A Quick & Simple DIY Plant Pot Update

I know I’m supposed to have shared at least some of the pics from my mother-in-laws house staging project, though I’ve been so flat out with client work lately I haven’t even had a chance to properly look through the photos yet! So sorry! One project I can quickly share however is these plant pots...…READ MORE

Preparing the House For Sale…and a special reader offer

This post is sponsored by Fantastic Services. All images and opinions are my own. One of the inevitable tasks when preparing a house for sale is cleaning. And, I’m not gonna lie, it’s definitely my least favourite! In fact, I was actually really dreading it for my mother-in-laws property. Although the house itself isn’t particularly...…READ MORE

A New House Staging Project

Just in case anyone has been wondering where I’ve been… Sorry about the quality of these photos. I never took “proper” before pics so these are merely phone snaps. Some are taken after I already started decluttering (hence the lack of stuff), others are taken mid clear-out (hence the abundance of stuff). Several weeks back...…READ MORE