“Vintage” Door Makeover…with DIY Gold Foil Decal

Vintage Style Door Makeover

Bet you thought I’d totally forgotten all about my parent’s suite extension?

Well, whilst I can’t say it ever left my thoughts entirely, over the past six months it certainly managed to get buried in the depths of my mind.

But, now that things have finally begun to settle down a bit, it’s time to address some of the unfinished aspects of that space.

Starting with the entry door!

In order to provide privacy and a sense of separation for the suite, adding a door at the top of the stairs was always a priority. In addition, it can be closed when the suite isn’t being used to help with climate control in the main part of the house.

Here’s the door my mum chose many, many months back…

Door Before

As you can see, it’s nice and basic, with a timber frame and single frosted glass panel.

When it was originally purchased, we weren’t sure what the end goal was exactly. Paint? Stain? Dress it up? Keep it simple?

But mum kept coming back to the idea of adding some trim to turn it into a three lite door, so we eventually decided to start with that.

Attaching Trim to the Door

Yes, you can buy three lite doors like this off-the-shelf, and we could have purchased one instead, but at the time we were looking, the price difference was pretty extreme. From memory the three lite option was around $200 more than the single panel option!

All we did was trim some 12mm/.04″ MDF to size, then attach it to the glass with clear silicone. Of course, we did both sides of the door.

Using MDF meant we then needed to paint the door, but that was my secret preference from the start anyway! We already had plenty of timber in the space with the flooring, bathroom vanity, porch doors and some of the furniture, so painting the door was a nice way to break things up by introducing some impact and contrast.

And what colour works better for that than black?

Vintage Door Decal Makeover

We simply used some satin black exterior paint we had left-over from a past project, applied by hand with a brush.

And as you can see, I also added a typographic decal!

DIY Decal

This was just for a bit of fun and whimsy, and can be easily removed or changed at any time. But I so love the way it turned out!

A few weeks ago I was lucky to get my hands on a Cricut Maker!  I’ve wanted one of these machines for years and years, so it was pretty exciting!

Cricut Maker

In the past I’ve had to out-source my decal cutting needs by engaging sellers on sites such as Etsy, and whilst it’s lovely being able to support small businesses, as a creative I’ve always yearned to own the entire process.

I designed the graphic in Cricut Design Space which is purpose companion software devised to make things easy. I always dread having to learn how to use new design programs but this was super intuitive and simple to get the hang of – in all honestly, my biggest obstacle was my own style indecision!

Cricut Design

At first I was going to design something very simple, but once I started playing around with ideas I may have gotten a little bit carried away!

“The Canopy” is just something which popped into my head given the suite sits at the top of my parent’s house, and the fact that it has sweeping views of the surrounding treetops. I added the elevation of the property to solidify the canopy reference, along with gumleaf wreaths which also lend a touch of pretty. The general idea was to give the door a sense of having been salvaged from a vintage building, so the Bed & Breakfast inclusion offers that business-ish note.

Yes, it’s all a bit cheesy, but hey, I’m alright with that.

There are millions of Cricut decal tutorials out there from people waaaaay more accomplished than me, so I’m not sharing the full-how to in this post, but feel free to let me know if you’d like more info. What I will say is that it’s in no way hard, however it is a little fiddly. But apparently the foil material I chose to use is one of the trickiest to work with!

Gold Foil Door Decal

DIY Door Decal

I love the way the gold foil works to reference the brass door handle and off-set the black.

Vintage Style Door Makeover

I was a little bit worried that it might not look great from the rear due to the frosted glass, but it’s totally fine.

Door Decal

It’s just a muted (and mirrored) version of the front, which actually has its own charm.

So, here’s to one more project crossed off the list!







Door Makeover Before and After


Table Lamp to Wall Light Hack | Super Easy DIY

DIY Table Lamp to Wall Light

I realise this basic project is far from rocket-science, however a few of you expressed interest in learning more about it after I shared a brief overview in the bungalow bedroom reveal post from last week.

So, I thought it would be nice to put together a little tutorial.

Like I mentioned, it was a super simple project but sometimes it’s the most basic hacks which are the easiest to overlook.

