How to Turn a Basket into a Light Shade

Master Bedroom After

When I first saw this basket in a Spotlight store I knew it was supposed to be a light fitting.

Basket Light

And making that happen was surprisingly quick and easy!

The first thing I did was remove the heavy timber base. It was just attached with four screws so that was pretty straight forward.

Basket Light DIY

Next I demolished an old lampshade (you can pick one up for just a few dollars second-hand) to release the metal frame.

Light Shade Frame

Once it was free I used a hacksaw to cut off the large ring.

Lamp Frame

I then straightened each arm slightly before curling their tips.

Bending the Shade Frame

NOTE: You can straighten the arms with your hands, though I found it pretty hard-going with my brass frame and noticed it tended to loosen the welds as they are the weakest point – where the arms are connected to the ring. Using pliers was much quicker and easier.

This is what I ended up with. It’s like some kind of weird three-legged spider thingy.

Lamp Frame

Manipulating the arms warped the ring a little though not enough to effect its function.

To finish, I inserted the weird three-legged spider thingy inside the basket and hooked the curled arms under the basket frame.

DIY Basket Pendant

Hooking the Lamp Frame

So simple!

DIY Basket Pendant Light

NOTE: I kinda just got lucky with the size of my lamp shade frame as the ring sits just below the top of the basket rim – perfect! Obviously, if the arms had been too short they wouldn’t have had enough reach to hook under the basket frame at all three points. On the other hand, if the arms had been too long the ring may have sat proud at the top of the basket, resulting in the globe being visible above the basket shade upon installation (not the greatest look). But, shortening arms that are too long is much easier than lengthening arms that are too short. So, my advice would be to go bigger rather than smaller with your lamp shade frame.

Originally, my plan was to hang it as a pendant using a DIY suspension kit though when I trialled it in the room it felt a little imposing and distracting sitting low.

Pendant Basket Light DIY

This is how it would have worked as a pendant. For my test I used this old white pendant suspension kit I already had.

So, instead I attached it directly to the batten like a regular ceiling mounted fixture.

DY Basket Light

It’s a bit hard to get a photo, though it works just like this.

Batten Fix Light

I used the batten cover from the original light in the room.

I’m sure there are a million ways to have turned this basket into a light fitting, though I found this technique super quick and easy, plus it worked well.

And if your basket is different to mine, I’m sure there are a million ways to adapt this method to suit you. This was a total experiment for me, so just have a play and see what you can come up with.

Master Bedroom After

And don’t forget, you could always also use it as a lamp shade if you flip it around!

Have fun :)



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DIY Easy Upholstered Headboard Tutorial

Bedroom Makeover

It’s finally time to begin sharing some of the tutorials for the DIY projects at the flip house!

I’m starting with the headboard in the master bedroom which lots of you have asked about. This is a really easy and inexpensive project that anyone can have a go at.

Bedroom Before


Master Bedroom After


When I create tutorials, I like to cover each step in plenty of detail. I’m sure you guys can appreciate that documenting the process adds a fair bit of time onto the actual project, plus often I don’t have anyone with me to help with things – like being a hand model, or taking photos on my behalf when I’m up to my elbows in fabric and staples! Because we were so time-poor trying to get the flip house finished, I wasn’t always able to stop for the sake of setting-up the camera. So, for the purpose of this tutorial I’ve created a mini replica to demonstrate the technique (let’s just pretend it’s an upholstered headboard for a doll’s bed).


You Will Need


I used a sheet of MDF I already had from a previous project. You could use plywood, chipboard, masonite, or even something like a second-hand door.

My MDF was 18mm/.7″ deep and I cut it to 155cm/61″ long x 120cm/47″ high. If you don’t have the tools or confidence to trim your own board, ask at the hardware store and they should do it for you at no charge.

2 FOAM (optional)

I wasn’t going to use foam, mainly because it can be pricey, though then I noticed an old mattress topper my parents had sitting in their garage. I figured if I positioned it ridge-side-down it would work fine. Foam isn’t essential though it does help provide a thicker, plusher, fuller look and feel, especially if your backing board is relatively shallow, like mine. If you’re using something quite deep as your backing board, like a door, then you could get away with just using wadding and still have a nice thick headboard. Alternatively, if you want a simple thin headboard then wadding alone over a shallow backing board can work fine (we didn’t use any foam when we made the headboard for the master bedroom at my gran’s house).

I cut my foam to the same size as my backing board using an electric knife.


