Master Bedroom Progress

Once again you probably thought I’d forgotten all about my bedroom makeover. Well, I have actually been s-l-o-w-l-y plugging away at it.

The other day I bought one of these…

And then, cause I needed a black-out option too, I also bought one of these…

Now, before you think I’ve gone a little crazy buying multiple blinds when I actually only have one window to dress I do have a plan (kinda).

As you probably already saw, I also finished (and have now hung!) this…

Which, as I sadly suspected might have been the case, now causes a clash with this…

2010 Bedroom Vignette (2)

Though don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll find somewhere else to show-off my beloved starburst mirror.

Sooo, now I’ve come up with a fresh idea for dressing the wall that mirror previously occupied which involves some of these…

And these…

And last but not least, I found some AWESOME lamps!

Well, when I say “I” I actually mean a friend of mine (thanks Maria!) who graciously came to my rescue when I was stumped on which lamps to go with. These aren’t super, super cheap though they’re not outlandishly expensive either (I’m lucky enough to be getting them at wholesale price which is ace).

Only problem is….I won’t have them til early December – oh poo!

Never fear though, I’m not gonna wait that long to share my bedroom makeover. I’m hoping to post about it sometime soon (featuring my current lamps of course – which, truth be told, actually fit in quite nicely anyways).

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Vintage Dresser Transformation

So, there’s cool vintage and then there’s not so cool vintage, right? Well, when I first saw this deco vanity it definitely sat in the latter category though just needed a little nudge to bump it to the former.

It came to me for the bargain price of $0 – really, the things people just throw away. It was complete with ugly bakelite handles, a glass shelf and two wing mirrors too, though I only remembered to take the ‘before’ pic after I already removed them – oops!

Anyways, after a general clean, patch-up and light all over sand I replaced the central glass shelf with a piece of timber (just cause the glass didn’t seem quite right for the look I was going for) then primed and painted the whole thing black.

To add some distinction, and for a slight industrial edge, I stencilled on some simple numbers in pale buttery vanilla before distressing the whole piece (corners, edges and flat surfaces) by hand with a sanding block.

Next I sealed the whole thing with wipe-on poly before attaching some new nickel bin pulls.

The big tri-piece wing mirror is completely detachable so you can use it with…

or without…

I love the way some paint and a few unique little touches can give an old piece of furniture a completely new feel, and in this case, has made what was distinctly a bedroom item into a piece that can be used virtually anywhere.

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DIY Large Scale Printable Maps

So, while my bedroom makeover drags on and on at least I can share some insightful snippets of the journey thus far to (hopefully) keep you keen.

I know a lot of you have been hanging out to know how I was going to create a massive wall map on a budget – cause, dang, those things can be super expensive.

Well, it all started with this image…

Which got the cogs a-turning, and then evolved further when for $40 I scored this…

It was one of those, “Honey, stop the car!” moments when I spotted it outside our local charity store. You might think $40 isn’t all that cheap though this frame is MASSIVE – 150cm x 80cm (60 x 31 inches)!

And finally, after some deliberation, I settled on this map…

So gorgeous. Who doesn’t love vintage cartography?

And now, after some further research and a little bit of work I have this…

(Okay, still to actually be hung though you get the idea – BTW, that’s my TV bench it’s sitting on and overhanging…it’s biiig!).

And all for just $70 total (that’s $40 for the frame and only $30 for the massive map!).

So, here’s how I did it…

1. Find a high resolution, zoomable map somewhere on-line.
Map History is a great resource for this kinda thing. Just remember to make sure the map isn’t copyright protected and reproducing it is permissable.

2. Here’s where the ‘zoom’ feature is important. If you simply tried to copy and paste the whole map in one go the image resolution would be way too small to enlarge it without massive pixilation. So, starting in one corner, zoom in (as far as you need to depending on the size of the map you want to create) then copy that one section or save it as a picture file.

3. Once saved or copied, open up your map segment in an editing program like Photoshop (if you don’t currently have an editing program you can use this program which is free to download).

4. Still in your editing program, make the canvas size the same as that you want your finished poster to be (in my case 120cm x 60cm (47 x 23 inches) – which is the size of the opening in my frame) and assess, based on your initial map segment, if after you copied the entire map in comparable sections it would be large enough to cover your desired area.

5. Sound complicated? It may take some playing around though it is actually pretty straight forward. Trust me, I’m no computer buff (or maths expert) and I managed to work it out somehow :-)

6. Go back to your on-line map and move from segment to segment, copying and saving each section so it overlaps slightly, then pasting it all together, like a jigsaw puzzle, in your editing program to form one giant image (some sites will be more user-friendly than others when navigating from segment to segment).

To make up my completed image only took around 15 map segments and around 1 hour of copy-pasting so, while it sounds like a lot of effort, it’s actually pretty quick and easy.

7. Once you have completed your digital image, edit it as necessary (i.e. change the colour, add a border etc, etc, etc) then save it as a JPEG file. To double check that once printed-out you will have a good quality image, zoom in to relative size (use in-built rulers as a guide) and check for pixilation.

Very slight pixilation can only be seen in my map from as close as around two inches away which is really nothing to worry about.

8. Save your JPEG file to a USB and take it to your local budget printing store to be printed.
Depending on the size of you map you may also be able to print it at home in sections.

9. Do with it what you will!
I simply attached mine with Mod Podge to the existing oil reproduction print already in my frame then sealed it with a burnt umber glaze.

Seriously, this was waaaay easier than I made it sound though I was just trying to be thorough. I am now hooked and am making massive maps for everyone I know!

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Making Up the Master Bedroom Bed

I’d been on the casual look-out for a new quilt cover for a while so when I decided to share, on this here blog, my master bedroom make-over, the pressure was suddenly on to actually find – and commit to buying – one.

The problem is, I may be just a tad fussy sometimes….what, no gasps of surprise?

I wanted something; white, textural, not too girly, not too masculine, that wouldn’t wrinkle after two seconds, was casual yet chic, would stand the test of time and was reasonably priced.

Sooo, imagine my surprise when today I discovered a quilt cover with all that actually did exist!

It’s a bit hard to tell from the photos though it’s a quilted cover with a subtle all-over chrysanthemum stitch. It came with matching pillow shams and I was so excited I bought two euro covers too (they have a slightly more intricate pattern so should create a nice contrast). I got everything on clearance for $140 total.

I’m hoping to pair all this white goodness with some natural linen loveliness. I already have the two cushions as shown, so now all I need is a linen throw – which I think I’ll probably end up making myself.

I am slightly ashamed to admit we’ve been using a coverless quilt for way too long now so I can not wait to get my bed all dressed-up proper like!

And on a different note, I just picked up the gorgeous chippy green vintage step-stool on the weekend. I didn’t know where I was gonna put it or what I was gonna use it for though for $40 I just couldn’t say ‘no’.

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Decorating with Bedclothes

Just cause you visit it in your PJ’s (or maybe even less!) there’s no reason your bed can’t be dressed to the nines. And when it comes to a beautifully styled bed there’s more than one way to skin a cat. From quilted, pleated or ruffled valances to plain-dyed, patterned or textured throws – and everything in between – there’s a heap of decisions to be made.

I think I’ve finally decided on the sort of pillow combo and blanket set-up I’m going for in my ‘new’ bedroom, and man, am I glad about that!

For anyone else seeking a bit of inspiration, check out some of these alternatives.

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