DIY Leather Headboard After

When I was putting the bungalow bedroom together I didn’t have space for table lamps or the budget to install hard-wired sconces, so my next best idea was to convert some affordable table lamps into wall lights. I’ve done this once before, around six years ago, for my daughter’s bedroom.

Desk Lamp to Wall Light

But this time around it was even quicker and easier!

When I was looking for a lamp, my priorities were to find something light-weight, with an in-line switch, which could be easily wall mounted, and was very affordable. I also liked the idea of it being quite minimal and sleek.

After a little bit of hunting around, I decided on these very simple Marlo Table Lamps which I found at Bunnings for just $10 each. Can’t really beat that!

Table Lamp to Wall Light Hack

Of course, I also needed to add pretty bulbs, so paired them with some vintage style decorative bulbs as shown. I think white frosted bulbs would have been nice too for a more modern look.

Here’s the lamp straight out of the box (and right way up!).

DIY Lamp to Wall Light

The base had a thin foam cover, so I peeled that away to reveal a cavity.

Lamp Hack

Wall Lamp Cavity

The cavity offered a few different options for wall mounting the lamp, but I decided that the best method was to simply hang the inner perimeter lip from a basic wide-head nail.

Mounting the Table Lamp to the Wall

And it worked perfectly! All I did was hammer a nail into the wall so that the head was almost flush, then slide the lamp over until the lip caught in place.


I know it might seem as though the light is merely hanging on for dear life, but the lip is ideally formed to ensure everything is super stable and secure. Trust me, I gave it several decent yanks!

To finish the look I screwed in my bulb (as previously mentioned).

Light Bulb

Let there be light!

Light Bulb

This bedroom only had one power outlet on the left wall, so I used a piggy-back plug. One point holds the plug from the left lamp, and one point holds a short extension lead with runs behind the bed in order to hold the plug from the right lamp. Does that make sense?

Bedroom After

Bedroom Before and After

So happy with the way they worked out!




You can see more from this Airbnb Bungalow Makeover HERE.


Bedroom Makeover


Budget Friendly Airbnb Bungalow Makeover | Bedroom Reveal


You can find the Airbnb bungalow living & dining room reveal HERE.


Narrow Bedroom After

As promised, I’m back to share the bedroom from the Airbnb bungalow I worked on for a lovely client.

When I first saw this space I knew it was going to be challenging, but I love those kinds of makeovers!

Here’s the room before…



My client wanted to leave the wardrobe end of the room bare, so I didn’t do anything but clear that area out. Still, I have included the before photo for overall context.

As you can see, it’s super narrow, with a spanning clearstory window, and mirrored built-in wardrobe at one end. The only place for a bed is on the blank wall as shown (the room isn’t deep enough for it to be positioned vertically), and the entry door is right by the foot.

My main priority was to centre the bed, allowing two people to use it comfortably. Let’s face it, no-one wants to have to climb over their partner in the middle of the night to grab a glass of water, then also ask said partner to place said glass of water on their bedside table because, well, there is only one!

Yes, access was always going to be a little tight, but it still provides a much more desirable layout.

I also wanted to give things a fresher, lighter, more sophisticated, feel. And all on a tight budget of course.

Here’s how the room came together…

DIY Faux Leather Headboard

Bedroom After

Narrow Bedroom After

Bedroom After

DIY Wall Light from Table Lamp

Bedroom Art

Where possible, I always like to try and work with any existing pieces, but the original bulky furniture (which was merely cheap black laminated chipboard my client had purchased out of necessity) simply wasn’t suited to capitalising on this tricky space.

Instead I opted for no bed frame and brought in a simple ensemble base (you can’t see it in the pics but it’s actually the same skirted base I used in my mother-in-law’s guest bedroom), along with a lovely custom DIY headboard.

DIY Leather Headboard After

Having no foot on the bed helps open-up the entry to the room given the bed is so close to the door. Likewise, using a slim headboard which allows the bed to be pushed back as far as possible against the wall also aids in providing more space at the entry.

I’ve been wanting to use a leather headboard in a room for ages, and this makeover provided the perfect opportunity!

