The FREE Dining Room Reveal!

Budget Friendly Dining Room Refresh

After lots of indecision, uncertainty, and sanding, it’s done!

Free Dining Room Makeover

I questioned myself A LOT throughout this project, and it really wasn’t until I pulled everything together that I realised I had actually pulled everything off!

In case you’ve missed my previous posts about this makeover, I was endeavoring to refresh my sister’s dining room for free by selling her old furniture then using nothing but the money gained to fund the overhaul.

Here’s how the room looked a month or so back…


Dining Room Before

And this was the true state of the dining setting…

Chairs and Table Before

I managed to sell the dining setting (following a quick spruce up) and pendant light on Gumtree for a total of $200. This gave me a modest, yet very workable, budget to acquire some ‘new’ pieces…

Furniture Before

It was a ramshackle bunch, and, like I mentioned, I wasn’t quite sure how things were going to come together!

Free Dining Room Makeover

The new table, which I feared might be too large and disproportionate, is thankfully perfect.

Free Dining Room Refresh

Even though it’s bigger than the previous square table it makes the room look so much more spacious. The round top helps soften everything and really aids with the flow of the space whilst the geometric base adds a crisp, contemporary touch.

I completely refinished the pine top by sanding it back to raw before applying a mid-brown stain followed by a few coats of clear satin sealer.

DIY Table Top

Table Top Stain

So much nicer than the streaky red mess it was before!

My DIY table base (find the full how-to HERE) got a lick of fresh white floor paint which I had left-over from a previous project.

Budget Friendly Dining Room Refresh

The dining chairs, which were never quite what I wanted, actually work really well.

The traditional Windsor style gives a timeless edge whilst the playful paint finish lends a youthful and relaxed vibe.

Paint Dipped Chairs

From the start I had envisioned a soft blue-grey colour for the dipped effect though was never convinced it was right. Thankfully it teams beautifully with all of the warm wood and gold. And it off-sets the white of the table base and neutral kitchen perfectly to create a bit of interest and vibrancy.

Free Dining Room Refresh

You can learn more about how I refinished the chairs in this post.

For the most part I love the light.

Budget-Friendly Dining Room Refresh

I’m sure some of you may think it’s out of place though I wanted that unexpected modern punch to cut through the predominately classic feel. To me, it elevates the room and adds a bit of oomph.

DIY Dining Room Makeover

I must admit however that I’m a little disappointed with the gold finish. The eBay listing showed it as brilliant burnished brass whereas it’s actually quite flat paint. Of course, for the price I really can’t complain and when you buy things online there is always that element of risk. In all honestly though, it’s fine.

To finish the space I added a mix of vintage and modern artwork. The two landscapes were only a few dollars each from charity stores and the abstract is an Etsy download in a Kmart frame.

Thrifty Eclectic Art

Yes, I realise they aren’t evenly spaced. I did that deliberately to give them a less formal feel.

I agonised for ages over the wall decor. For a while I was going to go full modern, though this room made me realise something: vintage art is basically my patronus – seriously, it’s a force not to be reckoned with!

Free Dining Room Refresh

All of the styling pieces are things we already owned.

Dining Room Styling

So now, let’s see how I did budget-wise! Remember, in order to make this a free room makeover I can’t spend more than $200 – based on how much I was able to sell my sister’s original pieces for.

Below are all of my purchases for the space. This list excludes items and supplies I already had (such as paint and stain for the table and chairs and most of the decor).


Pendant Light $72

Dining Chairs $40

Dining Table $8

Edison Bulbs $27

Paint Stripper $17

Clear Sealer $18

Artwork $23




You can find out more about where I sourced the main items in this previous post.

Oh man, guess I need to start calling it “The $5 Dining Room Makeover”. In all honesty, I never tallied everything up to the exact dollar until just then. I don’t think my sis will begrudge me the slight overspend!

Hope you guys like it.


Free Dining Room Makeover

Dining Room Before

Free Dining Room Refresh



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  1. Donna says:

    I have to admit that I was sceptical about how these pieces were going to come together after seeing your previous posts about the progression of this makeover. Doubting Thomas no more! You achieved a simple yet stunning room for next to nothing which harmonises so well with the kitchen cabinetry. Congratulations to both you and your lucky sister.

    • Thank you Donna. I was totally sceptical too – LOL! :)

      • Dawn Fruci says:

        Kristine, this room came together flawlessly! It’s gorgeous. I appreciate the plans for the coffee table base, I love it as a dining table. Do you remember how tall you made the legs for the dining table?

        • Thank you. Well, standard dining table height is 75cm/29″ so I guess I made them a tad longer to accommodate the angle. Sorry, I can’t recall off the top of my head. Are you sure I didn’t mention it in either of the posts?

