Staging the Flip House!

It’s full steam ahead as we race to have everything finished by the end of next week! Oh man, did I just say ‘next week’? That’s like super soon!

I’ve been scouring second-hand sites like a crazy person and although it’s been slow going I’ve made some progress.

Of course, the problem with being on a limited budget and short time frame, is well, being on a limited budget and short time frame! Having one without the other isn’t too much of an issue, though when you put the two together it can make things really difficult.

You see, finding the right pieces at the right prices generally takes A LOT of time (ever noticed how long it usually takes me to finish a space?), and when you don’t have time it means many sleepless nights lying awake wondering what the heck you’re going to do! And not only are the more affordable pre-loved pieces harder to come by, they generally need the most amount of work. And what does work equal? Yep, more time – which I simply don’t have.

Of course, there’s always the option of compromise. That’s what I did when we staged my gran’s house for sale; an old sugar bowl to hold clipped greenery, a dated buffet base along the blank kitchen wall, a faded pillow slip in a frame as wall art. And there’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, that kind of expedient ingenuity makes me feel a little bit proud and can be quite inspiring, however I still had more time and money to stage my gran’s house than I do for this whole flip! And I really, really, really want to elevate this house. Not only for my friend, though also for myself.

Luckily, I’ve been super fortunate to have a few brands jump on board which is AMAZING! Not only will this help relieve some of my time and budget pressure though it gives me the chance to dress the house with a few beautiful new items (which is a pretty exciting thing for me!). Don’t worry though, there’ll still be plenty of budget-friendly ideas, DIY and repurposing going on! I know many of you appreciate the “real world” way I go about things here, and it’s incredibly important to me that I maintain this relatability. Just hope you can understand where I’m coming from.

Although the brands are being quite generous with their contributions (for which I’m endlessly grateful – will share more details soon!), they will still far from cover everything. So, as already mentioned, I’ve been on a mission to hunt down bargains wherever I can! Here are some of the pieces I’ve scored so far…

Chippendale Chairs


Yes, people, $100!

I happened to check Marketplace at the right time and these had just been listed. I thought the seller must be asking $100 per chair (which would have been reasonable given I know this style of chair usually retails for around $400 each) though it wasn’t clear so I asked the question and she confirmed it was $100 for the entire set of eight! Of course, my next thought was that they must be badly damaged however she assured me they were in great condition aside from a few scuffs here and there. When I went to collect them I wasn’t disappointed.

The yellow is pretty awesome though it doesn’t quite suit our theme, plus there are a decent amount of scuff marks, so I think I’ll paint them white. They will be used on the covered outdoor deck.

Bed Frame


One of the bedrooms had a billiard table instead of a bed so I needed to source one. There are staging tricks where you can use wood pallets, trestle tables or packing boxes with an air bed on top however I figured it would just be easier to buy a super cheap bed. I put a “wanted” ad in one of my local Buy Swap Sell Facebook groups and someone offered this up for free. Not bad! There is a mattress too, just not in this shot.

Although it’s a decent bed it’s not exactly what I had in mind. Am thinking about painting it (possibly charcoal) and altering the head in some way to give it a more unique feel. Not sure yet, though am considering using rope somehow. We’ll see.



Affordable sideboards are one of the trickier items to come by. Because they’re generally quite large, usually with multiple drawers and doors, they tend to be priced relatively high. Was lucky to pick this one up from Gumtree. Initially I was planning on cleaning it up and changing the handles though when I saw it in person I decided I actually quite like it as is. It will probably serve as the TV cabinet in the living room. I’m still hunting for a second sideboard for the dining space.

Bamboo Shelves


Admittedly this wasn’t an entirely essential item though it’s super flexible so there are plenty of areas I can use it, plus I’ve loved these forever and this one was priced just right! I found it on Marketplace and am thinking it may end up in the home office, sitting room or somewhere near the kitchen – not sure yet.

Bedside Tables


I couldn’t go past this simple pair of bedsides which I found on eBay. They are dark stained veneer and my original plan was to sand them back to natural however it’s quite a big job given all the visible surfaces and at this stage I don’t think I’ll have the time. Instead I’ll probably just paint them (maybe green) and perhaps add a few brass corners. They will most likely end up in the master bedroom.

