Free Printable Blue & White Ceramic Wall Art

I’m a little ashamed to admit I started writing this post around four years ago.

At the time I had just finished refreshing my parent’s bedroom and was going to add some art to a remaining blank wall in the space. I decided on blue and white ceramic paintings (mum adores blue and white anything!), created several digital images and then changed my mind. I can’t recall for certain though think I must have concluded it was going to make things look too busy.

So with no good excuse to print, frame and hang the art (in order to give purpose to, and provide photos for, a blog post), these lovely free printables have been sitting in a folder on my computer… doing nothing…for four years!

Well, yesterday I stumbled across them again and realised that was just plain stupid! So here they are.

8 FREE Printable Blue & White Ceramic Paintings

This set of free printables includes eight high resolution blue and white ceramic “paintings”. For your convenience I’m offering them in two different standard sizes: A3 and 11″ x 14″. Of course, you could always shrink them to fit smaller frames if desired, or matte them and use even larger frames. Additionally, the prints themselves can be somewhat enlarged (by around 30%) whilst still retaining decent quality.

Free Printable Blue & White Ginger Jar

Free Printable Blue & White Ginger Jar

Free Printable Blue & White Vase

Free Printable Blue & White Vase

Free Printable Blue & White Vase

Free Printable Blue & White Ginger Jar

Free Printable Blue & White Ginger Jar

Free Printable Blue & White Vase

A3 Blue and White Ceramic Free Printable Wall Art             11x14 Free Printable Blue and White Wall Art

Once you click a download button above you will be redirected to Google Drive to download the files. Files are saved in zipped folders. Download the entire folder via the arrow icon at the top right of the screen before extracting the individual files. If you’re unsure what to do or have any trouble, feel free to ask. I’m happy to help.

If you have a large format printer you could always print theses at home otherwise you can have them professionally printed through any good print store. Prices for standard document prints of this size generally start at around $2, whilst high quality photo prints may cost anywhere from $10 upwards.

I created these digital artworks by applying a painterly effect to some product photographs I found online (of course, I sought and gained permission to use each image first). You see, at the time I was looking for blue and white ceramic art I really struggled to find anything within my budget so figured there was nothing to lose by giving things a go myself! I’ve spoken before about the ease and awesomeness of converting photographs into paintings and if you’d like to learn more you can read my previous in-depth post HERE.

I’m thrilled with the results and am so excited to share them with you!

Here are a few different framing and configuration ideas…

Free Printable Ginger Jar Painting Wall Art

Free Printable Blue and White Painting Art

Free Printable Blue & White Ceramic Painting Wall Art

Free Printable Ginger Jar Art

If you’re after a grid of nine there’s no reason you couldn’t reverse and repeat one of the images – I’m sure it would look fine.

And here’s a lovely vignette I stole from Pinterest with a couple of my prints edited in…

Blue and White Free Printable Art



I hope you find them useful.


Free for personal, non-commercial use only.
Reproduction, republication or redistribution in any form is forbidden.


In other news, my sister’s dining room furniture has just sold! I’ll be back soon with an update including details about my plan for the space.


8 FREE Printable Blue & White Ceramic Paintings


  1. Leslie says:

    Great job!🙂

  2. Candy Thomas says:

    Thank you so much!

  3. MesSW says:

    Thank you for the prints.
    And, congrats on the furniture sale. :)


  4. Deb says:

    Thank you Thank you! So excited to use these in a project.

  5. Evelyn says:

    Thank you. I am always inspired by your posts as you have great ideas and a good eye to put them into practice. This one is one I might try and actually do.

  6. Bec says:

    Thank you so much! I have been looking for something like this for ages xx

  7. I love chinoiserie decor (I’m pretty sure I have that Pinterest pic pinned already!) and I love watercolour paintings so I feel like these were made for me! xx

    • Perfect! If you use them be sure to share. I’d love to see them in real life!

  8. Susie says:

    Thanks. Thanks. Thanks, Kristine!!! I am currently adding lots of blue and white. The timing of this post is just perfect. So much appreciated. Susie from The Chelsea Project

    • Oh yay Susie. If you use them be sure to email me a pic or tag me socially. I’d love to see them in real life!

  9. Beth says:

    Hi Kristine,
    I’m glad you did this post, but I have one question. It says download A3 or 11 by 14, could you please explain the difference.

    Also if you don’t mind me asking who host your blog(like WordPress, Wix) or who would you recommend.


    • Hi Beth
      A3 is an international paper size (however not common in America) measuring 11.7″ x 16.5″.
      11″ x 14″ is a regular photo size.
      I decided to provide both options as it’s easy to buy frames in either size.
      I use WordPress and highly recommend it.

  10. Susan Owens says:

    They look like Chinese culture. I love them all. Thank for sharing.

  11. These are fabulous! I’m going to use them somewhere as soon as I can!! Love these! I’ve been traveling all Summer for work but now I’m home for a bit and ready to do some fluffing around the house… and use these!

    • Happy fluffing! Be sure to share a pic if you do use them – I’d love to see :)

  12. Blue and white combination is my all time favorite. This looks so amazing. I also have wall art of this color combination in my home.

  13. Thank you so much for these!!

  14. Lhaine says:

    So awesome

  15. Johanne says:

    Hello Christine,

    I’m have problem downloading the free printable blue and white ceramic wall art. A message indicating that this file is unsupported. Not sure what it means no the most savvy when it comes to computers. Love you site and than you.


  16. Shondra Pruitt says:

    Thank you so much! I just found your blog because of the blue & white printables, and I’m already a big fan! I love your style already!

    • Thanks so much Shondra. So happy you found me and are enjoying the free printables :) Thanks for taking the time to leave a message for me.

  17. Debra Preston says:

    Hi..I love the blue and white prints but its says file
    Unsupported..not sure what I should do. Please help
    Thank you

  18. Kristine says:

    The files are saved in a zipped folder. Some mobile devices won’t support this (depending on whether you have extraction software), and MAC systems can make opening them tricky. What type of tech are you using?

  19. I LOVE your artwork/prints! Thank you so much! I plan to post a few pics on my social media via FB and IG of how I used them in my home. I will credit your work and tag you, is that ok? Thank you for the creative resources and your time!

    All about the blue and white! :)

    • I’m glad you like them. Yes, feel free to share some credited pics on your social channels :)

  20. Thank you so much for your gorgeous printables :-)

  21. Jann says:

    Thank you so VERY much! I’ve been looking for exactly this. Much appreciated.

  22. Betty says:

    Hi Kristine,

    I love, love these prints but am unable to print them. I downloaded them successfully but they will not print. What an I doing incorrectly?

    Many thanks,

  23. Helen Kirk says:

    Hi Kristine,
    When I download the files on my iPad…they are not crisp clear images. Should they be? Images sizes are between 4mb and 2.4mb… but they are not good enough to reproduce for A4 sized wall prints ?

    • Hi Helen
      They are all 300 DPI and should be perfect as A4 prints. I have used them myself and had many messages from readers who have also used them and been impressed with the quality. They have a painterly watercolour effect overlaid so are not intended to look super crisp like a photograph might. They have an intentional soft feel. In addition, sometimes screen compression on your device can affect the way high resolution images present digitally.
      If you’re still unsure, my advice would be to print one then see if you’re happy with the result. If you are planning to print yourself at home ensure you use the best quality print settings along with good quality paper – photo paper is fine but you can even try canvas printer sheets for a really lovely final product.

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