Sliding Wardrobe Door Update

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably remember this simple robe door makeover from about a year ago….

When I re-decorated my master bedroom, I simply painted the ugly beige metal surround with enamel spray paint to create a more cohesive (i.e. less ugly) look.

I thought some readers, who may be entertaining the idea of trying something similar, might be interested in hearing how the paint has held up, especially considering we use the doors every day.

Well, I’m pleased to report that it still looks as good today as the day I painted it!

I must admit that I was initially sceptical about the durability so was pleasantly surprised when, as the days and weeks passed by, the paint remained scratch and chip free.

As I said, just thought some of you might appreciate the update.

You can go here to see the original post about the makeover.

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Fern Study Prints with Free Printables!

Do you ‘member I mentioned there had been lots of tissy-ing up going on over at my hive? Well, something I had been wanting to change for a while were the bird prints in my living room.

Above is my living room as it was around 18 months ago.

They are cute and I do like them though the proportions were never quite right and it was simply time for something different.

At the moment I’m really into vintage illustrated nature studies so for my living room I deciding on some botanical fern lithographs, mainly because I think they’re cute though also because of their green foliage.

You see, to a fickle girl like me who can’t seem to commit to colour, green foliage adds that little punch of life to an otherwise unsaturated room whist maintaining an overall sense of harmonious neutrality. I always like to include foliage of some kind in all of my spaces.

I switched out the original chunky frames for finer ones I found at a cheap dollar store and to better fit with the proportions of the new leather sofa I created two rows of four prints (and yes, my ‘new’ leather sofa is over a year old now!).

Please forgive the reflections :-)

I found the fern illustrations on the NYPL Digital Gallery. I edited them in Photoshop then simply printed them off. I used non-glossy photo quality paper because I chose not to matte the prints so the white border you can see around the image is actually the paper itself.

I really love the way they look though best of all they were virtually free!

If you’re interested in using the same fern illustrations as me, for your convenience I have included a link to download them below! I had to enlarge them slightly, so the image quality is not impeccable though I personally like them that way. The look genuinely old, faded and imperfect. These prints are designed to fit standard 11″ x 8.5″ certificate frames (this includes having a visible paper border as can be seen in mine).

Photo Paper (Kodak)
Picture Frames (21cm x 28cm/8.5″ x 11″ Certificate Frames)
NYPL Digital Gallery
Eight vintage fern studies.
Click here to view and download.
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Beautiful Neutral Rooms

Just because, here’s a little collection of inspiring neutral rooms. Enjoy!

Rustic Neutral Living Space

Neutral Bedroom

Neutral Cottage Living Room

Neutral Cottage Living Room

Fresh Neutral Living Room

Neutral Dining Room

Neutral Bedroom

Neutral Cottage Bedroom

Cozy Neutral Living Room

Sophisticated Neutral Dining Room

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Library Card Cabinet Upcycle

Whada you do when you come across something you really love?

Something for your home that you know there is no practical place or use for?

Do you buy it just because?

Just because you might never come across one again? Just because it was a really good price? Just because your mother’s sister’s second cousin Mavis had one just like it? Just because you could remove that, paint this, add some of these and turn it into an umbrella stand?

Well, a while ago I bought this old library card cabinetI bought ‘just because’.

It sat in my junk room serving absolutely no purpose for about a year until the arrival of Charlotte saw my junk room (which was the temporary home for many of my ‘just because’ items) become a nursery.

So, with our shortage of storage space made even shorter it was finally time to let some things go, starting with my card drawer cabinet.

Before selling it though I decided a mini makeover was in order.

Rather than paint over the character-filled timber I simply gave it a good all over clean and oil (just with furniture polish) to retain and enhance the original patina.

I also attached some solid metal castor wheels (as I had always originally intended). Along with the advantage of mobility the wheels also add enough height to give the cabinet perfect proportions for a coffee or deep side table.

I could only find silver steel castors which looked too modern paired with the old cabinet so I tinted them black to resemble cast iron.
Here’s a little trick; rather than use spray paint (which easily chips off smooth metal) I coloured the wheels with a black permanent marker! It sounds time-consuming though it was actually really quick and so far has held up great. Whilst I imagine it will likely fade a little over time where the wheels roll it will probably look nicely worn rather than just plain chipped.

So, mini refresh complete, I re-arranged my living room a bit to plonk the cabinet beside my leather couch to take some photos for the eBay listing and….

….I’m kinda loving it!

Luke even made the rare comment that he also liked it!

Did I say we have a shortage of storage space and it was time to let some things go? Well, maybe not this…for now anyway.

Hmmm, perhaps I should stop buying stuff ‘just because’.

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DIY Transfer Decal Tutorial

Sure, there are a heap of different embellishing methods out there though did you know you can make your own custom, professional-looking, easy to use decals at home with no expensive outlays, time-consuming crafting or specialty equipment?

All you need is some waterslide decal paper and a printer (plus a cute design of course!).

Waterslide decal paper comes with a white or clear carrier film and is compatible with either inkjet or laser printers so be sure to purchase the type of paper best suited to your particular project.

Let’s get started….

1. Waterslide decal paper 2. Printer 3. Clear acrylic sealer 4. Item to embellish

Yes, those are my ugly kitchen tiles you can see beneath the plates. I will get around to making over my kitchen one day!

I really love the professional finish, ease and graphic flexibility of this method. Anything you can design you can use as an embellishment, and waterslide decals can be applied to all kinds of substrates (glass, timber, metal etc.).  The possibilities are vast and, for a DIY-aholic like me, embarrassingly exciting!

Waterslide Decal Paper (eBay)
Ceramic Plates (Provincial Home Living)
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