Rattan Drawers


This was another item I got a bit lucky with. Happened to notice it on Marketplace just a few minutes after it was listed. I’ve seen similar being sold from upwards of $300 so I jumped on it! This will be used in a bedroom or the sitting room.

There are a few existing  pieces from the house we’ll be using too…

Old Bed

I know this crappy single bed mightn’t look like much though I have plans to paint it green and add a statement headboard. This will be used in the smallest bedroom which I’m staging as a kid’s space.


Upholstered pieces are always the hardest when you’re decorating on a budget. Even the cheapest of new couches aren’t exactly cheap, and most second-hand pieces are stained or damaged. Fortunately there were already two of these couches at the house in good condition. Although they might not be what I would have chosen, they have simple lines and neutral enough dark chocolate fabric which I can easily work with.

Bed Base

I don’t have a shot of this bed stripped, however it’s just a basic mattress and base ensemble. I’m planning on making a large headboard and concealing the base with an easy DIY valance. It will be used in the master bedroom.

So, there’s still a bit to do though we’re definitely at the pointy end now. Can’t wait to share more as things progress!



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Flip House Interior Plans & Progress

Thank you so much for all the love on my flip house facade reveal! I was a little bit nervous to share (as I usually am before any major post) though I needn’t have been. Of course, nothing is for everyone though the overall response was super lovely and positive and I’m incredibly grateful.

Now, I know it probably seems like I’ve been doing little more than painting exterior bricks and mulching garden beds over the past few months, however there has been progress inside too!

Of course, if you’ve been following along then you’ll know that the little entry had its makeover

Entry Before

Boho Tribal Style Entryway Makeover

And whilst the rest of the house is still far from finished to this level it’s looking quite different.

Do you remember where we started? Here are a few spaces…













As mentioned in my very first post about the flip house, my friend had no desire to take on any major works and wanted to keep the total budget at around 12K so our plan was simple…strip it down then dress it up!

At this point I’m super glad to say that the “strip it down” phase is pretty much complete.

The entire house has been cleared of all furniture and decor, plus most of the dated or ugly fittings (such as window dressings and light fixtures), which we don’t intend to keep. It’s also had a rough preliminary clean. So, here’s where things are currently at…

Entry During


Master Bedroom During


Dining During


Living During


Kitchen During


Bathroom During


Clearly, these are merely progress pics so please excuse the photo quality and just ignore any mess and grime.  

And although the “dress it up” stage (also know as “the fun bit”) is far from finished we have made a few significant changes to help create a fresh blank canvas.


There was no denying the fact the old stained and damaged carpet had to go.


Before Living Space

It was present in four bedrooms (two of which are quite large and one of which has a walk-in-robe) and one living space.

To keep things on budget I went with an affordable Beaulieu carpet called Daytona in “Green Beige”. Clearly, it’s not really green, it just has a subtle undertone. Although the majority of the house is cream, I didn’t want anything too yellow which might come across as dated and overly monotone. This has enough warmth to harmonise well though presents as a neutral grey for a nice modern edge and dash of contrast.

Beaulieu Daytona Carpet

Master Bedroom During

Sitting Room During

Ignore the dirty marks. Don’t you love it when you get new carpet installed then someone walks across it in muddy shoes!

We had all spaces re-carpeted for a total of $2,300. By ripping up the old carpet ourselves and retaining the existing underlay, which was still in great condition, we were able to save a bit of extra money. I used a similar Beaulieu carpet when we flipped my gran’s house last year and was incredibly happy with the quality and price.


Although it would have been really nice to re-paint the entire interior, it just wasn’t going to happen. I had no-one willing to help and wasn’t exactly thrilled with the prospect of tackling the whole house on my own. Plus, the existing colour scheme, albeit not exactly on-trend (peachy cream walls with peachy cream trim), was neutral enough and all of the paint was still in fantastic condition.

We didn’t know the wall colour so I took a sample and had it colour matched so we could patch a few holes and paint over some feature walls to give the entire interior a sense of cohesion.

