DIY Over-Size Book Page Quote Art…with free printables!

Large Scale Book Quote Art FREE Printables!

You can now purchase your very own CUSTOM quote art sign here.

I’m so excited to finally share this project with you guys!

I started dreaming-up this DIY and designing these free printables almost two years ago (yes, you read right, two years ago) after I published this post about my little DIY quote art sign.

Don’t ask me why it’s taken me sooooo long to finally get the project and printables done. Seriously, don’t ask me. I honestly have no decent answer :)

Anyhoo, I got there in the end, right? And I’m loving the way everything turned out.

I was inspired by some of the large farmhouse style book page quote signs I had seen on Pinterest…

Large-Scale Book Page Art

Fable & Flame | Unknown

Some Googling around revealed that this style of wall art isn’t exactly cheap. Like around $400 not cheap. Yikes! Surely I could do a bit better than that.

All up this project cost me about $40 though you could easily do it for under $10 if you’re feeling extra thrifty. I’ve included some savvy tips and tricks in the info below.




There are heaps of places which offer printing services. If you’re not certain where to start looking, check out your local office supplies store or have a Google around for “print and copy services”. I’ve also seen some super affordable printing services being offered through eBay. You can visit a store in person or use an online upload interface. I personally prefer the ease and convenience of uploading my artwork online then having my print delivered directly to my door. This is maybe because my nearest print store isn’t exactly near-by.

For ease, I’ve designed these printables to fit within standard large poster frames (60cm x 90cm/24″ x 36″) however you may reduce or enlarge the size within reason to suit your particular needs (be aware that excessive re-sizing can result in a poor quality print).

You should be able to find a service which will print a full colour, large poster-sized print on decent paper for around $15 – $40. I used the Officeworks Colour Poster printing service. If you’re interested in making this project even more budget friendly, you could opt for a black and white engineering/plan print on bond paper for as little as $2 (you could then add some colour with a tea-stain, or similar). Alternatively, you could have it printed at premium quality onto a specialty material, such as canvas, for anywhere from $50 – $150. The options are almost endless.

For further printing information refer to my Free Printables series.



As mentioned above, to make things super easy for you guys, I’ve designed these printables to fit perfectly within standard large (60cm x 90cm/24″ x 36″) poster frames. If you’re unsure where to find large poster frames, check out your local dollar and discount department stores, do a quick Google search or head into Ikea – they have a few to choose from.

Of course, you can always DIY your own farmhouse style custom frame if you’d prefer (refer to my tutorial here – you simply need to up the scale and choose your desired framing wood), or use a thrifted frame as long as the aspect-ratio is compatible. You could also simply top-and-tail the print itself with some dowels and add a cute twine hanger to make a simple wall chart.

For the purpose of this blog post, I framed my printable in a standard large poster frame I found for $15 at a local discount variety store.

Poster Frame Before

The faux wood frame was a little too perfect for my liking so I decided to attempt a farmhouse style makeover. I distressed it to make it look like reclaimed wood (I simply scratched it up with a serrated knife and banged it with some nails before lightly sanding it – similar to what I did here) then I stained it a warm brown.

Distressed Farmhouse Sign Frame

I wasn’t sure how the laminate would respond to being distressed and stained though it actually worked really, really well!

For an authentic ‘sign’ look, I also removed the glass and affixed my print directly to the backing board using spray adhesive.




I’m offering eight printables in total; four different quotes in both sepia and chalkboard. As mentioned above, these are high resolution, large-scale images.

I chose these quotes because they’re a little bit unusual and something about them just spoke to me. I especially love the ‘Cherokee Legend’ which is the first one I designed.

Free Printable Book Page Quote Sign

Have you heard this one before? It’s so evocative.

Anyhoo, grab your free printables below. There are two separate files; one for the sepia images, and one for the chalkboard images.

