Now that the sun has well and truly set on the flip house, it’s finally time to share what I’ll be working on next!

Some of you may have caught snippets of this if you follow me on Instagram or through my Facebook group, and I’m excited to reveal that I’m helping plan, design and decorate a house extension!

I’ve never worked on a new build before and am not sure whether this different direction will excite or disappoint you guys. I’m not even certain how to feel about it myself yet!

As much as I’d love to announce the extension is for my own home (that is on the cards, one day), it will actually be for my parent’s house.

They currently have a four bedroom, two bathroom home (you may have seen a few of their spaces in my past projects – Bathroom, Laundry, Living Room, Master Bedroom). They’ve lived in it for almost 40 years and have made some major, and lots of minor, improvements over that time. This extension will be a second story addition in the form of a suite.

The suite will include a bedroom, living and dining zone, kitchenette, bathroom and powder room. It will be like its own tiny home!

In conjunction with the extension they will also be giving the entire facade a fresh makeover! A big job given that over half the house forms the facade!

The decision to extend came about for three main reasons…

:: To re-capture their lovely views which were partially blocked when a large new house was recently built beside them.

:: To provide accommodation for visiting friends and family.

:: To satiate mum’s need to always have a project on the go! And, of course, to boost the value of the property without over-capitalising.

I was planning on sharing the extension progress in real-time though things got underway whilst I was still wrapping-up the flip house so I’ll be playing catch-up over the coming weeks. Can’t wait to share the design plan and some of the decorating decisions we’ve already made! Not to mention the actual build progress.

Speaking of decorating decisions, whilst I’ll have a hand in the overall design, this is my parent’s extension so obviously the general vibe will be driven by them. My mum has great taste though leans a bit more classic and conservative than me. Still, she’s open to a bit of risk-taking in the less permanent elements (and she trusts me – sucker!) so it will be really fun and interesting to bring everything together!

Whilst there will be an element of DIY and lots of budget-friendly inclusions, my parents are at a point in their lives where they don’t want to tackle every single project hands-on, plus they aren’t opposed to buying a few splurge items (nothing crazy of course, just some mid-range pieces in the interest of quality). They’ve worked incredibly hard, and made plenty of sacrifices, to get to where they’re at financially (which, by the way, is still far from wealthy), so good on them!

Obviously, this new build won’t progress quite as quickly as the flip house though to me that’s actually a good thing! I’m looking forward to working on and sharing some other personal projects on the side.

Will be back soon with the plans and some photos.