This not only helps soften everything, though also works to create a smooth finish which conceals imperfections.

I trimmed my wadding so it could comfortably be wrapped around the foam and backing board.


I used this gorgeous mustard upholstery fabric from Spotlight. Of course, you can use anything you like. Just bear in mind that thicker fabrics tend to be more forgiving and linear patterns, like stripes, can be super critical. For the tutorial I’ve used some linen from Spotlight I had left-over from a previous project.

I cut my fabric so it was slightly more generous than the wadding. If your fabric wrinkles easily, be sure to iron it first too.

5 BACKING FABRIC (optional)

This is just to neaten-up the rear of the headboard for a professional finish. You can use anything you like though for obvious reasons I’d avoid anything expensive (unless your headboard will be visible (such as in front of a window). Cambric is typically used, though calico or hessian/burlap would also be fine. If you don’t care what the back of your headboard looks like, then you don’t need to worry about this.

6 LENGTH OF TIMBER (for creating legs or mounting brackets – optional)

My initial idea was to add legs to this headboard and make it quite tall and grand, though when I put it in place (just resting on the floor behind the bed) I figured it would do as is. If you’d prefer to have your headboard off the floor, you can attach simple legs (remember, they are hidden so no need to do anything fancy here). Another alternative is to mount the headboard to the wall using a basic french cleat system.



DIY Upholstered Headboard Step 1

STEP 1 | Lay everything down, in reverse order, on a large, clear, even surface.

Start with the fabric (right side down), followed by the wadding, followed by the foam (in my case, flat side down – because I was totally cheating by using a mattress topper), then the backing board.

If you like, you can trim the corners of the wadding and fabric on a 45 degree angle so there isn’t too much excess padding or material when you begin the upholstery process.


DIY Upholstered Headboard Step 2

STEP 2 | Wrap the fabric around and secure with one staple in the center of each side.

Step 2

These are just temporary staples to keep everything in position as you upholster. Don’t make them too tight.

NOTE: Yep, I’m using an old school manual staple gun, but I don’t really recommend them. You can get great affordable power ones nowadays which will help make sure you don’t hate upholstery by the end of your project!

Step 3 DIY Headboard

STEP 3 | Staple along each side.

Working from the centre of each side, begin stapling the fabric in place. Stretch some fabric evenly down and towards its nearest corner (I find it works best to pull a large amount of fabric at once by gripping it between your palm and fingers) then staple it in place. Stop stapling around 6cm (2″) from each corner.

DIY Bedhead Step 3

You may find you need to remove and reattach staples from time to time (if needed you can remove the temporary ones at this stage too) if your fabric appears too tight, loose or rippled. Occasionally look at the front side of your headboard to ensure everything is neat, straight and firm. You may also need to thin some areas of wadding as you go if it seems too thick.


How to Upholster Corners

STEP 4 | Fold and staple the corners.

Argh, the corners! I’m not gonna lie, getting these perfect is never easy. I used basic tailored pleats which give a nice clean finish.

First, trim off any excess wadding and fabric (being careful not to remove too much, of course). I find it easiest to fold corners when I can see how they’re looking, so stand your headboard upright and position yourself in front of it. Pull the fabric from the vertical side tautly up then secure it with a staple. Next, begin folding and crimping the fabric from the vertical side under, at the same time creating a pleat in the top side (it’s kinda like wrapping a present – kinda). Obviously, I generally use two hands for this though I had to hold the camera. If needed use a tool (such as a butter knife or a bone folder) to push any excess fabric inside the pleat or to smooth out any creases. Keep manipulating the fold until it’s neat then wrap the top edge over and secure it with a staple.

How to Upholster Corners

Don’t pull too tightly or you’ll over compress your foam and make the corners too shallow. You want to try and maintain the same level of depth overall.

TIP: If you’re struggling to maintain the shape and height of your corner, trim a strip of card (roughly 10cm/3″ long and about the same depth as your foam) then position it around the corner – under the wadding – to help provide some structure.

Tips for Upholstery

Check the appearance of the corner from the front. If needed, smooth and staple any nearby loose or rippled areas of fabric until everything is neat and even. Repeat until all corners are complete.

 DIY Upholstery

So, here’s my finished doll’s bed headboard. Or maybe it could be the top of a bench seat? Either way, really happy with how it turned out.


STEP 5 | Attach backing fabric (optional).

