a 360 panorama. Being able to navigate it myself feels like I’m in the room. So cool!

  5. Julie says:

    Always lovely to hear from you Kristine and the design concept is fabulous as usual. You know my opinion on Victoria’s lock down and I am sorry that it has taken such a heavy toll on you; hopefully you will be feeling back to normal soon.

    • Thanks Julie. Yes, the lock-down was tough though I really don’t think we’d be in the position we are now if it hadn’t been applied. Thankfully we can look forward to a “new” normal summer at least. It feels good to be back :)

  6. Vicki says:

    Nice to hear from your world again. I completely understand how lockdown turns us into hermits….glad you survived! You have a great style and looking forward to more great ideas.

  7. Leslie Wood says:

    I really love the colour combination – and the wallpaper is fantastic! This software is really great – is it really difficult to use?
    And while you shouldn’t feel any pressure to be blogging, I’m so glad to see you back!

    • Thanks Leslie :)
      Getting basic results with the software is pretty straight-forward, though it does take quite a bit of time to master this kind of outcome. Not saying I’m an expert, though the difference from when I started, around eight years back, to now is massive.

  8. Margaret Pickett says:

    It was great to see your email. I think more people than you might know have struggled during this pandemic. I too have felt a little at drift. I’m praying for you right now to have an amazing new year!

  9. Sara A Dunsworth says:

    welcome back-it’s been a hard year!

    • Thanks Sara. Yep, a tough year but definitely light at the end of the tunnel :)

  10. Happy Thoughts :) says:

    So glad to see you back and you’re well! I have dabbled in Home Designer myself, but your elements are over the top impressive! How do you get such cool elements to include as the base software doesn’t give you much. Is there an online resource you use? I’d love if you could share! Thanks for being so inspiring!

    • Of course. I use the Sketchup 3D Warehouse often, but models can be very hit and miss. Still, there are lots of great free elements to be found.

  11. Ann Heatherton says:

    Hello Khristine,
    You have been missed. So glad to see you are back. Love the baby’s room, especially the boldly-selected wallpaper. Not every homeowner would go along with that, but it is lovely. I like the sophistication of the entire room, not babyish at all. I would do the canopy about 3 shades lighter, more like a khaki, and then bring it all the way to the floor, not that you are asking for advice from the Peanut Gallery. Haha.
    Stay safe,
    Ann in Los Angeles.

    • Melanie Fullerton says:

      I’m so glad you’re back! I’ve missed you.

    • Thanks Ann :)
      Yes, although the 3D software I use is amazingly flexible sometimes there are certain limitations – such as making a canopy fall all the way to the floor without chopping through a cot – LOL! Of course this is something which can be adapted in reality.
      It’s nice to know I was missed – thank you :)

      • Sorry, just realised how many hyphenated sentences I used then. Overkill much? LOL.

  12. Sheryl Jump says:

    Nice to hear from you! I love the toddler room. I love that you put a jungle scene on the wall, how fun and could be for a boy or girl and can grow a little with them. I like in your design how a few minor changes and you could have a totally different theme/ use. I like her cane dresser that is cool. I really appreciate your thought process, it. helps me looking at my house. I am inheriting some dishes from my mother and realize I need more dish storage, now to go find it at a reasonable price in Seattle. the search is part of the victory of the challenge.

    • Totally Sheryl. The hunt is what brings the reward for sure.
      So glad you like the room design :)

  13. Irene says:

    I love how you’ve used so many different warm brown shades and it all still looks cohesive! What a lucky kid to get a well-designed room to grow up in!

  14. Libby says:

    Delighted to see your post this morning, Kristine! Looking forward to more re your parents amazing suite extension. Your ideas/designs charge my DIY battery :)
    Thank you~

  15. Theresa David says:

    Hallo Kristine, schön von dir zu hören. Ja, dieses Jahr ist ein besonders. Und nicht nur hier in Europa, sondern weltweit. Und es ist noch nicht zu Ende. Ich freue mich auf deinen nächsten post, egal wie lange er kommen wird. Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland, Theresa

    • Thanks Therese. Yes, this virus has given us a sad and strange way of coming together as a planet. Maybe next time we can have something lovely unify us all. That would be nice.

  16. Julie Ritter says:

    Hello Kristine. Fun to hear from you again and see what you’ve been up to…
    I love the design. thanks

  17. Linda says:

    Love it. Nice balance of baby/adult.

  18. Tanja says:

    The visual software of chief architect looks soo awesome realistic. It helps a lot to increase the clients imagination for a room transformation.
    It’s a cute warm and cozy looking nursery!
    The only thing I would change were the colour of the curtains. I think it looks more uniform and warmer if the curtains were in a green tone, too.

    • Thanks Tanja. Yes, I didn’t want it to be too matchy-matchy though that’s definitely something the client can adjust if she likes. It’s hard to make out though the pattern in the curtains is a blue-grey designed to pick-up on the macaws in the wallpaper. It’s just a way to break things up a bit whilst still creating unity. Still, it’s not a make or break element so could certainly be changed.

  19. Pat from New Jersey USA says:

    Yeah your back! Love the nursery room. So peaceful and relaxing. Great job. Welcome back!

  20. Revital Mitchell says:

    Welcome back! You have such original and tasteful designs! I love them. I wouldn’t worry if people respond negatively, if someone does, it has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with how they feel about themselves. Happy people don’t look to hurt others. Good to hear from you. That is one lucky toddler…:)

  21. Sonja says:

    Kristine you’re such a star. It is so special to read your post. Welcome back! Your talent is always a blessing to me and I so enjoy your virtual designs. Please share more of them, they are so special to see. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  22. Rachel Norrod says:

    I’ve missed seeing your work!!! Love this, as I love all your designs. My only thought is where will she change the baby’s diapers? The plant on the chest of drawers won’t allow for that, I don’t think … But other than that, it’s beautiful as always!

    • Thanks Rachel.
      Well, this is a toddler’s bedroom and she will have a separate nursery for the new baby with a change table she can use. But, the decor I have shown is merely illustrative so she could certainly put a change mat on top of the cane dresser if she liked. I guess everyone is different, though I found that once my kids got to toddler stage they were too big and mobile to be easily changed on a table anyway. I always used a roll-out mat on the floor.

  23. Welcome back, hope you are fine. I am so happy to see you again.

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