The Flip House | Master Bedroom & Ensuite Reveal

Bedroom After

I’m chugging along with the flip house room reveals like a crazy lady. Or maybe just like a proper blogger? Either way I hope you haven’t been too alarmed by my level of efficiency – LOL!

This is the master suite which features a bedroom, ensuite and walk-in-wardrobe. Here’s how it looked a few months back…

Master Bedroom Before

Bedroom Before



And here it is now…

Master Bedroom After

Master Bedroom After

Ensuite After

You can find side-by-side before and after images toward the end of the post.

Sorry, I didn’t take an after of the wardrobe because all we did was clean it out.

The master bedroom is one of the first rooms you glimpse as you walk in the front door. Given it has its own little entry hall I really wanted to draw people in and set the overall tone for the house with a slightly sophisticated mood.

Bedroom Makeover

The jumping off point was the mustard headboard which was an easy and affordable DIY (I’ll share a tutorial in the coming weeks).

We were lucky to already have the basic bed ensemble (as per the before pic) though the original Queen Anne style headboard just wasn’t working with the scale of the room. To give the bed some presence and added oomph something more significant was needed.

Initially I was going to go with a bold and contemporary pattern for the headboard, though I couldn’t find quite what I wanted, and then I stumbled across this plush mustard fabric.

I was smitten, and immediately pictured it with deep green, aged leather and shiny brass. It’s a slightly unusual colour scheme though I love that it’s different.

  Master Bedroom After

To compliment it I upholstered the bed base in a linen-look charcoal, which is actually a curtain panel!

Bed skirts, or valances, can be expensive, plus they don’t tend to come in a great range of styles and fabrics (and often they don’t fit well). By making your own you can tailor it perfectly and choose from a wide range of fabrics. I went with a curtain panel because the fact it’s already hemmed means there’s no sewing required! And often they are cheaper than buying the same amount of fabric off the bolt.

This curtain panel came in a set of two for $21 (on sale) and I used one whole panel plus a small strip of the second panel (I probably could have gotten away with using just one if I’d been more careful with my measuring). I’ll share a full tutorial in a future post though I essentially trimmed lengths to size then stapled them directly to the bed base until it was all covered.

DIY Bed Skirt

The bedding is a mix of new and old.

The ticking sheet, block-printed coverlet set, faux leather lumbar cushion and green throw are things we already owned.


The green accent cushions and white euro pillows are from Spotlight.


The rug was a bit of a happy accident. I picked this one up on sale, not quite knowing where I was going to use it, and it works perfectly in here. The grey has a gentle green undertone which references all the other green without being too much, and the geometric pattern adds a slightly modern touch.

Master Bedroom After

I would have loved some natural timber in here however no-one, myself included, was willing to sand the cube tables I found on eBay back to raw. It wouldn’t have been a super difficult job, though it’s not the funnest things to do in the world, especially when you already have a million projects on the go.

The original wenge finish was a little too dark, and damaged, so I decided to simply paint them using some left-over green sample pot paint.

Bedroom Makeover

I then added these cute brass corners from D Lawless Hardware for a touch of interest. It’s all in the details.

Green Table with Brass Corners

Atop the side tables sit glass lamps which I stole from my parent’s beach house (you may recognise them from this old makeover) and a variety of simple decor we already owned.

Side Table Styling

The brass planter holds faux Pincushion blooms (could you tell?) which I’ve supplemented with real gum leaves. Adding real foliage to artificial flowers is a no fail way of making them appear more authentic (although these ones do look pretty amazing as is). I adore live flowers though when you’re staging a property for sale it can get pricey replacing them every other week. This is a great cheat.

Artificial Flower Styling

Another DIY from this space is the basket ceiling light.

Master Bedroom After

I found this basket at Spotlight and immediately knew it was meant to be a light fixture! As with the headboard and bed skirt, I’ll share a full tutorial in the coming weeks though I essentially just re-purposed a lamp frame so I could attach it to the ceiling batten fitting like any regular light shade.

DY Basket Light

I was initially going to use it as a pendant though it felt a bit too imposing hanging low.

To give the natural seagrass a sense of belonging in the space, I added a simple cane mirror above the bed which speaks to it perfectly.