Free Printable Book Page Quote Page Art

Free Download Sepia Book Quote Art Free Download Chalkboard Book Quote Art

I know it can be disheartening when budget restraints push the items you love out of reach, so if you’ve been coveting these lovely farmhouse style signs I hope my free offerings give you a little “squeee” moment and help make your walls beautiful.

As a budget-focused decorator and blogger, conjuring and sharing ways to “get the look for less” is something I relish. This project was no exception.
Originally, it was my belief that these artworks were merely part of the prevailing typography sign trend; mass-designed, mass-produced and mass-distributed. I have since learned the concept for these designs originated with a small business.
As such, although this style of quote art is now everywhere, I will not be offering any further bulk free printables in this exact style.
That said, I do plan to design and share further quote art of my very own (you can browse my other free printables here) and will continue to offer one-off custom book page signs as requested.


As always, if you have trouble or are unsure of anything, feel free to ask.

Oh, and I just wanted to let you know that the photos in this post are of my actual finished sign. I was looking at them and the artwork almost appears to be super-imposed. Believe me, it’s truly ruly real!

Free for personal non-commercial use only.

Click the below image to see and download my latest round of dictionary inspired free printable quote art signs!

18 Large-Scale FREE Printable Quote Signs!

  1. Mindy says:

    I love these! I downloaded, but can’t upload to have them printed… Is it possible to have them as a jpg? Or can you tell me how to upload the pdf version to my local printer? Thank you!!

    • Hi again Mindy
      I know I already emailed you privately though I wanted to respond here on my blog too just so my readers know I haven’t ignored you :)
      I’ll email over the JPG version of the printable you’re after shortly.

  2. Penny says:

    I love these quotes. By any chance have you done the mother Theresa quote. ” do it anyway? Penny

    • Hi Penny
      Not yet, however I’m hoping to release some new quotes soon!

  3. Christina says:

    Hello! These prints are beautiful. Could you tell me what software you used to create these? I have an idea much like this and would love to play around with it. Thanks!

    • Hi Christina
      I have Photoshop though you could try something similar in GIMP or even Word if you maximise the paper size.

  4. Teresa says:

    Hi Love the Dr. Seuss quote, but you have his last name spelled incorrectly. It should be Geisel.

    • Ha, ha. Yes, I know. Had a brain freeze or something when I was putting that one together!

  5. T. Moreau says:

    Hello! This is my first visit to the site and I love it! What a great resource! I have a quote suggestion. It’s short but meaningful. “Your feet will take you where your heart is” – Irish proverb

  6. Bonnie Hebert says:

    How do you order your free printables I’ve gone over your site many times can’t find how to order thank -you. Bonnie Hebert.

    • Hi Bonnie
      Do you mean you’d like to order a custom quote? Or would you like to download the FREE printables?
      You can order a custom quote from my shop here.
      The FREE printables can be downloaded directly from the blog post. There are download buttons below the second last image. Let me know if you have any trouble.

      • Bonnie Hebert says:

        Thank -you so much for the quick reply. I was on my I-pad went to the desk top no problem. Have my prints Love them !! You made my day. I love your blog and all the great projects. Thanks again Bonnie

  7. Mercedes says:

    I am having a hard time downloading this. Am I the only one that has this problem? I love these quotes! TIA!

    • Hi Mercedes
      Only a few people have mentioned having issues. In most cases things resolved themselves or I was able to help.
      Can you please elaborate on what problem you’re having exactly.

  8. Lynda says:

    A quote from Garth Brooke’s song the Dance would be my favorite.

  9. Jenny says:

    Thank you so much for creating and sharing these! They’re beautiful! Are the quotes available in ivory anywhere? I love the sepia and chalkboard, but I think ivory would look best in my house.

    • Hi Jenny
      I guess it depends what you mean by “ivory”. To me, ivory is a warm off-white, very similar to the colour of my sepia prints. However, if you Google “ivory colour” there are heaps of variations, ranging from cream to bone to latte. What tone were you after exactly?

  10. Jen says:

    I was wondering what you used to create your posters? I would like to create some with my own quotes, but not really sure where to start. Any info would be great.

