Adventures in Hanging a Starburst Mirror

Kristine to Hubby: Hey, do you reckon I’ll need to find a wall stud to hang this?
(Secretly thinking she was just gonna hang it where she wanted anyway regardless of whether there was a stud there or not).
Hubby: It’d be good.
(Commence drilling).
Kristine to Hubby: I think I just hit a stud.
Hubby: That’s good.

Five minutes and three each-longer-than-the-last screws later, my beautiful new convex version of a starburst mirror hangs perfectly in place.

Later that evening….
Hubby goes to have a shower. Hmmmm, the bathroom sliding door won’t budge. Oooops!

What? Don’t try and pretend you’ve never screwed through a wall with a sliding door cavity and mistaken the actual door for a stud. Well, that was about two weeks ago and I still haven’t fixed it yet. Oh well, it’s only the two of us in the house so there’s really not much need for the closing of doors anyway!

Even attached to the door I do still love my new mirror – and playing vignettes!

Chic Standard Lamp Revamp

I picked this baby up for $25 on eBay. Here it is before:

Looks better in the above pic than it did in reality!

It looks lovely lit up at night.


Using fabric trim is such an easy and affordable way to customise, well…anything really!
For anyone wanting to attempt this type of re-furb, a word of warning though….
….unless you have a drum shade, remember that wide lace trim is ‘flat’ and in order to get a consistent finish on an angled shape there is quite a bit of (jigsaw worthy) cut-and-paste required (I certainly learned this the hard way!).

Anyhoo, here’s the basic process….first, the polished brass base was thoroughly cleaned, any cords and fixtures masked to avoid overspray, then lightly sanded and coated with three fine layers of hammered charcoal spray paint.
I did need to buy a new shade for this project as, unfortunately, I had none the right size lying around. I elected for a natural ivory linen one from Target to contrast with the formality of the lace. Next, two different widths of lovely scalloped lace trim and some fabric glue – fini!

Queen of your Castle

In a bee’s world, while honey is the cents, royal jelly is definitely the dollars. It’s a special secretion needed to create the queen bee. So, while the lowly soldier bees toil day and night, with no choice but to expend all their precious jelly in order to make their hive happy, in this world we’re fortunate enough to have learned a few things (hopefully!) and know that we can be queens in our own beautiful castles without having to squander all that extravagant ‘royal jelly’.
Follow me as I share with you some of the thrifty hints and tricks I’ve used so far in creating my hive – queen intact!

Now here are some pretty pictures…


Making House a Home for Honey

Before the millionth design aspiration enters my head and causes some kind of mini cataclysm, I’ve decided I need an external platform to diarise and share all of the ideas and projects constantly swimming through my stream of consciousness.

So, The Painted Hive is dedicated to beautiful and liveable interior design and decoration on a budget.

Over the coming weeks, months and (fingers crossed!) years, I hope to inspire, motivate and empower you by sharing all that I find wonderful about living beautifully along with thrifty hints, tips and anecdotes about my own personal journey in making my home the happiest (and most stylish) hive possible!

Now, if I could, I’d offer a chocolate bribe to keep you keen though given the restraints here’s some eye-candy instead.