I gave up my search for a beautiful natural linen throw blanket a while back now. It wasn’t because I couldn’t find one for a reasonable price mind you, it was cause I couldn’t find one at ALL (though if I had I’m sure it would have cost a pretty penny anyways).

From the get-go I wanted to include a linen throw in my bedroom make-over. Though, what does one do when said desired item seems only to live in one’s own mind?

Well, one makes said item themselves (and no doubt saves some cashola in the process).

Step one; find some gorgeous linen you can’t resist rubbing on your cheek with a price tag that doesn’t make you sigh in resignation.

I searched high and low until one day, whilst not even looking, I stumbled upon some in Spotlight.

Even though no-one else in the store seemed too interested in my linen, I must admit that when I first spied the bolt I looked around kinda nervously, made sure the coast was clear then casually moseyed on over, so as not to attract attention, before greedily snatching it up before anyone else could.

A little crazy, huh?

Step two; buy some snug backing so your throw will feel and look all nice and cozy. I was lucky enough to pick up some beautiful cashmere on clearance for $8 a meter.

Step three; cut your linen and backing to the size you want then sew them, right sides together, like a giant cushion cover leaving a small pocket so you can turn it in the right way.

Step four; Carefully hand-stitch the pocket up (or, if you’re lazy and impatient like me, just cheat and use iron-bond hemming tape) then run a stitch line around the whole blanket one or two inches in from the edge to give a nice professional-like finish.

There was enough remaining linen to make a cushion for my bed too. I decided to paint some subtle grainsack inspired stripes on it.

I applied some charcoal craft paint with an almost dry brush to create a slightly faded effect.

Now I can’t wait to actually get this linen goodness on the bed (as opposed to the guest room floor where it’s currently patiently waiting alongside all my other bedroom stuff!).