    • Hi Jen
      I used Photoshop. Any image editing program, and even some desktop publishing programs, should work. The main thing to consider is sizing the document appropriately and having sufficient resolution to create a good quality print. You can learn a bit more about creating large-scale prints in my ‘Free Art Printables’ series here.
      Let me know if you have any more questions :)

  11. amanda says:

    So I attempted to make a sign using the suggested software download and although you stated anyone could do this. I have no idea how to use it. Are there templates available on the web that you can type in your own text?
    Do you offer those? Because that would be ideal.
    Id like to make 2 pictures the first the text would be aligned on the right and at the bottom of the page to say ” i carry your heart”
    The second one aligned on the left bottom of a second piece to say ” i carry it in my heart”

    I figured I could do this on word and I can but cant figure out the correct paper size Im thinking 22inx22in.
    I thought this would be super easy. Except I have no idea what im doing. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Amanda
      I don’t have a template I can offer at the moment and I’m not aware of any online however you should be able to achieve what you’re hoping using Word.
      Open a new blank document. Go to ‘Page Layout’ then ‘Size’ then ‘More Paper Sizes’ and type 22 in both the Width and Height fields and press OK (if you get a pop-up about printer margins just click Ignore).
      Now you can type your quotes as desired. Let me know if you need more info or advice. I’m happy to try and help.

  12. jitka jahn says:

    Kristine, thank you so so very much for these free printables. I am so in love with these. I wanted to ask what paper if we go through online prints are the best to use or what quality of paper do you use and prefer? For this set of book page prints do you use Matte or gloss? not sure what wold look best on the wall.thank you so much for your time and all your free stuff. I just found you through Pinterest and I am your number one fan.

    • Hi Jitka
      For this style of sign which is intended to have a vintage/farmhouse feel I prefer matte or satin paper (gloss is better for modern posters or photos). And if you plan to use a glass-less frame then it doesn’t hurt to upgrade to some slightly thicker paper. Maybe something around 200 – 300gsm.
      Hope this helps and I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog :)

      • jitka jahn says:

        thank you so much for your quick response Kristine. I do love the idea of glass-less frame just not sure how it will withhold over time with sun or little fingerprints.. Just wondering …did you use glass less frame for yours vintage frames?

  13. Lisa Haughton says:

    These are amazing! Hardest part will be narrowing my choice so I don’t overdue it. Will make fabulous gifts too! Thank you, thank you, for sharing!

  14. Sergej Schwabauer says:

    Where did you get this chair :)?

    • I bought it from a furniture store online though they have since stopped shipping :(

  15. Carol says:

    Hi.. I seem to be missing how you actually get or download the oversized book page files … can you advise?

    • Hi Carol

      I’m so sorry. There was a WordPress update this morning which seems to have broken some of my content! I am having a developer friend look at it for me shortly however in the meantime you should be able to access the printables by scrolling through my blog pages rather than attempting to access the individual posts. Here’s the page link for my original set of free printable quote art: (scroll down until you find the third post).

      Otherwise, it should be fixed by tomorrow. My apologies for any inconvenience.


  16. Allie says:

    Is there a reason I am not seeing them? It’s just telling me to subscribe, which I’ve already done…

    • Hi Allie

      I’m so sorry. There was a WordPress update this morning which seems to have broken some of my content! I am having a developer friend look at it for me shortly however in the meantime you should be able to access the printables by scrolling through my blog pages rather than attempting to access the individual posts. Here’s the page link for my original set of free printable quote art: (scroll down until you find the third post).

      Otherwise, it should be fixed by tomorrow. My apologies for any inconvenience.


  17. Reily Armstrong says:

    Hi! Long time lover of your blog and totally in awe of these prints!
    Your free printables are so generous and so much appreciated.
    Question- what font did you use for your book quotes? I’m trying to make my own large scale prints (your tutorials have been literally a god send) but I can’t seem to find an acceptable font. Any advice would be greatly appreciated !