Master Bedroom After

The curtains are the same sheers I used in the sitting room (Caprice Montego in ‘Linen’). I put them up in here first and decided I loved them so much I needed to use them again! They have a beautiful fall and each panel is nice and generous for a soft, full effect.

Bedroom After

In my wide angle shot above I was able to capture the cute plant stands I have hiding around the corner.

Plant Stands

I’ve filled them with lovely lush ferns and they’re the perfect little accent to fill this bare corner and add a touch of life and freshness to the space.

Although the transformation in the ensuite looks pretty extreme, we actually haven’t done much.

Ensuite After

The toilet was a bit run down so we switched-out the seat and cistern to give it a fresh, clean look without replacing the entire thing.

And I had some left-over handles from the kitchen so we changed the original chrome pulls on the vanity for these more on-trend black ones.

Aside from that, it’s really just cleaning and staging.

Bathroom Styling

We were fortunate it was so neutral to begin with. If anyone is currently designing their home and wants something which will stand the test of time, you can not go past classic black and white!

Most of the decor are bits and pieces we already owned.

The rug is vintage (borrowed from my aunt), and you may recognise the little stool from this previous DIY.

The little black vessel is another of my spray painted Op Shop finds which I’ve filled with sweet artificial sedum sprays, and the wall basket you can see reflected in the mirror matches those I’ve hung beside the front entrance. It looks a little lost here on that big blank wall however it’s actually positioned directly over the towel rail.

Ensuite After


Carpet | Beaulieu Daytona in ‘Green Beige’ | $600

Light Fitting | DIY (basket from Spotlight) | $22 on sale*

Curtains & Fittings | Caprice Montego Sheers in ‘Linen’ (plus all hardware) from Spotlight | $65 on sale*

Floor Rug | Woolen Payton Maze Rug from Spotlight | $200 on sale*

Bed Ensemble | Already Owned | $0

Headboard | DIY (fabric from Spotlight) | $25

Side Tables | DIY (found on eBay) | $40

End of Bed Bench | Already Owned | $0

Round Mirror | Spotlight | $18*

Glass Lamps | Already Owned | $0

Planter Stands | Spotlight | $46 for both*

Ticking Sheet, Block-Printed Coverlet, Faux Leather Cushion, Green Throw | Already Owned | $0

Green Cushion Covers | Spotlight | $15 each on sale*

White Euro Pillow Covers | Spotlight | $4 each on sale*

Bed Skirt | DIY (using a curtain panel from Spotlight) | $15*

Brass Planter & Artificial Flowers | Koch & Co. | $32*

Other Decor | Already Owned | $0

TOTAL $655



New Toilet Cistern & Seat | Installed by Plumber | $160

Floor Rug | Already Owned | $0

Stool | Already Owned | $0

Wall Basket | Early Settler | $35*

Cabinet Pulls | eBay | $3 each

Artificial Sedum Sprays | Koch & Co. | $9*

Other Decor | Already Owned | $0

TOTAL $175


*We were super lucky to be gifted some items from Spotlight, Koch & Co and Early Settler. 
I’ve provided their costs however they are excluded from the total.

Here are the side-by-side before and afters…

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After

Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After


Ensuite After

Hope you guys like it.

As mentioned, I’ll be back to share the DIY tutorials once the entire flip house has been revealed.

Next up I’ll be posting the open plan dining and living spaces (which just may be my favourite)!




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The Flip House | Home Office Reveal

Firstly, thank you all so much for the beautiful response to my last post. I was totally overwhelmed and uplifted by your lovely comments which have really stirred me to get a move on with sharing more of the flip house!

 Home Office Decor

Carrying on with my ‘front to back’ tour, I’m moving just right of the entrance into the fourth bedroom/home office (you can find the floor plan HERE if you’d like to get a better sense of the layout of the house). Here’s how it looked before…

Study Before

Study Before


Sorry, they aren’t the greatest before pics.

And here it is now…

Home Office After

Office Bamboo Shelves

Home Office Makeover

You can find side-by-side before and after images toward the end of the post.

As mentioned in previous posts, one of the big changes was adding a door. Not only does this allow us to market the property as having four bedrooms (instead of just three and a study), it gives the new home owners the option of closing the room off – whatever they decide to use it for.

I was tossing-up between dressing this area as a nursery, a guest bedroom, and even a multi-purpose space with a daybed and a desk (which would have been pretty cool), however in the end I kept things simple by going with a basic study.