My budget couldn’t extend to real leather, so I visited a fabric store (Spotlight) to see what nice faux options were available. At first I found a vintage-style tan faux suede which I was almost set on, but then I happened to come across this rich hatched faux leather which I just couldn’t stop thinking about!

DIY Faux Leather Headboard

It almost has a snake-scale or crocodile-skin vibe. I know it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, and it is a more risky choice, but I love that it’s a bit different! And, although it looks quite expensive, it was only $17 per meter.

I’d like to take full credit for making this headboard, but at the time I was super stretched, so my wonderful mum stepped in and undertook the majority of work.

Still, it’s a relatively basic project.

Blog Headboard Before

Just a sheet of MDF cut to size, some wadding/batting to cover (we didn’t use any foam), then a sewed cover which is stapled in position. It’s very similar to the process we used to make this slipcovered headboard for the flip house. But this time around we only used the “show” fabric for the front so it’s not a typical slipcover.

To finish I attached two basic legs so it’s able to stand on its own at the right height behind the mattress and base. Just like this…

Headboard Legs

Sorry, I never took a photo of my actual headboard so this is clearly just an example image.

Narrow Bedroom After

Of course, given the narrowness of the room, one of the trickiest elements was going to be the bedside tables. I looked high and low for a long time for something which was the right height, width and price. My initial ideas were to custom build something, use bar stools, or hack some plant stands by placing bread boards (or similar) on top, which I would have resorted to if needed, but then one day Aldi released a catalogue with these perfect tables!

Side Table

Aldi is pretty notorious for quickly selling-out of their ‘Special Buys’ and in the end I needed to visit three different stores, with my kids in tow, before securing two tables in the correct colourway.

But it was totally worth it, despite my grumbling kids, because they are absolutely perfect and were only $45 each.

Bedroom After

Given the limited surface space on the side tables, I knew regulars lamps were never going to work well in here. But I had no budget for installing hard-wired sconces, so my only real option was plug-in wall lights (I did consider using battery operated bulbs in regular sconces, but they just don’t hold enough charge to be practical in an accommodation setting).

Although plug-in wall lights are more widely available here in Australia than they used to be, options are still quite limited, and I couldn’t find anything ideal for the right price. So, I started looking at table lamps I could attach to the wall instead – remember when I first did that years ago in my daughter’s bedroom?

It didn’t take me long to decide on these Marlo Table Lamps from Bunnings at just $10 each! Bargain!

DIY Table Lamp to Wall Light

Aside from having a minimal and modern feel, which is exactly what I wanted, they also lent themselves to being adapted for use as wall-lights perfectly…they were super light-weight, the hollow base had a little lip so they could easily be mounted from a nail or screw, plus there was an in-line switch which would sit at just the right height.

Here’s one light right out of the box, shown in its intended orientation…

DIY Lamp to Wall Light

Obviously it’s a pretty basic project which I didn’t think warranted a full tutorial, but if you’d like more info, I’m happy to put together a separate post with all the details. Just let me know :)

To complete the look I added large decorative Edison style bulbs. Frosted bulbs could also work well.

Light Bulb

I rarely take photos with lights on so this is just a quick phone snap, but I wanted to show how warm and inviting they are, without being glary at all given the absence of any shades.

DIY Leather Headboard After

I used to have a thing about visible cords trailing down walls, but now I think they can actually work to add a slightly funky edge to the right space. If you saw the living room reveal from this bungalow then you may have noticed that I also used a plug-in wall light there too. I think it helps provide a nice synergy between the spaces.

In terms of the bedding, the white tufted quilt cover is from Target, as is the little lumbar cushion. The mustard throw is from Manchester Warehouse and the striped cushions are IKEA.

Bedroom Makeover

If you recognise any of them it’s probably because they are some of my current favourite products!

For the little gallery wall I went with a vintage and modern mix to add extra interest and also to connect with the dining room art.

Bedroom Art

All of the artworks are digital downloads which I had printed through Officeworks. The bird illustration and landscape etching were free from Rijks Studio, and the abstract was purchased from Etsy.

The large frame is from Kmart and the smaller frames are simply old thrifted finds I’ve had for years.