Paint Progress

Hall Progress

Living During

We also spray painted all of the ceiling vents white (they had badly yellowed) to make them look fresh and crisp.


Although a little tired and dated, thankfully the kitchen is relatively neutral and simple so only needed a few cosmetic changes to freshen it up.

The most jarring component was the multi-coloured feature tile in the backsplash.

Kitchen Tiles Before

I’ve been wanting an excuse to try tile decals for several years now and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!

DIY Backsplash Tile Decals

There are HEAPS of different tile decals to choose from (mine are from Etsy seller Bleucoin and cost around $120 – though I have left-overs!). I decided to keep things simple with a traditional design in classic black and white (love the way the black and white ties the kitchen in to the bathrooms and entry!). I must admit, I was somewhat skeptical about how easy they would be to apply though once your surface is nice and clean it’s literally just a matter of ‘peel and stick’. My tiles have a raised pattern and rippled texture which I think caused a few issues with air bubbles though they were easy enough to smooth out. On certain angles you can make out the raised texture beneath the decals though it definitely doesn’t detract from the overall effect.

DIY Tile Decals

I considered applying them to the entire backsplash, which could have looked pretty cool, though it would have been quite expensive. Plus I figured it was a bit unnecessary given this was more about simply eliminating the dated feature tiles.

Of course, I’m not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes and am more than happy to disclose they are merely “skins” – personally, I’d much rather have pretty stickers than ugly tiles, you? They just look sooooo much better!

Classic Tile Decals

I even had enough to cover the strange ocean-themed tiles in the laundry (“strange” because the nearest beach is at least an hour away).

Laundry Tiles Before

Laundry After with Tile Decals

To break-up all the cream in the kitchen I decided to paint the pantry door. I originally went with black though it felt a bit too monotone, almost checkerboard-like. So, I tried the Duck Egg Blue we had left-over from the front door and it works well.

Painted Pantry Door

I still need to add a new long black handle.

Speaking of handles, I’ve also replaced the generic silver drawer pulls with stylish black cup pulls, and I’ve ordered new bar pulls for the cabinet doors (just waiting on shipping). I got them all from eBay for a total of around $150 (there are 22 handles in total). I wouldn’t normally spend that much on handles though unfortunately I couldn’t get the cup pulls I wanted in the size I needed any cheaper.

Drawer Pulls

I’m not a huge fan of angular shelf units (to me they instantly date a kitchen) and looked into removing the one at the end of the bank of overheads though it’s glued to the wall and adjoining cabinet.

DIY Tile Decals

I can’t risk damaging anything so guess it will have to stay. I did consider a few ideas for cosmetically altering it though I’m not sure it’s worth it. Hopefully some pretty styling will make it work.

In addition to the visible changes we’ve made in the kitchen, we’ve also had to repair a cupboard doors which was broken, replace a drawer front which had been cut down and switch-out some shattered oven glass.


I initially thought we were going to have to replace the toilets though after they were thoroughly cleaned we realised they were actually okay. This was a bit of a relief because there is always a risk of damaging floor tiles or being unable to find a compatibly sized/shaped bowl to cover the previous footprint. And of course issues like this can cause a bit of a project snowball and budget blowout! In the end we simply replaced the cisterns and seats for a total of $350 (for two toilets) which makes them look brand new. Unfortunately I don’t have pics.


One of the most recent changes I made was having a new frame and door fitted to the open study.

Study with No Door

Door Frame Progress

Although it’s a do-able DIY it is a bit of a tricky project so I chose to have a builder friend install it for us. The total cost was $585 though in reality is almost priceless given we can now market the property as having four bedrooms, rather than just three bedrooms and one study. It’s a game changer.

Of course, the builder didn’t paint the frame and door so that was up to me. As with the walls, I needed to colour match the paint to the existing trim so took a section of skirting (which the builder removed to make way for the new frame) to a Dulux Trade Center. I chose Dulux Aquanamel in Gloss to co-ordinate with the existing trim and the shop assistant expertly colour matched it whilst I waited.

I haven’t gotten around to painting the frame and door yet though will share more once it’s done.

