Year in Review…and gratitude

I wanted to get this post up prior to the new year, though thanks to my glacial-like precipitancy, clearly that never happened (I better be careful or soon I’ll have to start signing my blog posts with an image of a sleeping sloth – yes, that’s right, not just any sloth, a sleeping one).

At least my tardiness means I can officially wish everyone a happy 2014! I hope you all had a wonderful night. I welcomed the new year in my standard post-baby fashion; one glass of wine (still breastfeeding), the early fireworks on TV (yep, the ones for kids and old people), in bed by 11.30.

I know, I know, you wish you were as cool as me :-)

Anyhoo, I don’t usually publish posts like this. In my mind it’s the kind of content reserved for ‘proper’ bloggers who post more frequently than thrice annually, though I thought it’d be kinda fun to pretend I was legitimate. It’s also just plain nice, and even a tad validating, to look back over the year that was.

So, here are a few of my fave posts of 2013 (click a photo to go straight to the original post)…

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Fabric ProjectsTea Towel PillowDIY Rolled Cottage ValanceBunting Flags

For a complete list of last year’s posts view my easy to navigate 2013 thumbnail gallery here.


On a different note, a HUGE thank you and a MASSIVE virtual hug for your readership over the past year. I wish I could say I was impervious enough to write this blog purely for my own bemusement, though the truth is I really do care what you guys think and it does matter to me that someone is actually reading along because my primary motivation comes from a desire to share and connect. So, it’s your comments, emails and messages, along with your anonymous visits, which truly spur my continuance. I am deeply grateful.

With two very young kids in my full-time care, naturally my priority at the moment is being ‘mum’. As a result I currently don’t have quite as much time as I’d like to dedicate to the title of ‘blogger’, and on occasion you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d given up on it completely. Though, as has always been my intention, I plan to post as often as I’m able (providing there’s something worthy of sharing) and in coming years hope to pursue blogging with a bit more purpose.

Whilst official posts (which are time-consuming to compile – at least for a part-time perfectionist like me – and which I usually like to reserve for my more major completed projects) can be somewhat sporadic, they’re no real reflection of the frequency of all the creative projects going on over at my hive where there’s pretty much always something home-related happening. So, keep connected between posts by hopping on over and liking me on Facebook or following me on Twitter (if you don’t already) where I share project snippets, product finds, morsels of inspiration and other little tidbits.

For now though, please, just don’t give up on me :-)




  1. Andie says:

    Happy New Year to you Too Kristine! The sleeping sloth thing doesn’t last forever you know. My beautiful girls are now 11&9, the older one nearly matching me height wise already. Those baby years, which I reflect back on regularly, are a hazy sleep deprived exhausting blur. When your two finally both go off to school the fog will lift, and trust me, you’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve again. Meantime, enjoy all that cuteness and cuddles. The fact your blogs aren’t too prolific just means it’s all the more exciting when one lands in the in-box. :) Andie

    • Thank you so much Andie for such a sweet comment.

      I’m sure when the kids are a little older I’ll have some more time to indulge my creative endeavours. For now, although sometimes it feels like I’m going to explode, I’m just trying to remember to cherish each lovely-trying-exhausting-exhilarating-sad-happy day :-)

  2. Shelley says:

    Your posts (like your home) are beautiful and so well appointed and detailed. I enjoy seeing a post from you in my means I can sit down with a cup of coffee and read (and learn) so much! Thank you.

    • Thanks so much Shelley. I’ll try my best to keep publishing the best posts I can :-)

  3. Julie says:

    I agree with Andie above; your blogs are “all the more exciting when one lands in the in-box”. You always have something significant to show or say; don’t try to post for the sake of it. Nurturing your children is far more important than spending time on the blog. Our four are now aged between 22 and 30 and that time when they were little was so precious and passed so very quickly. Julie

    • Thanks so much Julie.
      You’re completely right, of course family is the single most important thing in life.

  4. Nola says:

    Have loved your blog from the moment I found it and love your house it’s so lovely. Enjoy your time with your little ones we will always be here!

  5. Gerda says:

    I love your tutorial for the no sew rolled window valance! Thanks for the inspiration. All the best for 2014.

  6. Libby Boyle says:

    I’m happy with a once-a-week blogger. It usually means something significant is posted which is what I like. I enjoy your posts no matter how sporadic. I don’t know how you have time to post at all while caring for two! Relax. Enjoy your babies! Blog when you can.

  7. Sue Holland says:

    Happy 2014 to you and your family Kristine, I enjoy reading your blog no matter how frequent or infrequent your posts maybe. Look forward to seeing what this year brings.
    Thanks Sue Holland

  8. Marisa Franca says:

    What an adorable sloth!! It looks like a mommy sloth who is trying to catch a few winks before baby sloths are up and moving. Don’t berate yourself! I would rather read one meaningful blog post than many trivial – your post ranks up there with meaningful. I am looking forward to reading more of our posts. Be warm in your little hive :-)

  9. Hi Kristine,
    I pop over to your site regularly and I love your home styling and the creativity of your projects. I dont know how you have any time to post such professional content with two little ones – so impressed! Ive got a 6mth old and barely have enough time for breakfast! I think your doing a brilliant job and I look forward to reading about your new projects throughout 2014.

  10. Sandy King says:

    I always read your posts, but am bad at not always leaving a comment. So just hi, Love what you do, and am always inspired by your posts… quality over quantity.. Good priorities. Mom first. Happy New Year and look forward to what you’re up to in 2014. XX

  11. Sandy says:

    Dear Kristine, Don’t worry lovey, we all realise how busy you must be with 2 littleys now and if your 2013 was as crazy busy as mine was (whew!!! thank God it’s over) then all is understood :). Already my 2014 has started as a better year already, long may this last!! Hope yours is going that way too.

  12. Lauren says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing what you do, when you can. I’ve just recently discovered your blog (found it through your IKEA library card hack) and I have enjoyed working my way through the content – I still have more to read. I think the site is great and you’ve got a lovely style. Great work :-)

  13. Great collection of posts. Love what you did with your home and I love your posts on other homes as well. So inspiring!

  14. I LOVE your posts and like you I also find it hard to get up and go in January after a hard year. I am lucky though because we have Summer now but I can imagine wanting to Sloth around when it is cold. I think maybe your nickname should be Slothine.

    • I guess I really have no excuse then Odette. It’s Summer here too – I’m in Australia (most people think I’m in the US). I’m pretty motivated and energetic in general, I’m just super slow with blog stuff. Oh well, until the kids get a little older, Slothine it is then :-)

  15. Anita says:

    I love YOUR style. I really enjoy finding new blogs and learning all I can from others. I’ve bookmarked you so I can come back often! Thanks much :)

  16. Bruna says:

    I sincerely find you truly inspirational. You show the rest of us what we are really capable of. I have wanted to start a blog for a while but have procrastinated due to motivation, lack of courage, maybe people will think I am boring and failure. This year is a year of change. I will stop wasting my life and just do what I need to do and want to do for myself. Thank you for being you.

    • Bruna, you are awesome! Thank you so much for such sweet words.
      And, you’re right….life is short, do what makes you happy.

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