Second-Hand Furniture for the Bedroom

Yep, it’s true, I’m gonna attempt to put all that stuff in the same room together and (try to!) make it work – with a bit of TLC and some cute decor I think I may just be able to pull it off!

For me, one of the most fun and rewarding things about decorating is the process of hunting down a collection of bargains and then bringing them all together in an imaginative and harmonious way.

I guess it’s like a big puzzle, not one of those glossy thousand piece ones though, it’s more like a ten piece kids puzzle with dog-eared corners and even a missing nodule here and there which when put together right, although maybe not perfect, still fits snuggly and tells a story.

A Starting Point for the Bedroom

I’ve been meaning to tackle my master bedroom for ages and have half-heartedly been planning a scheme and searching for new goodies to furnish it, though for some reason I never had enough motivation to really get stuck in….until NOW!

NOW I seriously can’t wait to kickbox the heck outta it – don’t feel sorry for it though, it deserves it, trust me.

So, here’s the plan….

What’da ya think?

It’s a pretty small, irregular space with two doors, one large off-centre window and a built-in robe which takes up one entire wall. Rather than pretend the room’s proportionate, I’m gonna play up the asymmetry with some mis-matched furniture though will give balance to the overall scheme through consistency in colour, style and decor.

Now, I gotta apologise cause I don’t have any before ‘before’ photos of the room (as it was when we first moved in). The walls were green, the trim and doors were brown, there was a massively ugly light fixture, worn-out dirty berber carpet and completely see-through bright blue curtains – just lovely.

We got rid of all that pretty quick-smart so here are some more recent ‘before’ pics (cringe, I can’t believe I’m putting these out there – please be kind!).

Okay, now do you see what I mean about it needing its butt kicked?
Honestly though, let’s just say those pics weren’t taken on its best day.

The furniture is all outta my room from when I was still living at home with Mum and Dad – a bit sad, I know, though we had zero dollars just after we bought the house and never really got around to getting anything new (i.e. nice).

We painted the walls Dulux Chalk USA and all the trim and doors gloss white (as per the rest of our house) and although I would have l-u-r-v-e-d floorboards it wasn’t to be (not for now anyway) so we put down some nice plush carpet.

Hence, a new blank-ish canvas was born!

Soooo, that’s my starting point.

Sweet Slumber

Some More New Old Stuff

You know how sometimes you just kinda get on a roll?

Well, I’m on a bit of one at the moment and have managed to finish off a tonne (okay, not quite) of ‘new-old’ stuff for sale on eBay starting with this grain-sack inspired armchair and stool complete with cushions.

I love the relaxed provincial feel of it.

It’s unpretentious yet still manages to make a little statement. I’ll post some before pics and the tutorial soon!

I’m also currently offering this naturally weathered pedestal table.

Anything with silver-grey timber and rustic old iron always gets me going.

Oh, and by the way, if you happen to see a group of crazy looking young ladies dressed as cow girls simultaneously clay shooting, boot-scooting and riding around on mechanical bulls (with or without cocktails in hand) it’s my sister-in-laws Hen’s (Bachelorette Party), and whilst unconventional, I reckon it’s gonna be some fun!

Well, I Wasn’t Expecting That

Whilst roaming around Blogland earlier, I decided to pop in here…

…for a quick visit, where I was thrilled to see this…

…very familiar photo of a certain dining room vignette, which led me on to this…

…great HGTV article, which also included this…

…other very familiar photo!

Well, what a lovely mid-day surprise!