Some New Dining Room Photos…and an explanation

When I first became a Mum (almost two whole years ago now – yikes!) I felt the need to share with my readers my intentions regarding my blog, so I mentioned that whilst it was always my ambition to continue blogging (’cause I LOVE it!), family would inevitably be my top priority, so posts might be a little less frequent. At that time I was unsure what ‘less frequent’ meant though when I launched my newly designed blog (a few months back now) I set myself a little resolution to try and post at least once a week.

Now, I know many ‘proper’ bloggers who’d rather die than publish just one measly post in SEVEN WHOLE DAYS though for me it felt like a realistic goal, and whilst I was never completely confident I’d be able to maintain my measly weekly post, I was actually doing surprisingly okay up until about a fortnight ago when a few little occurrences derailed my flow.

You see, as I’m sure is the case with many Mummy-bloggers, post writing is pretty much reserved for during naps times and late in the evenings. Soooo…when your 20 month old decides to stop sleeping during the day and you finally concede, at nine months pregnant, that you’re too tired and top-heavy to bother staying up beyond 9pm, your only designated blogging slots suddenly disappear – phoof!

Though, not all is lost! Whilst post writing time is currently scarce, I have actually been working on, and dreaming up, lots of exciting new projects which I’ll be sure to share as soon as I can (some of these include the home office reveal, Charlotte’s big girl’s room, a few budget room transformations over at my Mum’s place, easy bed skirts, a re-purposed glass ceiling light, a faux hide rug, another mini drawer hack, and some new free printable labels, large scale wall art and textiles – plus lots, lots more!).

Anyhoo, rather than waste a precious posting opportunity by blabbing on about why I haven’t been posting (oxymoron?), I thought I should use some of my time to actually post about something home related…

Fresh Cottage Style Dining Room

As mentioned in a few previous posts, a little while back I styled and shot some of my rooms for inclusion in a soon-to-be-released book. One of the spaces was my little dining nook.

Country Style Rustic Dining Room

At the time of the shoot we were using the pressed-back cottage chairs I refurbished with some grey paint and metal seat plates. They have since been sold as they were actually a set of six – two too many for our little dining nook. We’re currently back to using our galvanised Tolix replicas.

Country Cottage Farmhouse Dining Room

In some of these pics you can see my lumbar pillow when it was still a tea towel!

Cottage Dining Room

I’ve blogged about most of the furniture and décor in this room before though if you’re new here and are seeking further info check out the ‘At A Glance’ section at the end of this post for a list of sources and prices. Otherwise, feel free to ask any questions :-)


PS Today is my due date and apart from a popped belly button sadly I haven’t really got too much to show for it…waiting, waiting. If things don’t progress naturally I’ll have to have another c-section in a few days time :-( so I’m super hopeful something does happen shortly!

Either way this baby needs to come out soon ’cause at the moment I’m at serious risk of honey smeared carbohydrate overdose!

Dining Table – eBay ($80)
Dining Chairs – eBay ($5 for a set of six)
Sideboard – eBay ($50)
Block-out Day/Night Roman Blind – Spotlight ($180)
Pendant Light – Recollections ($80)
Mirror – Local Market (Yarra Valley) ($40)
Wall Colour – Dulux Chalk USA

Most of the décor accents are thrifted second-hand items from charity stores, garage sales and antique shops.

  1. Terry says:

    Congrats on the coming baby. My first was c section and second was vback. Good luck to you in your labor. Well, knowing that you time is dear, you did a fantastic job in photography on these pics. And even more fantastic on the prices paid for the furniture. Love your look.

    • Thanks Terry.
      I had an appointment this morning and the doc didn’t seem too encouraging about my natural progression so fingers crossed!

  2. Linda says:

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!
    And don’t worry about posting right now, we can always go back and look at the lovely old posts while we’re waiting! There are soooo many inspiring details! Well done and safe delivery! xxxxx

    • Thanks so much Linda :-)

      • Christie says:


        I am not an avid Ebay user. Do you recall what type of search you used in locating the pine dining table and sideboard?

        • Hi Christie
          I used to buy, refurbish then on-sell eBay furniture all the time so I was constantly scouring the listings. I believe I found both the table and sideboard in the ‘Antiques’ category. I always use a location filter (so I can find items that are near enough to collect in person – thus avoiding expensive freight charges) though I doubt I was using any keywords. I was probably just browsing and they caught my eye.
          The key to success on eBay is being patient, persistent and imaginative. Sometime, when I am searching for something specific, it takes months to find it at the right price. At other times I just stumble upon something that’s super cheap and has some potential.
          Hope this helps a bit :-)

  3. Kim B says:

    Thank You for sharing your costs! I was just thinking how great it would b for bloggers to include those in their posts! GL w the new baby

  4. Shelley says:

    Good luck! Hopefully your next post will be the introduction of your new little one! (I was seriously worried that you had decided you could no longer squeeze posting in at all~so glad that isn’t the case)

    • He, he. Sorry to worry you Shelley (though kinda happy that your worry means you must look forward to reading my posts :-)
      I’m pretty sure my next post will be the “It’s a girl/boy” announcement!