  2. Cheryl says:

    Great job. You must be feeling so satisfied? What did your sister & her husband think of the revamp?

    • Thanks Cheryl. They’re really happy with it and couldn’t believe how much more open the round table makes the room look.

  3. Tricia says:

    Your dining room makeover is stunning! You have a real talent for combining styles, giving the room a modern yet timeless feel. I would have never chosen that light fixture…but its perfect! I like how it offsets the formal gold framed paintings. The room looks so high end. Well done!

  4. Lisa says:

    I was patiently waiting for the reveal! I love it! I love when you can turn” something “into a “something better”! I think you have a great talent for doing so. Looking forward to your next adventure in design and diy!

  5. Melanie Brooks says:

    Great job! It’s simple lines,spacious feel, and a nod to contemporary really pull this space together and open it up at the same time! I love the table/chair paint!

    • Thanks so much. Really happy with how it came together :)

  6. Leslie Wood says:

    What a great job! This makes the room feel much “lighter”, more airy. You brought everything together so nicely. As always, I feel so inspired after reading another one of your posts. Thanks!

  7. Theresa says:

    Wow! So well done! I’m so happy that you highlight makeovers on a budget. So many times the makeovers I see are so out of my budget and are discouraging to me. This, and other makeovers you have done, open my mind to so many possibilities! Thank you for your approach to home improvement and decorating. Beautiful job!

    • Thanks Theresa. Yep, I’m a firm believer that you can achieve beauty no matter the budget. It might take a bit more time and effort though it’s do-able – and all the more rewarding for it, I think.

  8. Bettye says:

    Awesome job! It looks great and is such inspiration for anyone trying to put together a room for low costs.

  9. Revital says:

    You make things look so fresh and attractive! Thank you again for another great makeover. The space looks great, and you have an amazing talent for making unattractive and dated furniture into good-looking new and current pieces!

  10. Teresa Bam says:

    I was just thinking yesterday when are we going to see the teveal! What a fabulous transformation! We all have our doubts when we embark on something a bit out of the ordinary but luckily you stuck to your guns and it payed off!! Love it all! I am sure your sis must be thrilled too :-)

  11. Susie says:

    Oh Kristine! This room came together beautifully! I love the new table base! Seriously, friend, that is genius. Also love the light fixture and mixture of artwork. What a fresh and original look. Great job! ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  12. dianne says:

    Very Nice! I love how you transformed the table and the chairs!!!

  13. MrsSW says:

    I’ve been wondering if I missed the reveal.You did a great job! What did your sister say about it?

    • She’s happy with it. That said, she’s not really huge on decorating so it’s not a big deal to her or anything. Was fun to do!

  14. Brette says:

    Very pretty, but those spindle-backed dining room chairs look uncomfortable.

  15. laura says:

    What a fun twist for a kitchen table and chairs! fun! laura

  16. Julie says:

    Love it so much. I am such a fan of your style, as it is so close to everything I LOVE !! Vintage art being one of them. I am sure your sister loved it. Thanks so much for sharing, and especially that you can make a big change with very little money. :)

  17. Lara says:

    You are amazing!! This is just so fresh,” homey” and inviting! Everything is spot on in my opinion–just like everything you do! AWESOME!

  18. tegma says:

    I don’t know that I would have ever tho’t of painting the chairs the way you did, but I really like them! It’s very homey looking and much better with the round table as it fits the kitchen more so than the square one did! Nice work!

  19. Carrie Tracy says:

    Everything you do is so,so pretty. I really enjoy your blog.

  20. Kim Harkey says:

    It looks stunning! So fun and relaxing. I call my house eclectic farmhouse with a dash of mid-century.

  21. Marilyn says:

    Very nice. Never realized how the rounded windsor chairs look so good with a round table. I love round tables.

    • Good point. I never really realised the way they mimic one another. It does work nicely :)

      • marilyn majalca says:

        And I’ll await the table base instructions. That’s nice too.

  22. Deb from Maryland says:

    Oh Kristine! The space looks WONDERFUL. From experience, I know that a redo on a minimum budget always requires maximum labor. You are a brilliant designer AND a wonderful DIYer. Two Thumbs Up!

  23. Tania Goss says:

    Amazing achievement to demonstrate to us all to “look outside the box”, when decorating and styling- it really can come together with a lot of patience, skills and a pinch of creativity thrown in too.
    Gives encouragement to perhaps to some younger stylists to re-vamp existing pieces- rather than rush to buy something cheap and new.
    If i was your sister- I’d hope i got you in the Kris- Kringle draw this year!!

  24. Kelly says:

    What a great room – regardless of the very small budget I think it has turned out better than spending a lot of money would have achieved!! Well done. Can I please be your sister?