Bookcase Styling

Once I decided on the study route, I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted (I know, super strange for me!).

I saw a grid of art over a desk, a slip-covered parson chair, a plush rug, a large tree and a cute bookshelf.

Home Office Makeover

I was struggling to find a desk I liked when I came across this one in Officeworks. The shape mimics the entry console I built perfectly, and the modern, slightly masculine style works to ground some of the more pretty and vintage touches in the room. Love it!

The chair is from my mum’s house.

Desk Chair

I wanted something with a skirted slip-cover to harp back to the ottomans in the entry. I was seriously considering buying an almost identical chair from Ikea when mum reminded me she had this one. It’s just a regular timber dining chair which she recently sewed a slip-cover for and added a DIY seat pad to.

At first I wasn’t sure about the ticking (I do ADORE ticking though in my mind saw plain cream linen) though it adds a subtle dash of pattern which actually works really well.

Home Office Decor

I was lucky to be gifted the gorgeous rug a few months back. It’s from We Berber and is the most lush thing in the whole wide world. For reals.

Shag Rug

We Berber hand-weave their rugs in Morocco from natural wool and using ethical, fair-trade means. They are so lovely.

The artwork grid uses gold frames from Kmart and my free printable ferns.

Free Fern Prints

I almost backed-out when I realised the frames were going to cost me almost $100, but I bit the bullet and just went for it. I could potentially have bought slightly cheaper frames and spray-painted them though decent gold spray paint is fairly expensive anyways so in the end I wouldn’t have been that much better off. Plus it would have added yet another project to my compiling list.

Free Fern Printables

Thankfully the prints only needed to be quite small and cost me less than $4 in total from Officeworks. Score!

For a while I wasn’t sure whether to go with edgy abstracts or soft botanicals, however in the end I figured the house already had enough abstract art. I like creating a sense of continuity though sometimes you also need to break things up. I’ve used botanical prints in one of the bathrooms too so they are echoed elsewhere (which saves them from being lost and lonely in here).

Fern Grid

On the wall opposite the desk I positioned this cute bamboo shelf which I picked-up from Marketplace for $50.

Office Bamboo Shelves

I love this shelf and have always wanted one. It’s staged with a variety of items we already owned. I stuck with mainly books to reinforce the office feel and plopped this large green demijohn beside it for a touch of colour and interest.

Bookcase Styling

Even with the desk, chair and shelf, there was still quite a bit of empty space in the room and for some reason I decided a tree was called for.

I’ve never used a tree in an interior before however it’s not exactly anything new. Problem was, trees generally aren’t cheap and I was pretty much out of coin.

Enter this branch (okay, perhaps small limb) from one of my parent’s established olive trees.

Olive Tree Inside

I have it sitting inside a narrow, tall glass vase filled with water to help sustain it, which is sitting inside a standard, plastic pot filled with rocks to help weight it, which is sitting inside the Kmart belly basket to help make it look nice.

Apparently the branch should last for many months. What a great free way to fill a void in a room and add instant earthiness and life to any space.

Home Office Makeover

The simple light fitting is from Bunnings and adds just the right hint of casual texture.

Twine Light Fitting

Finally, the decor on the desk consists of items we already owned.

Desk Styling

You may recognise the green flat file drawers and timber card catalogue from my previous DIY posts.

The brass magnifying stand is out of my little man’s bedroom (originally from TK Maxx) and the black stone canister is stolen from my mum’s laundry (originally from Kmart).

Free Fern Printables


New Door & Frame | Professionally Installed | $585

Carpet | Beaulieu Daytona in ‘Green Beige’ | $380

Desk | Rustic One Drawer Computer Desk from Officeworks | $159*

Chair | Already Owned | $0

Floor Rug | OOAK from We Berber | $350*

Bamboo Shelves | Facebook Marketplace | $50

Ceiling Light Shade | Cali String Batten Fix from Bunnings | $52*

Olive ‘Tree’ | Clipping from Garden | $0

Belly Basket | Already Owned (originally from Kmart) | $0

Gallery Grid Frames | Kmart | $90

Botanical Prints | Officeworks | $4

Decor | Already Owned | $0

TOTAL $1,109


*We were super lucky to be gifted some items from Bunnings, Officeworks and We Berber. 
I’ve provided their costs however they are excluded from the total.