    Thanks again !

    • Hi Reily
      I used a premium (paid for) font called 1820 Modern. You can find really similar free ones if you search for “fell types fonts”.

  18. Kyra Hinton says:

    Hey Girl! These are SO lovely! I’m working on getting a couple special family quotes printed in this style (and 24×36 size) for our new home, so I was wondering if there was any chance you had a template you created these with. I totally get it if you can’t share that, I just thought I would check! Thank you!

  19. Keri says:

    Hi! When I read the Cherokee quote the tears began to flow…my husband suffers from schizophrenia and this is his daily struggle…I am in the process of creating a space for him…where he can have peace, solitude and prayer and this will be a perfect addition…thank you so much for sharing


    • You’re welcome Keri. I’m so glad it’s just right for you :)

  20. lavou says:

    Thank you so much for this!! I’m printing and hanging asap! My walls are grateful..:-)

  21. Kristen says:

    Thank you for this resource! I have been looking for something to go in our reading room and this is perfect!

  22. Lori says:

    These are great! Just wondering how I can print in black & white only? When I tried printing on engineering paper at Staples they wouldn’t allow me to since they said there was an ivory background.


    • That sounds strange. People print colour documents in black and white all the time. The ivory would simply present as a light grey. Have you tried an online uploader instead?

      • Lori says:

        Thanks for the fast reply. I was able to work with Staples and they removed the ivory background. Very odd I agree. They said they changed there paper and it saturates easily so they don’t do pictures on blueprints anymore.

  23. Patty says:

    Is there a link to download the Dalai Lama quote? I couldn’t find it. Already have done your Dr Seuss quote and love it. Thank you!

    • Hi Patty
      Sorry, I don’t currently offer that one as a free printable (image was just for inspiration). You can order custom digital downloads through my shop here if you’re interested :)

  24. Victoria says:

    I absolutely love these! Could you tell me how you created the actual quotes? I want to do one of these in my favorite quote!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it with no luck!

    • Victoria says:

      I understand if you can’t share, but if so it’d be a big help!

      • Hi Victoria
        I’ll explain a little more when we’re back home from our vacation :) Haven’t got great internet connection here.

    • Hi again Victoria
      I used Photoshop to create my quote signs. Of course, I realise this is an expensive editing program which most people don’t have access to however it is sooooo fantastic. A great free alternative is GIMP. There are other online design programs you can use (PicMonkey/Pixlr/Canva) however I don’t know of any which provide the pixel density and flexibility needed to create super high-quality, large-scale images. Word is an option though if you intend to use a background texture, such as I have, the image quality may not be super fantastic. Still, it is do-able (just ensure you begin by selecting the largest page size possible and save the file as a PDF).
      If all else fails, I do offer a very affordable custom quote service. You can order through my shop here :)

  25. Love everything here. your attitude, your work, your responses. Thank you, Deb in Iowa

  26. vanessa says:

    hi Kristine!

    these are awesome but for some reason I can’t seem to download them is it possible to send these files to my email

  27. Yesy Gonzalez says:

    Hi !
    Thank you so much for sharing your creative designs and ideas with us!

    I know you take suggestions, and was hoping you would consider this:
    The Great Gatsby
    “He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his utterable visions to her perishable breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God”
    My wedding anniversary is coming up and I would love to surprise my husband with this in a frame, as its the first quote he dedicated to me

    Thanks so much in advance!
    Your work is amazing!

    • Thanks Yesy. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not planning on releasing a new series of quote art for a few months however you’re more than welcome to purchase a custom digital download through my shop here. They’re only $15. Cheers.

  28. Leaha says:

    Hi. I love your book page art. Have you ever did a page from “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee?
    Leaha Booten

    • Thanks for the suggestion Leaha. Will keep it in mind for any future signs :)

  29. Tracy says:

    Is there a way to print these on a smaller scale?

    • Of course, they should down-size with no problems. Just be mindful to retain the 2:3 ratio to avoid image distortion.