For the purpose of staging the house I didn’t bother attaching any backing fabric though I will if I plan to sell the headboard. It’s a simple matter of trimming some material to size then neatly attaching it (with staples or tacks) to conceal any less than attractive components.


STEP 6 | Add legs or mounting battens (optional).

As already mentioned, I didn’t feel the need to attach legs or mounting battens however this is a super easy addition. Just cut some narrow timber to size and screw it to the backing board.


Bedroom Makeover

DIY Upholstered Headboard Tailored Pleat

It can be fiddly, and getting perfect results takes time and practice, though there’s nothing difficult about this project.

Master Bedroom After


Hope this encourages you to give it a go!



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Flip House Wrap-Up & Sale Details

Home Office After

Phew, it was a wild ride!

And a longer than expected ride.

And a slightly stress-inducing ride.

But it was also fun, and challenging, and rewarding…and so worth it!

Sitting Room After

As promised, I’m back to share this round-up post, and also divulge the sale details for those of you who are interested. Of course, by definition this is just a summary of the flip so be sure to refer to my previous posts for further information about, and images of, each space.

I’ve said it a hundred times before, though just to re-cap (and for anyone new here), this is my friend’s late father’s house. When he passed away last year, my friend was tasked with the challenge of selling it. Not an easy job! So I offered to help. My friend had no desire to take on any major works or spend more than 12K so we concentrated on a refresh, rather than a reno.

Here’s how things started…



Bedroom Before


Entry Before

Before Living Space



Kitchen Before

Bedroom Before


Deck Before

And here’s the property now…

Flip House After Makeover

Front Door Curb Appeal

Boho Tribal Style Entryway Makeover

Home Office Makeover

Master Bedroom After

Ensuite After

Sitting Room

Dining Room After

Living Room Makeover

Kitchen After

Bedside Table

Bathroom After

Bedroom After

Setting After

Couldn’t be happier with what we managed to achieve!

In terms of the sale and financial side of things, my friend received two appraisals prior to our refresh. In its original state, the house was valued at $520,000 – $530,000, by both agents.  In the interest of clarity, let’s create a mean and say the property was initially valued at $525,000.

We spent a total of $12,000 (and around four and a half months – working on and off) on the flip. The big ticket items being the deck ($4,000), the carpet ($2,300) and the garage door ($1,300).

Let’s add this $12,000 to the original value of $525,000 and say that the standing total is now $537,000.

Following the flip the house was re-appraised by the same two agents. They both quoted $550,000 – $580,000! That’s a top-line increase of $50,000!

My friend received several offers and, after just two and a half weeks on the market, she accepted one for $575,000.

That’s a technical profit of $38,000!

Teamed with the quick sale (which I was so surprised about given the slow market) it was an amazing result!



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The Flip House | Girl’s Bedroom Reveal

It’s here! The last of the flip house reveal posts!

Did anyone else get the feeling this was becoming like the magic pudding of houses? It just seemed to keep going and going!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been following along.

I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to respond to all of the previous comments yet (I’m normally really good at that) though things have been a bit hectic lately plus my reply function is playing-up which makes it a bit tricky. Please know that I do read and thoroughly appreciate all comments and will find some time to respond as soon as I can.

This is the third bedroom in the house, which I decided to stage as a girl’s room.

Somehow I failed to get a before of this room right at the beginning of the flip, so this is actually a mid-way pic…


And here is the space now…

Bedroom After

I kept things sweet and simple in here.

The bed was already in the room (yes, that’s the same bed as in the before pic!). I was originally going to replace it because it was so basic, though then I figured the fact it was so basic meant it had unlimited upgrade potential!

We painted the base green (looks darker in the pics than in reality) with left-over paint from my DIY console table, then lengthened the headboard using some scrap plywood before covering it with wadding and this gorgeous boho fabric I found at Spotlight.

DIY Headboard

Isn’t it cool?

Mum sewed a simple tailored slipcover which pulls straight on.

Bed Head Slipcover

The raw bottom edge was simply tucked under then stapled to the bed frame in a few places to keep it nice and taut.

Headboard Fabric

You may recognise the white quilt cover set from my little man’s bedroom, and the colourful accent cushions, along with the tasseled throw, are from Spotlight.


The bamboo gypsy table usually lives in my lounge room and it co-ordinates with the chest of drawers I picked up for $40 from Marketplace which sits near the foot of the bed.

Bamboo Dresser

To tone things down and add some subtle pattern, I went with this soft geometric rug.

Bedroom After

It has a gorgeous felt-like feel, with plenty of lovely texture and a nice casual fringe.


