Mother’s Day Outdoor Transformation | Live Video!

This was such a fun-daunting-exciting-scary makeover for me!

If you follow me socially (on Facebook or Instagram) or are a blog subscriber, you’ve probably heard about this project – in fact, you may even have already seen it!

Last weekend I was fortunate to have the opportunity to host a live video on Facebook centering around the easy transformation of an outdoor space for Mother’s Day.

Yes people…LIVE! See where the ‘fun-daunting-scary-exciting’ bit comes in now?

For someone who’s usually behind the camera this wasn’t something I approached lightly. Now that it’s over though, I’m so, so glad I gave it a go. Even if the whole experience feels like a total blur!

I don’t want to give too much away in this post, so pop on over to my Facebook page and check out the video to see the transformation.

Facebook Live Outdoor Makeover


Whilst you’re over there, feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions. Even a simple ‘hi’ would be lovely. It’d be awesome to hear from you and I’ll be sure to respond to everyone.

And just remember, this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this so please be kind (and ignore any weird awkwardness, including my daughter wearing a onesie, m’kay?).




  1. Roseline says:

    OMG! It’s you. You look gorgeous and explained everything so well. You should be proud! So nice to finally “meet” you and I totally get how anyone could do this. You did a great job.

  2. Caroleine says:

    lol don’t worry about my daughter in her onesie. They were too cute. Good on you. Can I please ask wher those grey and brown pots at the front are from?

    • Thanks Caroleine. Those post can be found at Bunnings. They’re really cool because they look like gal though are actually light-weight resin.

  3. Lin Shultz says:

    How brave you are to do this video! I would be shaking in my boots! Loved it but the sound was kind of fuzzy (for lack of a better descriptor). It was hard to understand what you were saying. Other than that, good for you!

    • Thanks Lin. Yes, it was a little windy. I think that may have impacted on the sound a bit.

  4. Victora says:

    I do not do Facebook and wish I could see it! Nonetheless, I am proud of you. Bet it’s lovely! Always good to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone! Brava!

    • Thanks so much. Maybe you could borrow someone else’s account to check out the video.

    • Leslie says:

      It let me watch it without an account. Hope this helps

  5. Lisa says:

    A lovely relaxed but intimate area, it is very inspiring, well done! I wonder if the 3 domes on the pavers behind the hammock light up? If so where did you get them? I also love the faux topiary balls, what size are they and where did you buy them?

  6. Leslie says:

    Wonderful Project, i loved it But i’m sad i didn’t get to do it Hopefully next year. i am now taking on your How to make a bed head & foot project for my guest bedroom. I got a Facebook i think i liked your page but i really don’t know what i am doing, family is helping me thankfully. when is you next live video?

    • Thanks so much Leslie. Not sure when I’ll do another live video. This one was arranged through a professional PR agency who were representing Bunnings. Personally, I don’t have the equipment or know-how (yet)! It’s definitely something I’d like to do more of in the future though.

  7. Kathy says:

    Hi Kristine! I am far too late to view this video I know, but would love to be able to if possible. It said “content is not available…” Is it on Instagram or Facebook?
    PS. I’m a big fan :)

    • Hi Kathy
      It was on Facebook though has since been removed. There was an error (Facebook bug) with processing the live which meant it just kept running. So sorry.

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