  30. Peggy says:

    So happy I found your website! Your style and home and ideas are amazing and inspiring!

  31. misty says:

    I can’t seem to download PDF, would be willing to purchase the print if there was another way?

    • Hi Misty. There should be no reason you can’t download the files. What type of device are you using?

      • misty says:

        Hi just my mac computer, the pdf option for the print I want shows up in the list but when I click it nothing happens..

        • Ah, okay. I think what you’re looking at are the individual files within the folder. You need to download the entire folder. There should be a download icon/button on the top right of your screen :)

  32. DLRamsey says:

    Is there a jpeg file? PDF is not working for me for some reason.

    • Sorry, I only offer these printables in PDF format. What seems to be the issue?

  33. Faraz A. says:

    These printables are wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  34. Amanda says:

    Are these not available for download anymore? I’m having trouble downloading them. Thanks

    • Hi Amanda
      Yes, they’re still available. What seems to be the trouble?

  35. Amy M Pope says:

    I’m trying to download this to Walmart in order to print it, but because it is a PDF, it won’t upload. Any ideas?

    Thank you!

  36. Monica says:

    Thank you so much Kristine !!!
    I’m so in Love with this..

  37. bryn says:

    do you happen to have the Cherokee legend sepia in JPG? The site I would like to print this from won’t upload PDF. Just love these! Thank you!

  38. Amanda says:

    Great work! I love your creativity and can’t wait to try this. Thanks and keep sharing.

  39. Julia says:

    I’m just seeing this post now and LOVE the Dr. Seuss quote! Can you tell me what book it is from? I’d love to know the source!

    • Hi Julia
      I don’t believe it’s from one of his published books. Could be from a manuscript or interview though I’m not certain. May also be a misquote.

  40. Carre Elsley says:

    How can I purchase one plz

    • Hi Carre
      You can purchase a custom digital download through my shop here. I don’t sell the complete signs.

  41. Tonia says:

    I was so excited I saw these large downloads on Pinterest, but none of them work when I try to open them. They just come up a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo letter for all of them. Is there anyway you can actually send me one over that still works. I was looking for the velveteen rabbit one And the one that says sometimes you never of the value of a moment by Geisel.

    • They all work. What type of device and operating system are you using? :)

  42. Natalie says:

    These are beautiful! What font did you use?

  43. Sherie says:

    I just came across your page and i absolutely love it! I have been searching for specific prints to hang in my reno. Anyway, these are amazing! Thank you so much for making them available to print.


  44. Wohh just what I was looking for, thank you for posting.

  45. Amy says:

    How do you get the raised feel on the letters? I have seen signs that have that.

    • Hi Amy
      To get a raised feel the text would need to be embossed or printed using a purpose ink. These are both specialised techniques which would take a lot of time, work and skill to reproduce successfully using a DIY method. It is do-able, though like I said, not easy.

  46. Denise Berry says:

    Do you have any Bible pages available?


    • Hi Denise

      I offer very affordable custom files if there is something particular you would like. I’ve created many bible pages/versus in the past for customers.

      If you would like to order one you can do so through my little store here.


  47. Momof2 says:

    I love these! Thank you for free printables! But the files are so large,takes awhile to download.

    • Glad you like them. Download speed will depend on your operating system and internet connection. I download them in just a few seconds. They are high resolution large scale printables so the file size in JPG format needs to be this big.


  48. Pat Hinojos says:

    These are lovely . Would you have any interest in doing a particular quote for me? If so let me know how much etc. thanks much Pat

    • Hi Pat

      Was going to direct you to my little shop though it looks like you already found it! Will prepare your custom digital signs and have them to you within a few days .


  49. Jaye says:

    I know everyone else has thanked you, but a great big THANK YOU from me as well!

  50. Jasmine says:

    Hi how do i download and print one of those quotes please I love the memories one ♥

    • Hi Jasmine

      I just replied to your FB message. Did you get it?


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