So, that’s pretty much where we’re currently at with the interior. My friend is keen to have the house finished within three-four weeks (yikes!) though isn’t keen to spend much more than 1K on staging (double yikes!). Lucky I love a challenge!




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The Flip House Exterior Makeover Reveal | Before & After

I must admit, as much as I’ve been looking forward to sharing this reveal, I’m feeling equal parts nervous and excited!

It’s not because I’m disappointed with the outcome, in fact I’m quite the opposite, though I am wary of disappointing you guys.

You see, I knew from the start that translating the success of this makeover through photographs was never going to be easy. In person the house looks beautiful and I’d now say it’s even the prettiest in the street (definitely the most stylish), however as it sits on the low side of a sloped road capturing the full effect with a camera has proven difficult. In photos everything just looks a little bit wonky and weird, and somewhat obscured due to the shallow position.

Still, I’ve done my best and hope you can look past the less than ideal factors. Also, it bears remembering that this was a DIY budget-friendly refresh of a standard suburban house (please don’t go comparing me to Joanna Gaines – LOL!).

If you’ve been following along with this makeover from the start, then you’ll be across most of the project and product info. I’ll touch on some aspects as I go, and link to past posts where you can find further information, though if you’d like to fully catch-up on all the previous content you can do so HERE.

So, let’s remember where we started…

Flip House Before

Flip House Before Left Side

Flip House Before

Flip House Before

Flip House Before

As mentioned in my original post, it’s only a relatively young house (around 14 years old) with good bones and lots of potential. There was certainly nothing offensive about it though there wasn’t anything special either. It just looked like any other slightly dated, somewhat neglected house in the neighbourhood – particularly the one right next door which happened to have the exact same colour scheme!

A fresh change was called for.

And here is is now…

Curb Appeal Front Door Makeover

House Exterior Makeover

Front Door Curb Appeal

Flip House After

Easy DIY Letterbox

Flip House After Makeover

Front Door Pots and Plants

Flip House After

You can find side-by-side before and afters towards the end of the post.

Argh, it feels so weird putting these out there! I so hope you guys like it!

Obviously the big changes are the painted brick and garage door.

When comparing the new white to the original yellow the difference is so dramatic that at first it can seem a little startling.

Flip House Before

House Exterior Makeover

I must admit, I made lots of skeptical srunchy faces at it for a good few weeks before deciding I’d made the right choice. The colour is Antique White USA and the paint is Texture ‘Medium Cover’ (both Dulux) which creates a gorgeous bagged effect – LOVE it!

Painted Brick

Although my initial vision was for a black carriage style garage door I honestly couldn’t be happier with this alternative. In fact, it may even be better!

Garage Door and Sconce Light

It’s a sectional door by Gliderol which I purchased through Bunnings and I love the simple panelled design and warm timber-look finish. It compliments the other timber elements and duck-egg accents perfectly, as well as helps warm-up all the white.

Flip House Before Left Side

Flip House After

My favourite area is the front door.

Front Door Transformation

It was one of those REALLY easy yet SUPER effective little transformations.

Front Door Curb Appeal

First we decluttered be clearing the old decor, removing the ugly security screen door and taking down the aluminium shade from the sidelight. Then we simply made things look pretty by painting the door a lovely soft blue, installing a new light fitting and adding stylish accessories!

Flip House Before

Front Door After

I was struggling to find a nice large plant to use beside the front door. Everything established was really expensive and I was worried that might be wasted money if it simply died (given no-one is living at the house to care for it). So I ended up using this artificial fiddle leaf (bet you couldn’t tell, right?) from Koch & Co. which is totally awesome…and definitely will never die!

Front Door Pots and Plants

And I’m in love with the wall baskets from Early Settler which add just the right hint of something. Aren’t they cool?

Boho Cane Wall Baskets

Door House Numbers

Something I haven’t spoken much about is the garden.

DIY Decorative Shutter

I wish the roses were in bloom for my after pics however this particular shot is from a month or so back.

Although it appears okay in the before pics, that’s actually a bit of an illusion. Whilst the plants looked quite green and full from an elevated perspective, at ground level things were very different. Most of them were leggy, sparse and scruffy, there were loads of weeds, and many were half dead by the time summer was over. Unfortunately we had no choice but to remove lots of them and seriously cut back others. It was a shame though it had to be done. I know the garden might not seem as nice now however in reality it’s actually a hundred times better.