I popped this woven ottoman on top just to help break-up some of the empty floor space and add to the homey feel.


The sheer curtains have this cute rainbow sprinkle detail which plays up all of the colourful accents without feeling like too much.

Sprinkle Sheers

Isn’t it sweet?

I was going to use bright whimsical artwork in here, which would have been cute, though decided on something a bit more sophisticated just to help give the room a slightly grown-up edge.


These are just free clipart animal line drawings I grabbed online then inverted onto black backgrounds.

I had them printed through Officeworks (for just 30 cents each!) then popped them in these matted gold frames.

Girl's Bedroom

Most of the decor are things we already owned.

The lamp is from my little boy’s bedroom, the world globes are from my little girl’s bedroom.

Bedside Vignette

The string lanterns are from Spotlight and the wall basket is from Early Settler.

Dresser Vignette



Carpet | Beaulieu Daytona in ‘Green Beige’ | $300

Bed & Mattress | Already Owned with DIY Headboard using Spotlight Fabric | $0*

Rug | Labin Textured Rug from Spotlight | $150 on sale*

Window Dressing | Sprinkle Pocket Sheers, Rod & Fittings, all from Spotlight | $50*

Bamboo Gypsy Table | Already Owned | $0

Cane Dresser | Facebook Marketplace | $40

Light Fitting | DIY using Clear Serving Bowl from Kmart | $5

White Quilt Cover Set | Already Owned | $0

Tasseled Throw | Spotlight | $25*

Blue-Grey ‘Coverlet’ | Already Owned (actually a tablecloth from Kmart) | $0

Pink Ikat Cushion  | Spotlight | $12 on sale*

Yellow Ribbed Cushion | Spotlight | $15 on sale*

Gold Lamp | Already Owned (originally from Kmart) | $0

Wall Basket | Vientiane Flat Tray from Early Settler | $25*

String Lanterns | Spotlight | $10*

Artwork | DIY Line Drawings printed through Officeworks | $.30 each

Gold Frames | Spotlight | $8 each on sale*

Other Decor | Already Owned | $0

TOTAL $370


*We were super lucky to be gifted some items from Spotlight and Early Settler.
I’ve provided their costs however they are excluded from the total.


Bedroom After

The sale of the house is now final (yay!) so I’ll work on putting together my round-up post where I’ll also share all of the financial nitty gritty!

Had a go at filming a walk-through however apparently I kinda suck at them! Spent too much time pointing at blank walls and turning in circles (LOL!). Now that I’ve had a bit of practice though I’ll make another attempt before we begin removing the furniture and decor.

Speaking of the furniture and decor, I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to do with the pieces we can’t keep. Am thinking they will need to be sold through Marketplace, or maybe via auction on eBay? Either way, I know some of you have expressed interest in certain pieces so I’ll be sure to share once items are listed.

So, that concludes the house tour! Of course, I’ll be back with some tutorials and hope you’ll continue to follow along.

In other news, I already have a new house project on the very near horizon which I can’t wait to share more about soon!




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Girl's Bedroom

The Flip House | Guest Bedroom & Main Bathroom Reveal

Floral Fabric

Thanks so much for everyone’s comments, emails and messages following my last post. I honestly feel like you’ve all been beside me throughout this house flipping journey and I really don’t think I could have done it without you!

Anyhoo, returning to my regular scheduling now by sharing two of the last three spaces from the property!

The ‘guest bedroom’, as I’m calling it, was originally a dumping ground for anything and everything – including a huge billiard table! For the purpose of selling the house, it made sense to switch that huge billiard table for a nice queen size bed.

Here’s the space before…

And here it is now…

Bedroom After

Sorry, it’s a tricky room to capture so I had to use a wide horizontal shot.

I went for a slightly different vibe in here.

It all started with the bed, which we picked up for free, that I decided needed to be wrapped in rope.

Bed Frame


It was a pretty straight-forward project though it took about ten times more rope, and twenty times longer, than I had anticipated! Still, I’m glad I did it.

DIY Rope Wrapped Headboard

In short, it was just a matter of hot-gluing strands of rope across the headboard until it was completely covered. I can probably rustle together a more detailed tutorial if there is enough interest. Obviously, I also painted the rest of the bed frame black.

DIY Rope Headboard

Next came this lovely floral fabric I found at Spotlight (which mum made into these accent cushion covers).

Floral Fabric

Isn’t it gorgeous?

