Free PSD Baking Canister Labels

I never could have guessed the amount of interest my little canister labels project (posted back in February) would generate. I have been happily inundated with comments and questions ever since!

One stand-out request has been for me to share the original PSD (Photoshop Data File). For those of you who don’t know what the heck that is, you probably don’t have Photoshop, so unfortunately it won’t be much good to you anyways, though if, like me, your brain likes to know stuff, you can read more about PSD files here. Basically, it’s a freely editable version of my labels.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that you’ve all finally worn me down :-) So for everyone lucky enough to have Photoshop you can now download my baking canister labels in PSD format for FREE below! If you’re not fortunate enough to have Photoshop you can also download the printable PDF version below. Oh, and if you happened to miss my original tutorial for applying the labels you can view that here.

The downloadable zip file comprises two documents; one for CS users (which contains neat folders of grouped layers) and one for Elements users (which contains a gazillion layers though is folder free, thus compatible).

Because I’m a big computer nerd now, I decided to do some research on PSD’s for the purpose of this post, and aren’t all you Elements users glad I’m such a geek? Otherwise, I never would have discovered that Elements doesn’t support layers grouped in folders and I never would have created a special folder-free document just for you – you can hug me later :-)

To conserve my labels in their original form, ensure you have installed all three free fonts listed below.

Have fun!

Mrs Eaves Bold
Courier New
Another Typewriter
Baking canister labels PSD. Click here to download.
Baking canister labels PDF. Click here to download.
Original Canister Labels Post

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