Flip House Garden

Of course we didn’t have the budget to create a brand new “instant” garden full of large established plants so we kept things neat and simple by planting Westringa, Viburnum and Pittosporum around the house and Rosemary, Gaura and Dietes in the retaining walls and street level beds. They’re only mostly babies though they are sweet yet tough. Then we mulched everything for that nice finished look.

I really struggled to get a decent photo of the little lawn area. The grass is slowly coming back to life now that we’ve had some rain and it’s staring to look nice so to give the space some purpose and personality I added a simple rattan settee and ceramic stool.

Garden Bench Seat

Garden Bench Settee


Brick Paint | Dulux Texture ‘Medium Cover’ in ‘Antique White USA’ | $640*

Fascia & Eave Paint | Dulux Weathershield ‘Low Sheen’ in ‘Antique White USA’ | $80*

Retaining Wall Paint | Dulux Masonry Matt in ‘Linseed’ | $80*

Front Door & Shutter Paint | Dulux Weathershield ‘Semi Gloss’ in ‘Duck Egg Blue’ | $40*

Garage Door | Gliderol Tuscan Door in ‘Golden Oak’ | $2,600* (gifted at half price)

Plants | Variety mainly from Bunnings & Aumans | $220

Mulch | Cottage Bark from Whittlesea Garden Centre | $150

Mailbox | Sandleford Crest Mailbox and Treated Pine Post from Bunnings | $36*

Wall Lights | Brilliant Black Manoir Exterior Light from Bunnings | $73 each*

Porch Light | Batton Fix Cage Cube from Bunnings | $75*

Door Mat | Madras Link Door Mat from Bunnings | $18*

Door Numbers | Nickel Numbers from Bunnings | $8*

Wall Baskets | Early Settler | $120*

Plant Pots | Tuscan Path Glazed Pots from Bunnings | $60*

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig | Koch & Co. | $60*

Gable Pediment | DIY | $30

Shutters | DIY | $20 each

Settee | Facebook Marketplace & Black Spraypaint | $30

Drum Stool | Already Owned | $0


OUR TOTAL $1,770


*We were super lucky to be gifted some items from Bunnings, Dulux, Early Settler and Koch & Co. 
In the interest of providing an accurate indication of the full overall expense, I’ve still included all costs in the Grand Total.

And now, for the fun bit…

Flip House Before

House Exterior Makeover

Flip House Before

Flip House After

Flip House Before Left Side

Flip House After

Flip House Before

Flip House After Makeover

Flip House Before

Curb Appeal Front Door Makeover

I really want, no, need, to extend a huge thank you to all of you who have followed along with this makeover. I’ve received countless lovely and encouraging comments, emails and messages which have truly helped drive me to the finish line. I am incredibly grateful.

I also have to recognise my dad, my brother, and foremost my mum, who I absolutely could not have done this without. You know I love and appreciate you endlessly.

Okay, enough with the sap. Anyone would think this was some kind of silver screen awards speech!

Anyhoo, just hoping you guys like it and that it helps inspire you in some small way.



Front Door Curb Appeal


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The Flip House Facade Finish Line!

Before I hit publish on the full before and after reveal (coming next week – yay!) I wanted to share the last few projects.

The Gliderol garage door from Bunnings was installed a few weeks back and I absolutely love it!

Gliderol Timber Look Garage Door

Sorry about the quality of this photo. I had to crop it down from a crappy phone pic.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the timber-look finish though it has a random grain pattern, subtle raised texture and lovely soft lustre which gives it a nice authentic look. It totally changes the feel of the house – in a decidedly good way!

Timber Look Garage Door

I ended up going with the Golden Oak colourway, which was my favourite from the start. It’s beautifully warm, compliments the white brick, and ties-in with the gable pediment perfectly!

Replacing the garage door, even in a frugal manner, was always going to be one of our more expensive undertakings so I’m incredibly relieved to know that it was undeniably worth it!

