Charlotte’s Nursery in Little One Baby Magazine

A few weeks ago we were lucky to have a photographer from Little One Baby magazine at our house to shoot Charlotte’s nursery for an accompanying article in their now released summer issue. Thanks to editor Amy Doak and photographer Rebecca Gray for the feature. It’s lovely to have something in print to remember Charlotte’s first room...…READ MORE

And Then There Were Four…

…well, technically five if I want to avoid canine discrimination (dogs are family members too, aren’t they?), and six if I also count the vacuum cleaner which I’m sure Charlotte thinks is her pet miniature pony. Either way, there is to be a new little bee in our busy hive… Due mid March 2013. We can’t wait....…READ MORE

Some Magazine Features

I was recently fortunate to have my canister labels featured in the September issues of both Ideal Home magazine (UK) and Art & Craft magazine (France). The Ideal Home mention may have been just a tiny note in the Editor’s Letter though I was still majorly excited. The mag isn’t available here in Oz though the admin team were...…READ MORE

Blogger v WordPress

I am not, nor do I claim to be, any sort of web development/design expert. Even after having spent the better part of a year building this new blog I still consider myself a reasonably clueless amateur equipped with just enough foolhardy stubbornness to avoid defeat. As such, although I did consider writing a detailed...…READ MORE

Hello WordPress!

I almost can’t believe it! After what feels like for-ev-er (though was actually more like the better part of a year – yes people, a whole year!) my newly designed blog is finally live! If Charlotte wasn’t asleep right now I would literally scream…very loudly! Though in the interest of napping infants (and perhaps more...…READ MORE

A Magazine Feature!

Turn the March/April issue of Australian Country Collections magazine to page 72 and you’ll be welcomed into what might be a familiar toile papered entryway…. Yep, it’s my little ol’ hive! A nine page spread of it! Including some little sneak peeks of spaces I haven’t even managed to blog about yet! Here’s just a...…READ MORE

It’s a Girl!

Finally introducing little Charlotte Mae Franklin. Arrived safely on the 23 June 2011 at 2.30pm weighing 2.5kg (5.5lb). The most adorable creature I have ever seen. Thank you to everyone for all the encouraging comments, lovely well-wishes and thoughtful enquiries leading up to the long-awaited arrival! I’ll be in touch over the next few weeks and months as I...…READ MORE

Baby Bumps

Yes, as in plural, though no, I’m not expecting twins. There’s the literal ‘bump’ in my belly and then there’s that unforeseen ‘bump’ in the road. Over the past few days I’ve learned a few things; babies truly ARE unpredictable (even when they’re still in the womb) and hospital food’s not all that bad (if you’re really,...…READ MORE

This and That

Firstly, thanks so much to everyone who sent me concerned comments and emails due to my little hiatus over the past few days. You guys are just too sweet :-) I assure you all I’m perfectly fine, just trying to kick a ‘would-rather-be-in-bed’ bug. Anyways, on a different note, this weekend spells ONE YEAR since this day…...…READ MORE

Linen Grain Sack Pillow Giveaway Winner!

As chosen by the lucky winner is number 123. Congratulations to Jill of The Virginia House. Your prize will be headed your way shortly. Thanks so much to everyone who entered. I was truly overwhelmed by the response – you guys totally rock!