My First Giveaway!

I’m soooo excited about this!

To thank and celebrate all of my wonderful readers, as a small token of my gratitude I’m offering this gorgeous little hand-crafted (with love!) tote embellished with a sweet vintage bunting bird.

Fully lined with black cotton and featuring a rustic jute drawstring this charming pouch, amongst other things, could be used; to store your little silk nightie, to perfume a drawer if filled with sweet cedar chips etc, as a make-up purse, on an outing in place of your usual bag, to stow away your sewing or craft paraphernalia etc, as a cute gift bag, as decor hung on a bed post, door knob or chair back….and the list goes on and on!

To be in the running to win, simply leave a comment on this post – easy peasy!

Closed midnight on Monday 7 June (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

A Little Weekend Away

Given we’re lucky enough to be heading down to the beach for a couple of days I thought I’d share these gorgeous coastal inspired spaces.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who follows along, comments on or visits my little slice of blogland. The support and encouragement of this amazing community is nothing short of overwhelming. It truly makes me smile each time I see a new follower or notice a new comment, so….THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Have a lovely weekend.

Typographic Cushions

Alright, I’ll admit it, I’m in love with typography and would marry it if I could….

….you know what they say though – too much of a good thing is never a good thing….

….though does it really have to be so?….

….I mean, surely a letter here and a number there can’t really hurt…can it?

It’s lucky for me and my temporary obsession then that these duck-egg blue babies (below) are destined for my parent’s beach house. One for each of the single beds in the twin guest room – so cute!

They were a cinch to make. I just designed some artwork in Paint.Net (if you don’t have an image editing program and haven’t heard of Paint.Net I recommend checking it out) then printed it in reverse onto iron-on transfer paper, cut closely around each separate component, positioned them where I wanted on some fabric then ironed away. The fabric was then made into the cushions that you see.

If you’d like to try creating something similar I’ve attached my artwork as a free printable (see the ‘At a Glance’ section at the end of the post to view and download). Please feel free to use it.
I’m keeping this newly embellished ampersand cushion though (below). I made it using the same method. Here it is in my living room.

Classic number typographics.
Click here to view and download.

Dining Room Dreaming

Next up on my list of room reveals is my little dining nook.
It forms the southern end of our living room and hopefully I’ll be able to post about it later this week!
So, in the spirit of all things dining I thought I’d share some cute inspiration pics.

The Makings of a Living Room

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments about my little living room. It really made me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Now, as promised, here are some details about how I achieved the look.

When we first moved in we had nothing to sit on for a while. Then we borrowed my now brother-in-laws bulky 70’s setting. Then we decided to buy some sofas.
It doesn’t really look it in the photos, though our living room is pretty tiny so the requirements were: compact, decent quality, comfy enough and budget-savvy!
I was really craving some gorgeous vintage leather style sofas (not even close to in the realm of possibility for us back then) when I spotted these sofas on clearance in a furniture store.
Although not quite as classic in shape as I wanted they have a nice neutral palette and clean lines.
$900 (for both)

This is the third coffee table I’ve had in this space. The first was a glorified side table suitable for holding precisely one glass of wine at most (okay, exaggerating slightly) though it was ridiculously inadequate. The second was a big round ottoman I made and covered in blue and beige damask (now sold) and the current one was picked up on eBay. Sorry, I don’t have a before pic (had no idea I’d need one for a future blog back when I bought it) though it was jarrah stained. All it needed was a light sand, a few coats of black acrylic, a distress and a seal coat. The handle is original and I love the fact it has a drawer so I can hide the remotes.

As you can probably tell from the photos, it needed to have pretty perfect dimensions to look ‘just right’ in that space. I searched for a l-o-n-g time and was so excited when I finally came across an orange stained hall table. I lopped off the legs with my friend Mr Circular Saw, stained the top walnut and painted the base a soft antique white before distressing and sealing it. The handles were originally shiny brass so I scorched them with a blow torch (to penetrate the protective coating) then soaked them in some verdigris solution for an aged patina.

At the risk of sounding like some kind of eBay addict (okay, I may as well just confess now) that’s exactly where I picked up both the side tables.
The drawered table was sun-damaged and had unattractive veneered drawer fronts so I painted them black. I wanted to retain the remaining timber finish so freshened it up with a light coat of walnut stain. The gorgeous handles are original.
The elegant tray style table is as I found it. It came complete with a hall console which I didn’t require so on-sold for a profit which more than covered the original cost of both tables which basically made them FREE.

Okay, so these were reasonably affordable though not super-duper cheap.
We needed blockouts (for light filtering and weather reasons) and I certainly wasn’t going to make them! I had seen these ones at a homeware store and knew they’d be just right so waited until they went on sale. The day I chose to buy them there was also a storewide 20% off everything including sale items so I ended up saving a couple of hundred dollars.

Found as is on eBay (yes, I know, eBay…again!).

Both throw rugs were gifts (thanks Mum!).
The floral cushion is from Ikea ($30 when I bought it a few years back).
I got the faux fur one in a pack with a blanket from a local manchester store. It was mega cheap though feels quite plush ($8).
I made the dark brown one ($6).
The three linen cushions were bought on clearance from a local furniture store ($18 for all three). I added numbers to two of them using iron-on transfer paper. By cutting precisely around the graphics I was left with no shiny residue as can be the case with transfer paper.

The wrought iron grille was a gift (thanks again Mum!). The six timber frames above the sofa were found in a dollar store. I painted and distressed them before filling with ‘Cavallini and Co.’ postcards gifted by one of my sister-in-laws. I made the matt boards myself.

These are both old picnic baskets I’ve had forever. One was a gift and one is my sister’s (shhh, don’t tell her I’ve got it!). They were hiding away in the cupboard for a while then one day I had a sudden wicker craving so dragged them out and put them on show (not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner).
I added the numbers myself with a stencil I made and some black craft paint.

Tray – Another gift from Mum – $0
Wire Basket and Apples – I found two of these baskets (the other is in my entryway) at a local charity store. They were gold so I sprayed them. The faux apples are from one of my favourite stores: Provincial Home Living – $17
Pewter Jug – Yet another gift from Mum (hmmm, is it starting to sound like she’s accessorised my whole house?) – $0
Cane Basket and Hydrangeas – The basket (actually supposed to be a candle holder) is from Target and the hydrangeas are from the décor section of a local hardware store – $18
Books – The two large books were gifts. The little blue one was my Dad’s primary school dictionary and the green one was hubby’s Dad’s ‘How to Play Tennis’ book (I love little personal touches like that). The other two are vintage thrift store finds – $1
Birdcage – Dollar store find (I wish I’d bought more!) – $15
Topiary, Terracotta and Twine – I made the standard topiary by attaching a bought topiary ball to a stick I found outside (rocket science I tell you). The terracotta pots were bought cheap from a local plant nursery. The twine is from a hardware store and the spanish moss I already had – $16
Letter ‘F’ – Bought as plain MDF then painted with hammered metallic black – $3
Vintage Fan – Found at a local antique store – $15
Cane Basket and Pinecones – The basket is a thrift store find and there are millions of pinecones in the reserve behind my house. It’s always nice to go hunting for them with my little puppy – $2
Large Wire Basket – Wedding gift – $0
Decor Total $87

Overall Total $1624