DIY Leather Headboard After

Most of the decor items have been included purely for styling purposes as my client wants to keep the side tables quite clear. Which makes total sense because guests need somewhere to rest their book and phone.

Side Table

So, here are the comparison pics…


Bedroom After

Bedroom Before and After

This was such a fun project to work on. Yes, a bit tricky given the awkward space and tight budget, but so rewarding! And made all the more enjoyable thanks to my lovely and trusting client.

It was also really liberating to step a little bit sideways in terms of my signature decorating style and try something a tad more modern and minimal – even if I can’t help but include a smidge of vintage here and there!



DIY Wall Light from Table Lamp


The Staged House | Spend Summary & Sale Details

If you’d like to catch up on things before reading this summary, you can find all of my past posts about The Staged House HERE.


Thank you all so much for following along with The Staged House room reveals.

Given this was a project I never intended to share here, I’ve once again been blown away by your gracious support, and too kind words. You guys are just the best!

I know there are still a few spaces from the house which I haven’t posted about – such as the kitchen, laundry, bathroom and ensuite, along with the third bedroom and exterior – however these received quite basic “make-do” refreshes and, in my signature style, I failed to take before pics of most of them! Oops!

Still, I do have a few after photos from the third bedroom and exterior, so will include them in this post.

Anyhoo, here’s how the house looked to begin with…

And here it is following the staging process…

Living Room After


Living Room After


Dining Room

Dining Table

Cedar Antique Dresser

Cedar Dresser

Bedroom After

Bedroom After

Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Reveal After

Bedroom Makeover

Wall Art

Bedroom After

Exterior Makeover

As always, it was a more laborious undertaking than anticipated. And in my usual way I felt a bit lost and out of my depth until things were complete. But I honestly couldn’t be happier with the way things came together in the end.

Here’s the budget break-down…


Includes: Furniture, Decor, Rugs, Bedding, Fittings (light fixtures, tap buttons, robe hooks, etc), General (cleaning supplies, paint, light bulbs, etc.).


Includes: Furniture, Decor, Plants, Mulch & Toppings, Skip (Dumpster) Hire, General (weed killer, pesticides, paint, etc.).


TOTAL SPEND | $3,626


This is the revenue made from selling my mother-in-law’s existing pieces which we didn’t require for staging purposes. I have deducted this amount from the total spend as shown in the adjusted total below.




Of course, the use of any of my own pieces, or those which have been borrowed, aren’t included in these costs, because, well, they were free.


Although we spent more overall on the interior, the exterior actually accounted for the biggest individual item costs. These were for the skip (dumpster) hire which was around $800, and the mulch and toppings at about $550. The only individual item costs for the interior in excess of $200 were for the large rugs. The living room one being $350, and the dining room one being $220.

And remember, we get to retain all of the un-fixed pieces, such as the furniture and decor, to either on-sell (potentially for a profit!) or keep for ourselves as needed. So, although their costs have been allocated to the spend, unlike with hiring items, that money isn’t “dead”.

In fact, I worked out that I could easily on-sell any un-needed items for over $1,000, so you could technically deduct that from the total spend which would likely bring it below $1,000 overall. Not bad!

I touched on the property sale details in one of my past posts, but for those who missed it…

The price guide was $690K – $740K.

Our first open for inspection garnered a record agency attendance which was super flattering and very exciting, especially given the property is located in an outer-metro area. There were around 120 groups through the door and multiple interested parties.

We received twelve separate offers within the first week and the house was under contract in just eight days! Less than two weeks after hitting the market it was officially sold for $831,000 – just shy of 100K above the top price in our listing range!

Again, thanks so, so much to everyone who has followed along.




Catch up on all the previous posts about ‘The Staged House’ HERE.


Bedroom Reveal After



Styling a Sideboard by ‘Shopping the House’


Hey guys. Just jumping in with this impromptu little post. I read once that publishing blog articles on weekends was some kind of no-no, but I think we all know I’m not exactly your typical blogger!

This new sideboard from e-Living Furniture is eventually destined for a client’s house, but in the meantime it’s hanging out in my parent’s dining room (there’s just no space in my tiny abode!) so I figured I may as well make it look at home.