I also installed the new sconce lights from Bunnings.

Sconce Light

When I was originally painting the brick I took down the previous sconces flanking the garage door, which I assumed were hard-wired, to discover they were merely solar.

Garage Door for the Flip House

Unfortunately I couldn’t find new solar sconces I really liked, and running all new electrical was going to be too costly, so I decided to go with these regular sconces and try using solar light bulbs.

I’m still waiting on the bulbs to arrive though will be sure to share more once I’ve installed them.

A really quick and easy little project was painting the feature diamonds in the driveway.

Spray Painting Brick

They appeared relatively subtle at first, so altering them was never even on my radar, though after the driveway was pressure-washed they became quite prominent. In the below pic you can see how much more distinct they looked after one pass of the pressure-washer.

Driveway Diamonds

Given we’d eliminated almost all of the cream from the house I decided they just felt a little lost, dated and distracting.

To paint them I simply ensured they were nice and clean, laid down a towel to protect from overspray, then carefully hit them with two light coats of Dulux Duramax Chalky Finish in Elegant Greige. This paint is exterior grade, which I know first hand from the plant pots I painted several months back which are all still perfect!

The diamonds blend in soooo much better now!

Painted Brick

Sorry about the sunlight and shadows in this pic.
And never mind that brown stain in the top right corner – it’s from some timber which was left on the concrete and will be cleaned prior to selling.

Finally, the new letterbox is in!

Simple Letterbox

I never even captured the original letterbox in any of my before pics because it was on the far left of the driveway. Just imagine a battered cream cube, lounging drunkard-like, on the boundary fence.

It was always my intention to move it to the right side of the driveway to give it more presence and a stronger relationship with the house.

Simple Letterbox Style

The side looks a little “wavy” here though it’s just reflections.

I know it’s basic though that’s exactly what I wanted – something simple and understated. Using a rough sawn post, in place of a standard metal stake, provides just enough individuality and a reference point for the other timber elements.


So, that’s pretty much it!

Of course, there have been some other changes, mainly involving gardening, styling and general tidying, though I’ll share all of those pics and details next week with the full reveal.

Can’t wait!




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The Flip House | Entry Reveal

Tribal Boho Style Entry Refresh

It was always my intention to finish and share the flip house facade first, though it appears this little entry has snuck in.

Kinda makes sense given it’s about one zillionth the size of the exterior!

Entry Before

With good bones and a neutral palette the plan here was simple…strip it down then dress it up!

I often mention the importance of starting with a blank canvas, so before I even had an inkling of a design strategy, the room was cleared.

Entry During

Ah, that’s better.

Even half-finished, with obvious patches on the wall and visible underlay in the adjoining sitting room, it just seemed to ‘breathe’ so much better. Or maybe that’s just me?

To complete the “clean slate” phase we simply painted the walls as needed (using the existing colour) and gave everything a good clean (new carpet was also laid over the visible underlay in the neighbouring room though that’s not exactly part of the entry).

Sure, the wall and trim colour isn’t the most up-to-date, and the floor tiles aren’t exactly the prettiest, though it’s amazing how styling can turn negatives into positives and make everything work.

So, with my blank canvas ready it was time to decorate!

If you read my previous post about the flip house entry, then you’ll know that I was somewhat struggling with a design direction. In order to help narrow things down I decided to take some inspiration from House Rules on Channel 7 and create a set of guidelines based around the feel I wanted to achieve.

My rules were…

:: Use black and white with a hint of gold.

:: Add greenery for a vibrant punch.

:: Go for simple lines with a rustic twist.

And this is the result.

Boho Tribal Style Entryway Makeover

Brass Planter with Maidenhair Fern

DIY Rustic Console Table

At the risk of sounding conceited, I think I kinda nailed the brief :)

Of course, the stunning wallpaper is the absolute hero in this space. It’s from Luxe Walls and is fully removable and repositionable, plus the scale can be customised. As you can see, I went sorta big! Let’s not talk about the little moment of panic I had when I first unfurled the roll – the pattern looked super-sized though it’s so perfect up on the wall.