  5. Sarah B says:

    Hi Kristine, It feels like ages since I have dropped by, sorry. Good luck with the new baby, I hope it all happens quickly and smoothly. Your photos above are just beautiful! Every time I see what you do all I can think is how clever you are xx

  6. Wow, wow, wow. So thankful that you squeezed in a post. I was thinking only yesterday if you had given birth already and how much longer it would be. I hope you dong have to wait much longer. Thank you for including the prices. You are out n out winner of budget beauties. I thought I’d gotten some good deals but $5 for 6 chairs!!! I was wondering if I should include the prices in my nursery post. Seems like people would like to know.
    All the best. Can’t wait to here baby needs and future posts.

    • Hey Laura
      Those chairs were a bargain buy – though probably only because two of them were pretty much done for when I first bought them.
      I guess including prices in blog posts can help give readers an idea whether something is achievable for them too. Though it’s tricky when you’re talking about second-hand items. It’s not like you can say “Hey, I got this at Target for $10 so go and get yourself one too”. Anyhoo, sometimes it might help I guess.
      You must be nearly at the end of your pregnancy now too. Good luck – so exciting!

  7. Jessica says:

    Goodluck, I refer to your blog even if you dont constantly update (-: Quality over Quantity !!!! Cant wait to hear about the new arrival !

  8. Bec says:

    I adore your blog and am so inspired by your projects.

    Thank you for sharing & good luck with the birth of baby #2 xx

  9. Good luck. The due date thing is so overrated. The worst thing is everybody keeps asking if you’ve had the baby yet? Ummmm …. no, don’t you think I would have told you?
    Best wishes Kristine. Hope it all goes well.

    • Thanks Kylie.
      I know, isn’t it funny? I think I’ll just say “yes” to the next person who asks whether I’ve had the baby yet – that oughta confuse them!

  10. Oh, and congratulations…and exciting!!

  11. My first post didn’t post…I said…I am so glad I found your blog from MMS…LOVE it!


    • Thanks Julie. I’m so glad you found me too :-)
      I loved your turquoise armoire though it looks so fresh and lovely in white too!
      Oh, and my husband LOVES having a million pillows on the bed too!

  12. Nola says:

    Wishing you good luck-you have a fabulous blog, I love reading it

  13. Katherine says:

    I love how stylish your room looks… then finding the amount you’ve spent on each item makes you realise that we can all achieve a beautiful space on a budget. Thank you for the reminder. Oh and good luck with your latest adventure ;-)

    • Thanks Katherine.
      I really appreciate you saying that as one of my blogging missions is to help enlighten others about the possibilities of budget decorating :-)

  14. Chris says:

    Congrats and I love how the plant makes the whole room look brighter. That little pop of color is such a great detail. =]

  15. Kathy says:

    All the best for baby’s arrival……….no need to apologize for living your life rather than writing about your life…would love to see bub’s photo when things settle down anyway. Enjoy your days. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    • Ahhh…”living life rather than writing about life”…so perfectly put Kathy – love it!
      Thank you :-)

  16. Just beautiful!! LOVE your style :)

  17. The dining room is stunning and I just love how you’ve styled it! Looks so alive … if you know what I mean. Like someone actually lives there …

    :) Linda

  18. Sharyn says:

    Hi, just wanted to say all the very best for the birth of your baby. I really like the projects you share, especially the details of cost and diy’s. I, too, like to decorate with a budget in mind and don’t mind getting some paint on my hands! Your house always looks beautiful on your blog and is a real credit to you, especially with a little one to look after :) Take care (& remember to rest!),

    • Thanks Sharyn. I have two little ones to look after now!
      Decorating on a budget can be so much more rewarding, can’t it? It’s just so gratifying to know you have really put some of YOU in your home.

  19. Lauren says:

    How lovely! I (like many people have mentioned above) am just so inspired by your budget-friendly projects and decor! We bought our first house last Autumn, so seeing finished products such as your truly give me hope, ha! Blessings on your new little one!

  20. Love the pics. And I hope that new family member arrives soon!

  21. Andy Wiggins says:

    I needed to redecorate my own living/dining in southern Alabama, and I was browsing the web for good ideas. I came across many great ones, but they were too costly for me. Got some cheap ones too, but they looked more like modern art than a livable room! Then I came across this article – and wow! This seems to be exactly what my heart was looking for. I’ll try to do my room as closely as possible to this.

    By the way, what about the ceiling? Are you going to leave it bare, just like that?

    Oh, and congratulations on the new ‘un!

  22. An absolutely stunning blog. Glad to have found you.

    • Thanks Carolyn. It’s always a treat to be visited by a fellow Aussie blogger :-)

  23. Mike says:

    Those are some fancy magazine-like images, and you love pelegrino water? that’s awesome!. Good job, I’m one of your newest subscribers!.

  24. Hi,
    dininig room picture are very nice.thanks for sharing with us.

  25. Clare says:

    I love everything. Good job! I’m curious about the furniture you bought on Ebay. Did you have to pay to get that shipped, or did you look for local sellers?

    Glad you’re blogging!

    • Hi Clare
      There is an option on eBay where you can search for items within a certain radius of your own post/zip code. I always use that search refinement so I can shop locally for furniture and collect it personally.

  26. Your house looks so comfortable and sweet, happy family!

  27. Lindsay says:

    Love visiting your blog, it’s such a great resource as I’m always making little changes around our place. :) I have been wondering where you find your little topiary-type trees and what kind of tree it is? I can never find anything that looks quite like it at the garden stores here in the states.

    • Hi Lindsay
      That is actually a really authentic looking faux topiary! I think it’s modelled off a rosemary shrub.

  28. Nicolita says:

    I love this dining room table, it looks like a desk

  29. Jamie says:

    I love your table!

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