I often play around with little styling projects like this which I tend not to share on my blog because I figure they’re better suited for social media snippets, but maybe it’s time I post about them more frequently. I know it’s nothing special, though perhaps it will inspire someone.

Sideboard Styling

Still, it’s always nice for blog content to have some depth, so given I shopped my parent’s house to put this vignette together, I thought it might be interesting to look back through some of my past projects and see where else I’ve featured the included pieces. So often I see people buying brand new items in order to update their home, but sometimes all it takes to create a fresh feel is a smidge of reshuffling.

Sideboard Styling

I know that probably seems easy for me to say given I’m in the interiors industry (well, kinda), but most of the items I use, and the majority of my favourites, are those which I’ve owned for years and years. Yes, they were initially purchased at some point, however none of them were expensive, and I’ve learned that sticking with timeless pieces means they will serve you well indefinitely.

Some of you may recognise the lamp which I originally bought in 2016 from a thrift store for $5 for my parent’s living room.

It was initially painted with a swirly apricot design, so I sprayed it matte black for a clean and modern look.

DIY Lamp Makeover

I could easily include at least ten different instances where I’ve used the seeded glass vase, but some of the projects which jumped out were this bathroom update from 2018.

Bathroom with Turkish Towels

Green Glassware Collection

And (even though I feel a bit embarrassed re-hashing it) my parent’s basic master bedroom refresh from way back in 2014!

Bedroom Before and After | The Painted Hive

In fact, if I recall correctly, I’m pretty sure that this is the project which the vase was initially purchased for! From memory it came from Early Settler, and at the time we bought two different sized ones to form a nice collection.

As per usual I have filled it with my go-to of free live clippings from an established road-side tree.


The rustic dough bowl was a more recent purchase from 2018 when it was bought on clearance from H&M for $15. I have previously included it in my friend’s 2019 flip house kitchen.

Kitchen After

Along with my parent’s $100 kitchen refresh.

Easy Kitchen Refresh

The woven bamboo case (which came in a tiered set of two) was an $8 Kmart buy from 2019.

Coco Sideboard

It’s a lovely and flexible piece which lends itself to so many scenarios. Whether some extra storage is needed, a boost of height for a vignette, or just that hint of relaxed earthiness which the natural material lends. One past room I included it in was my friend’s flip house entry where I stacked the set atop an ottoman.

DIY Ottomans

The cast iron henna hand is actually a special souvenir my parents brought home from India a few years back.

Sideboard After

It’s always nice to have a little something atop a stack of books, and small decor pieces like this are prefect for that. Especially when they have personal meaning.

It’s a gorgeous item which my parents always have on display somewhere, but I haven’t personally used it extensively for my projects. Here it is on the coffee table in my friend’s flip house living room.

Coffee Table Styling

Of course, the vintage books (which I usually find for just a few dollars each from Op Shops) are one of my all-time favourite staples. If you’re ever questioning the completeness of your vignette, then vintage books are most probably the perfect answer! They can add height, character, colour and help with layer building, all in one easy swoop!

Sideboard Styling

I’ve never counted my collection of “styling” books, but it’s likely nudging the 50 mark – plus I’m still always looking for more! I use them all the time, but here are just a few examples from over the years.

Office Bamboo Shelves

Portrait Painting from a Photograph DIY

Custom Quote Art Signs

Pretty Bedside Vignette | The Painted Hive

Rustic Bedside Cabinet | The Painted Hive

Bedroom Makeover

The most recent acquisition is the round mirror which I bought just a few months back from Target. It was only $40 (on sale) and I originally purchased it to stage a client’s property for sale. I’m still yet to share that project (it’s coming up soon!) but here’s a little sneak peek.

Meatsafe Cabinet After

I know not everyone wants to recycle their decor over and over again, but if, like me, you’re lucky enough to find the pieces which work for you, then it can be a super rewarding avenue.




Although I was lucky to be gifted the sideboard in exchange for promotion through social media, this blog post is not sponsored in any way.

For anyone worried about me breaking current lockdown restrictions here in Melbourne by visiting my parent’s house, this project was actually undertaken prior.