Tribal Boho Style Entry Refresh

I know it can pay to play it safe when styling a property for sale, and some people may shake their heads at my relatively bold choice, however I have no regrets.

The fact is, there is nothing super special about this builder-grade house – which will be competing with several dozens (literally) of similar properties when it’s listed – so my aim is to create ‘wow’ through impactful staging. Of course, I intend to exercise restraint and certainly have no plans to use statement features all over the place, however the entry offers a perfect platform to capture people.

Thankfully my DIY console table turned out great (if I do say so myself!) and looks as if it was made for the space – funny thing that!

Boho Tribal Style Entryway Makeover

I decided to leave the top raw and absolutely love the rustic charm it lends.

Rustic Console Table

DIY Rustic Console Table

Getting the leg colour right took a few goes though I eventually landed on Dulux “Amazon Depths” with a touch of added black to tone-down the yellow.

DIY Rustic Console Table

It looks a bit more vibrant in reality than it does in the photos. I simply used a sample pot which provided good coverage and left a nice matte finish.

Console Table Legs

If you missed my previous post about constructing the table, you can find it HERE.

As mentioned when I shared my initial concept plan, I had my heart set on two ottomans for beneath the console table.

My original idea was to “cheat” by simply upholstering some off-the-shelf storage tubs or baskets though I couldn’t find anything quite the right size. So I ended-up building basic boxes using left-over MDF/ply I had in the shed then weaving webbing on top. It was a pretty quick and simple project.

Ottomans Before

To turn the boxes into ottomans I added thick foam tops then wrapped everything in wadding. As buying new foam can be pricey I salvaged some old sofa seat cushions from the flip house and actually used the foam from them. To finish, mum sewed simple pleated slipcovers from inexpensive linen.

DIY Ottomans

I love them!

The wall art is simply a collection of downloadable prints in frames from Kmart and Big W.

Elephant Line Drawing

DIY Budget Friendly Abstract Art

I was originally going to go with straight black and white though decided to edit in sepia toned backgrounds to provide a bit of warmth and softness. So happy with how they turned out!

One of my favourite little projects from the space is the collection of vases.

Console Table Vignette

I found a variety of different vessels at charity stores (I think the most expensive one was like $3.50), gave them a good clean, then hit them with a few light coats of Dulux Duramax Chalky Finish spray paint.

Vases Before

Spray Painted Vases

The difference is AMAZING! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: spray paint is actually, like truly-ruly, magic!

The gorgeous brass planter is from Early Settler.

Brass Planter with Maidenhair Fern

Absolutely adore the way the warm gold lifts the scheme and compliments the green of the Maidenhair Fern.

To somewhat hide the floor tiles and inject some earthy texture into the space I used a simple jute rug. This one is just from Kmart. The woven baskets (which you can see in some of the pics) are also from Kmart.

Boho Tribal Style Entryway Makeover

And what’s a console table without a book stack?

Console Table Vignette

The black books are from charity stores, the white books are from Kmart and the wooden hand is from Typo (they’re also widely available on eBay).


Wallpaper | ‘Water People’ by Brenton Lugnan from Luxe Walls | $300*

Console Table | DIY | $10

Floor Rug | Jute Runner from Kmart | $29

Brass Planter | Large Ashika Plant Holder from Early Settler | $69*

Ottomans | DIY | $20 each

Maidenhair Fern | Aumanns Nursery | $24

Cane Cases | Kmart | $12

Gold Frames | Kmart | $14

Black Frame | Big W | $14 on sale

Art Prints | Digital Downloads from Etsy printed at Officeworks | $15 total

Vases | DIY | $10 total

Black Books | Already Owned (originally from Op Shops) | $0

White Books | Kmart | $9 each

Articulated Hand | Already Owned (originally from Typo Shop) | $0

TOTAL $186


*We were super lucky to be gifted some items from Luxe Walls and Early Settler. 
I’ve provided their costs however they are excluded from the total.


Entry Before

Boho Tribal Style Entryway Makeover

Hall Before

Entry Makeover After

So rapt with how it came together! I hope you guys like it.

I’m aiming to share the finished facade next week and then move on to styling some of the other interior rooms. Can’t wait!




As always, feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to help.