Here are the comparison images…


Home Office Makeover

Study Before

Home Office After

So happy with the way this room came together. Given it’s right at the front of the house I especially love the way it looks through the window from the street.

I’ll be back soon to share the master bedroom and ensuite!



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In other news, it looks like the house will be Open for Inspection this coming Saturday! I’ll be sure to let you know more once things come to light. Would love to see you there if you’re able!

The Flip House | Entry & Sitting Room Reveal

Coffee Table Decor

It’s been so hard trying to decide which spaces to share first!

In the end I thought it made sense to lead you through the house from front to back, just like anyone might view it in reality, so I’m kicking-off with the entry and sitting room.

Here’s how things looked a few months back…



Entry Before

Sitting Room Before

Before Living Space

And here are the spaces now…

Front Door Transformation

Entry After

DIY Rustic Console Table

Sitting Room After

Sitting Room After

You can find side-by-side before and after images toward the end of the post.

Of course, I’ve already shared the exterior entrance in my facade reveal post.

Curb Appeal Front Door Makeover

Front Door Curb Appeal

And the interior entrance in my entry reveal post.

Tribal Boho Style Entry Refresh

Boho Tribal Style Entryway Makeover

So what I really want to show you is the sitting room.

Coffee Table Decor

This space was a thorn in my side throughout most of the flip.

Whilst it might look well-resolved and purposeful now, for the longest time I really struggled to envision how things were going to come together in here.

I had a mish-mash of furniture to work with, no focal point (ideally I would have loved a free-standing fireplace – or similar – in here), and a slightly awkward room with asymmetrical corner windows. On top of that I needed a clever way of tying said ‘mish-mash’ in to the quite bold entry so there was a sense of cohesion between the adjoining areas.

Sitting Room After

This was very much a ‘make-do’ room. To begin with, I had the raisin-toned sofa (which, as you can see from the before pics, came with the house), the bamboo coffee table which I picked up for $50 from Marketplace, two sweet wicker armchairs I got from Early Settler and the DIY ceiling pendant which came from Bunnings.

Individually they were all pretty great pieces, though together nothing worked.

How was I going to make sense of all this?

With styling…that’s how!

Sitting Room After

As much as I believe in the power or accessorising, I must admit that I still had my doubts. Though I could not be happier with the way this space has come together.

I started with one of the new Bunnings rugs (this is the Wemyss – which I absolutely LOVE!).

Bunnings Rug

And then some simple sheer curtains (I got mine on sale for $40) to help soften the room.

Sitting Room After

I added matching side tables (these are the Kmart black stone ones) to provide a sense of continuity.

Sitting Room Makeover

And a simple brass stand (which is actually a gold Kmart tray atop a metal pot tripod!).

Sitting Room After

The biggest challenge was the long blank wall above the two wicker armchairs.

Sitting Room After

I wanted to do something really impactful here, which echoed the graphic nature of the entry wallpaper, without it being too full-on.

Sitting Room

Well, it may be a bit too full-on for some people, though not for me :)

My initial idea was a simple row of four or five really large frames, though even the Kmart ones were going to be too expensive (the sitting room was one of the last rooms I decorated so funds were running low). Eventually I compromised by buying five smaller frames which I filled with a collection of downloadable abstracts from Etsy. I had the art printed as A3 documents at Officeworks for less than $2 each.

I was going to create a gallery with the black and white frames alone, though I just wasn’t convinced they were going to span enough of the wall. This is quite a deep room and I wanted something to compliment the scale. So, at the last minute I decided to add in some of my own vintage artworks.

Gallery Wall

I couldn’t love this gallery more!

One of the easy little projects was creating “lamps” for the side tables.

DIY Vase Lamp

I had this vision of large matching stone lamps though they are sooooo expensive! I looked high and low on second-hand sites and in Op Shops however, whilst it’s not that difficult to come across a cool individual lamp, finding a pre-loved pair isn’t quite so easy.

Eventually I stumbled across two large ceramic vases and my mind went ‘ding’. I could totally pop a shade on top and pretend they are lamps! Of course they wouldn’t be operable though for staging purposes that’s totally okay. And once I have time later on I can work out a way to make them function.