It was tempting to play up the indigo though I decided to leave that as a pop by keeping everything else more neutral. So, instead I went with a soft rusty velvet (which mum made into this lumbar cushion cover) which pulls a less obvious colour from the floral fabric.

Guest Bedroom

Using a secondary colour, rather than the predominant colour, from whatever is your jumping-off point (whether that be a rug, artwork, or fabric like in my case) is a good tip when putting a scheme together. It can help tie everything together without drowning out any statement elements.

All of the other bedding are things we already owned. You might recognise the faux fur throw from my own bedroom.

I always like to use a rug to help anchor a bed and provide an extra layer of texture. Like the rug in the master bedroom, this one was a bit of a happy accident. I chose it before I really knew which direction the room was going in though how perfectly does it reference the rope headboard and add that little point of interest?


I’m absolutely in love with the subtle aztec-style pattern too.

Tribal Rug

As you’ll be able to see in the before pic of the bed, the window in this room looks straight into the neighbours house. Not the nicest of views.

We added simple pocket rod sheers to obscure things, which also work to soften the room for a subtle romantic edge. To finish the window I hung these long linen-look drapes which I found at Spotlight for just $30. I don’t normally puddle my curtains though when I was testing these for hemming height, they looked just right softly spilling on the floor so I decided to leave them.

Bedroom After

The bedside tables are simply Kmart plant stands with Kmart wooden serving trays on top. The gold lamps I got on sale from Big W.

Bedside Table

The concrete pot holds some artificial native flowers from Koch & Co. which I’ve teamed with a few sprigs of real gum leaves.

Artificial Flowers

Finally, the artwork are digital downloads I purchased years ago from Etsy (you may recognise them because I use them often). I had them printed through Officeworks then placed them in these large square frames from Spotlight. It’s a nice little modern touch which references the other abstract art in the house to give the room a sense of belonging.

DIY Abstract Art

Like many of the rooms in this house, the main bathroom was being used for storage and just needed a declutter, a really good clean and some fresh styling.

Here it is before…


And here it is now…

Bathroom After

Bathroom After

Aside from switching-out the vanity handles (using left-overs from the kitchen cabinets) we haven’t made any actual changes.

It’s merely staging, using mostly things we already owned.

The gold framed botanicals are free printables you can grab from my blog HERE, and the abstract over the towel rail was an easy DIY I painted with my son (using an old print from Kmart).

Bathroom After

The brass tray (originally from H&M) holds some pretty accessories and a fancy cake of Savon De Marseille soap.

Bathroom Vigentte

And to add a bit of life I filled a brass pot with some faux native blooms from Koch & Co.


Again, I teamed them with a few real gum leaves to make them appear extra authentic.


Carpet | Beaulieu Daytona in ‘Green Beige’ | $400

Bed & Mattress | Originally Free from Facebook BSS then DIY Rope Treatment Applied | $100

Rug | Lotus Hi-Low Rug in Beige from Spotlight | $200 on sale*

Window Dressing | Pocket Sheers, Cotton Drapes, Rods and Fittings, all from Spotlight | $80*

Indigo Floral Fabric | Spotlight | $10*

Light Rust Velvet Fabric | Spotlight | $8*

White Quilt Cover Set | Already Owned | $0

Beige Coverlet | Already Owned (originally from IKEA) | $0

Faux Fur Throw | Already Owned (originally from Bed, Bath & Table) | $0

Feather Cushion Inserts  | Already Owned | $0

Bedside Tables | Kmart Plant Stands Topped with Kmart Wooden Trays | $18 each

Gold Lamps | Big W | $22 each on sale

Concrete Dipped Pot & Artificial Flowers | Koch & Co. | $20 total*

Frames | Square Walnut Frames (48cm x 48cm) from Spotlight | $8 each on sale*

Abstract Artwork | Printed through Officeworks | $6 each

Other Decor | Already Owned | $0

TOTAL $592



Stool | Already Owned | $0

Abstract Wall Art | DIY using Old Kmart Print | $5

Botanical Wall Art | DIY using Free Printables and Frames we Already Owned | $6 total

Cabinet Pulls | eBay | $3 each

Brass Pot | Large Metal Plant Pot from Koch & Co. | $17*

Faux Artificial Flowers | Koch & Co. | $15*

Other Decor | Already Owned | $0



*We were super lucky to be gifted some items from Spotlight and Koch & Co. 
I’ve provided their costs however they are excluded from the total.

Bedroom After

Bathroom After




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