  25. Kerry says:

    Absolutely stunning! I can’t wait for the table base tutorial. Really want to try something similar. Well done on a fantastic makeover on a shoestring budget too.

  26. Julie says:

    I have been so looking forward to this reveal and, as usual, you have delivered +++++. I don’t even like the light fitting and yet when everything is put together the effect is amazing. You are a design genius Kristine. Some people struggle to make a room look good with buckets of money and yet you create something wonderful on a shoestring budget. If I had to choose a favourite item it would be your fabulous table base. Your beautiful styling adds to effect and the gorgeous September light coming through the windows is the icing on the cake. What is next on the agenda?????

    • Thanks so, so much Julie. Too sweet.
      Things have been a little slow around my own home lately because we are seriously contemplating quite a major extension. Don’t want to do too much renovating or decorating until we know what will be staying and what will be going. There are still a few spaces at my mum’s house which need work. I think her ensuite will be my next project!

  27. Susanne says:

    That looks amazing!! It has so much character now and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE those chairs!!

  28. Pat from New Jersey USA says:

    The mix of modern and traditional twist work so well together and you did your styling magic with the photo’s. I thought the redo on the chairs was interesting, but seeing it all put together it just a WOW factor. Your sis must be thrilled.
    Miss seeing you do the re-love project this year, but you had way too much going one. Hope you’ll be about to one next year. Your work is just amazing. Thanks

    • Thanks Pat. Yes, the power of styling can’t be denied!
      Yes, had to decline on the Re-Love Project this year though I have an idea for next year already!

  29. You did great. Like the “booties” on the chair legs, and the “sweater” on the top of the back. Very clever. The three pictures were perfect and such an easy fix.

    • LOL! Yes, that’s cute. I called them “hats” and “socks” in my chair post :)

  30. Isabella says:

    It’s a very pretty makeover! However, I just don’t “Get” the dipped legs on the chairs. I think I would have sprayed them a solid color.

    • LOL! There’s nothing to “get” really. It’s just for a bit of fun and something different :)

  31. Lauren says:

    It’s perfect! I absolutely love the painted finish for the chairs and your refinishing of the tabletop. Such a brilliant stain for the pine! Very inspiring. Well done! x

  32. Linda says:

    Great choices. Love the look of vintage/modern punch. Its absolutely gorgeous!

  33. Barbara says:

    I just discovered your blog a few minutes ago. The dining room makeover is outstanding!!!! I’m so glad you share your talent – I’m looking forward to learning more about great design!

  34. Linda says:

    I can’t believe what an amazing makeover on such a small budget! The paint treatment on the chairs really modernizes them. Just beautiful! I will be featuring this at The Creative Circle link party today!

  35. Love it! This post has been sitting in my box and I finally got to look at the entire reveal. This is the first project I’ve followed from start to finish! I’m awed, but I knew you would pull it off. Elegant, timeless, while also being contemporary. Who wouldn’t want to eat here?

    • Thanks so much Sabrina. And thanks for following from start to finish – I know I’m not as quick as most bloggers :)

  36. Magda D says:

    I just love it…I’ve been waiting for it, have visited the page every other two days, and again, it became like an addiction, then I thought “Oh…it must be so difficult, she is not able to finish it…” and then one day it was just revealed: I was in a kinda of shock…although you did things more complicated, but this is so fresh, so crisp and assertive, like a statement… I just love it! Thank you! It is beautiful!

  37. Shelly says:

    Wow! Great job making it free! It looks updated and so chic! Shocking transformation!

  38. Louise M Adkins says:

    I’m impressed with the table base. I really like it. Did you build it or is your husband handy? It is different and I like different. Have a good day.

    • Thanks. Hubby is handy though so am I (sometimes – LOL!). Built the table base all by myself. Will share a tutorial next week :)

      • wizzer says:

        Yay! Anxiously waiting your table base tutorial…

  39. Derry says:

    Well done! It’s thrifty and lovely!

  40. Betsy says:

    Another beautiful job! Love how it all came together – and for only $5! Amazing!

    One thing to think about, if your sister decides she wants to budget for it, or if you ever end up with some extra from another project – metallic spray paints (in all sorts of finishes) are easy to use and readily available; you could simply spray paint the ceiling fixture to get the brilliant burnished brass finish you wanted originally.

    • Yes, we could easily do that. I have some nice metallic gold spray paint sitting in my shed. It’s not a huge priority. Given the images for the light showed it as warm polished brass I was just hoping it actually was. Never mind :)

  41. Rachel says:

    This makeover is remarkable! I love how you stayed right on budget and made such a dramatic improvement. You have such a unique and beautiful style. I love all your makeovers. Cheers!

  42. Vikki says:

    You did an Outstanding job on this!! I love what you did with the chairs—stunning. And I like your light fixture in this setting too.

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