The vases were nice though had a bright blue glaze which clearly didn’t suit the colour scheme of the house so I painted them using left-over Dulux Texture Paint from the facade. I then sprayed them grey (again, using left-over paint – Dulux Chalky Finish in Rivieria Grey) and dry brushed on some white to give them a rustic, weathered concrete look.

Lamp Detail

They shades were a $15 Marketplace find and whilst I could have simply sat them on the rim of the vases, I added little wooden raises (just made from some dowel off-cuts) to boost them up a bit.

All of the cushions are filled with feather inserts from mine and mum’s personal stash. The mustard cover and wide stripe cover are old-stock from H&M. All of the other covers have been sewn by mum using inexpensive fabrics from Spotlight.

Chair and Gallery

I wanted white to freshen the room and brighten-up the dark sofa. The mustard ties-in with the warm wood and gold elements and the classic black and white lumbars reference the wallpaper without competing.

Sitting Room After

To bring everything together and give the room a sense of “life” I finished by adding a few simple decor pieces.

Coffee Table Styling

All of these items are things we already owned.

The large glass vase is still available at Kmart and is so perfect for displaying statement foliage. I simply picked these clippings from a massive tree I found on the side of the road and they add just the right amount of punch to the room.

Sitting Room

Coffee Table Decor

The Habitat book was a recent birthday gift and I highly recommend it. Author Lauren Liess is one of my all-time favourite designers!

Entrance After

So, that’s pretty much it for this area. I hope you like it!


Carpet | Daytona by Beaulieu in ‘Green Beige’ | $500

Wicker Chairs | Martinique Arm Chair from Early Settler | $200 each*

Sofa | Already Owned | $0

Coffee TableFacebook Marketplace | $50

Floor Rug | Wemyss from Bunnings | $149*

Light Fitting | Mika DIY Pendant Light from Bunnings | $156*

Curtains & Fittings | Caprice Montego Sheers in ‘Ivory’ (plus all hardware) from Spotlight | $65 on sale

Stone Side Tables | Kmart | $29 each

Brass Side Table | DIY (gold tray on plant stand tripod we already owned) | $0

Lamps | DIY (ceramic vases topped with IKEA shades) | $25 each

Abstract Wall Art | Kmart Frames with Digital Downloads from Etsy Printed by Officeworks | $53 total

Vintage Wall Art | Already Owned $0

Large Glass Vase | Already Owned (originally from Kmart) | $0

Dough Bowl | Already Owned (originally from Etsy) | $0

Small Decor (Candlesticks, Wooden Horse, Burl Bowl) | Already Owned | $0 each

Books | Already Owned | $0

White Cushion Covers | DIY using Fabric from Spotlight | $15

Black & White Stripe Lumbar Cushion Covers | DIY using Fabric from Spotlight | $10

Gold & Wide Stripe Cushion Covers | Already Owned (originally from H&M) | $0

Feather Cushion Inserts | Already Owned | $0

TOTAL $791


*We were super lucky to be gifted some items from Early Settler and Bunnings. 
I’ve provided their costs however they are excluded from the total.

For further price and source information about the entry and facade, please refer to their original posts (as linked).

Find the side-by-side before and after images below.


Front Door Transformation


Entry After

Entry Before

Entrance After

Before Living Space

Sitting Room After

Sitting Room Before

Sitting Room After

As always, feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to help. Looking forward to sharing more soon!




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The Flip House is DONE!

Flip House Living Room

There were times I thought those five simple words would never leave my lips, but we got there and I’m so excited!

It feels like I’ve been plugging away at this project since for ever, though I just checked the date of my initial flip house post and it was published in early March, so it’s really only been around four and a half months. I’m well aware some people can pull off an entire renovation in that time-frame, and this has only been a mainly cosmetic update, but I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved working on-and-off over that period.

If you’ve been following along from the start you’ll know this is the house of my friend’s late father and our goal was to refresh it on a budget of around 12K in hopes of securing a fast sale at the best price in the current slow property market.

Curb Appeal Front Door Makeover

Well, I’m super pleased to say that, all in, we’re sitting just a touch over 12K. This accounts for absolutely everything, including the biggest ticket item which was a 4K new rear deck, and many styling pieces I plan to on-sell. Of course, any money made from these sales will be deducted from the total. There are also a few cheeky bits and pieces I purchased to keep for myself which I’ll eventually withdraw too. In addition, and as previously mentioned, I was fortunate to be gifted some products which haven’t been included in this total. Of course, I’m aware not everyone has this benefit and I struggled with my choice, however it was an opportunity too good to ignore. Ordinarily I would simply make do or go without. I hope you can appreciate where I’m coming from and use your own nous to envisage the alternatives.

Bedroom Close Up

I’ve been trying to work out the best way to share the finished house. One monster blog post seemed a little full-on, so I’ve decided to break it into rooms. I’ll then finish with an over-arching summary to wrap everything up. And there’ll be project tutorials and DIY stuff sprinkled in there too!

To kick things off though I thought it might be nice to share some general details about the property, just to help you get your head around the house as a whole and give you a basic understanding of the market conditions.

If you’re the kind of person whose eyes glaze over at the mention of real estate, and are mainly here just for the room makeovers, then sorry if this bores you. There’ll be plenty of before and after goodness to come!

As previously mentioned, the house is relatively young at only 14 years old. It’s orientated north on its 580 square meter (approx.) block and is quite generously proportioned with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Here’s the plan…

House Plan

It sits on a quiet no-through road opposite a primary school and within easy walking distance of the local township.

There are currently 51 (yes people, 51 – I’m so freaking out right now!) properties for sale in the same suburb and the median house price for 2018 was $650,000.

Last November, prior to any work, the house was valued in the early 500K range, and after two recent appraisals is looking like sitting closer to 600K – our 12K is working hard! Still, it’s not sold yet so at this stage we can only hope!

The main issue is that the current market is very slow. Understandably, my friend is keen for a quick sale so she can close this chapter of her life and move on. Our main goal in refreshing the property was more about making it appealing to buyers than increasing the worth. Of course, a boost in value is nothing to be sneezed at, however it was always a priority to create something which pulls at people’s heartstrings. In this competitive market it’s the only way to stand apart and secure a sale. As already mentioned though, it’s not sold yet so who knows how long it might take? At least we know we’ve give it our absolute best shot.

Front Door Curb Appeal

As with pretty much all of my projects, there was a moment in the middle of this flip where I had serious self-doubt, wished I’d never started and wanted to crawl under a rock and pretend I wasn’t responsible for anything. Thankfully, I know from past experience that things tend to work out in the end…and they definitely did!

I’m sooooo pleased with the way this house has come together and can’t wait to share more! Every time I go to take more pics, vacuum the floor or move a book half an inch to the left, I feel contented. It’s such a nice home to be in. Of course, it’s still very much a budget-friendly project and is far from perfect (just don’t expect it to look like something from HGTV!) however this authenticity is part of its charm. I’ve received so many excited messages from readers and followers who can’t wait to see the reveal, and as lovely as this enthusiasm is, it also imposes a certain amount of pressure. As I said in a previous post, please don’t go comparing me to Joanne Gaines – LOL!

DIY Rustic Console Table

My initial vision for this house was a clean and somewhat contemporary aesthetic – a bit of a departure from my usual slightly eclectic-slash-cottage-slash-rustic style. Not sure when it happened exactly (probably at the point I had to start using my own decor to dress it) though quite a bit of vintage has crept in! It’s still modern and fresh overall though also has a bit more charm and individuality than you might see in most staged houses. I’m hoping that’s a good thing!

To keep the flow consistent I’ve tried to use black, white, green and gold in each space.

Bookcase Styling

The house will likely be officially on the market in the next two weeks or so and I’d love for anyone within the vicinity of Whittlesea to come on by and attend the first Open Viewing. I’m planning on being there and would appreciate more than one other person showing up – LOL! In fact, it’d be awesome to have a great turn-out! For anyone outside the general area, maybe you could even make a day of it! Will be sure to share more details as they emerge.

Home Office Decor

In other news, I’m still trying to decide what will happen with the staging furniture and decor. I’d like to offer it to the new buyers as a bit of an incentive (for an agreed additional fee if they’re interested), otherwise I may have a “garage sale” at the property or list things for auction via eBay. Not sure yet. Thanks so much to everyone has has expressed their interest in purchasing pieces. As much as I’d love to go forth with a first-in-best-dressed arrangement I’m just not sure how fair that would be given how many different messages I’ve received.

Coffee Table Styling

Finally, I’d like to thank my brother, dad and especially my mum for supporting me so much throughout this flip. It hasn’t been a quick and easy process, and more than once I’ve spouted way too many swear words. I could not have done it without them.

And of course, a massive thank you to my friend who has been so trusting, patient and obliging throughout this entire journey. Placing such an important asset in someone else’s hands takes a huge leap of faith. I’m incredibly grateful she so openly allowed me the opportunity to tackle the house.

In closing, thank you to all of YOU! I’ve received countless lovely comments, messages and emails about this flip. Your enthusiasm, excitement and encouragement honestly helps sustain me. I hope you love it!

Tribal Boho Style Entry Refresh



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More Progress at the Flip House

Needless to say I didn’t meet the “end of next week” deadline.

Still, things are on track to be completed super soon!

Of course, I’ve only been sharing little snippets here and there, as I haven’t had the time to compile any full-on blog posts yet (plus I don’t want to give too much away!), though things are pretty much done now. Just need to finish-off a few DIY projects, then tweak the styling and cleaning, before I can take all of the proper after shots and reveal the completed house – yay!

Until then though, here’s some of what’s been happening over the past week or so…

I’ve found a few more budget-friendly pieces including this cute coffee table on Marketplace for $50.

Coffee Table

It’s quite rough and rustic so I think I’ll just pressure wash it then nourish it with a tinted oil.

I also scored this large solid timber dining table (which I’ll be using outside on the covered deck) for $50 from Gumtree.

Dining Table

It was a bit orange and glossy (which doesn’t suit anything in the house) so I’ve since sanded the top back to raw and am planning on painting the legs – probably Duck Egg.

I was going to build a coffee table just like the one below so when it popped up on Marketplace for only $40 I jumped straight on it!

Coffee Table

This isn’t my exact one (I didn’t save the original pic) though it’s similar – mine is just a bit more chunky and not quite so refined.

Still on a last minute hunt for a pair of bedside tables for one of the bedrooms and a few occasional tables for the living areas. Argh! Am thinking Kmart might need to come to my rescue for these!

In other news there’s been a heap of DIY going down. Here’s just a small sample…

The eight Chippendale chairs have been painted white.

Chippendale Chairs

White Chippendale Chairs

The free pine bed has been mummified with sisal rope.

Bed Frame

DIY Rope Wrapped Bedhead

Only took three times more rope and thirty-three times more hours than I anticipated!

The cube bedsides have been painted green and I’ve started adding the brass corners I got from D. Lawless Hardware.

Bedside Tables

Green Table with Brass Corners

I’ve extended and slip-covered the head of the basic white bed which was already at the house.

Old Bed

Bed Head Slipcover

How gorgeous is this fun boho fabric I found at Spotlight? Especially love the way it speaks to the entry wallpaper.

And the base of this bed got a fresh coat of green paint too (lucky I bought so many green sample pots trying to get the colour of the entry console table just right – LOL!).

Bed Green Paint

I’ve also made a new bedhead from scratch using mustard-gold fabric from Spotlight for the master bedroom!

Velvet Headboard

 Granted, this “during construction” pic isn’t the most flattering though I’m kinda in love with the finished product which I can’t wait to reveal!

To compliment it I’ve added a skirt to the original bed base using a curtain panel from Spotlight.

DIY Bed Skirt

The pleats you can see here will be hidden by the mattress.

Most of the dated flush-mount ceiling lights throughout the house have been replaced with these simple fixtures from Bunnings. The clear glass shades are a nice clean and modern take on the usual white or frosted shades you see with this style of fitting.

Simple Light Fitting

I’m also making a light fitting from this basket from Spotlight.

Basket Light

It will probably go in the master bedroom.

And I’m planning on giving this really large fabric shade, which I found for just $6 at a charity store, a “brass” style makeover to go over the dining table.

Second Hand Tapered Shade

Finally for now, I installed a new long pull to the pantry door to help modernise the overall feel.

Pantry Door Handle

I found it on eBay for just $8.


Clearly these are merely sneak peeks and I’ll be sure to share more detailed tutorials once the house is complete…any day now…quite soon…I promise…truly ruly.




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