The Flip House Exterior Makeover Reveal | Before & After

I must admit, as much as I’ve been looking forward to sharing this reveal, I’m feeling equal parts nervous and excited!

It’s not because I’m disappointed with the outcome, in fact I’m quite the opposite, though I am wary of disappointing you guys.

You see, I knew from the start that translating the success of this makeover through photographs was never going to be easy. In person the house looks beautiful and I’d now say it’s even the prettiest in the street (definitely the most stylish), however as it sits on the low side of a sloped road capturing the full effect with a camera has proven difficult. In photos everything just looks a little bit wonky and weird, and somewhat obscured due to the shallow position.

Still, I’ve done my best and hope you can look past the less than ideal factors. Also, it bears remembering that this was a DIY budget-friendly refresh of a standard suburban house (please don’t go comparing me to Joanna Gaines – LOL!).

If you’ve been following along with this makeover from the start, then you’ll be across most of the project and product info. I’ll touch on some aspects as I go, and link to past posts where you can find further information, though if you’d like to fully catch-up on all the previous content you can do so HERE.

So, let’s remember where we started…

Flip House Before

Flip House Before Left Side

Flip House Before

Flip House Before

Flip House Before

As mentioned in my original post, it’s only a relatively young house (around 14 years old) with good bones and lots of potential. There was certainly nothing offensive about it though there wasn’t anything special either. It just looked like any other slightly dated, somewhat neglected house in the neighbourhood – particularly the one right next door which happened to have the exact same colour scheme!

A fresh change was called for.

And here is is now…

Curb Appeal Front Door Makeover

House Exterior Makeover

Front Door Curb Appeal

Flip House After

Easy DIY Letterbox

Flip House After Makeover

Front Door Pots and Plants

Flip House After

You can find side-by-side before and afters towards the end of the post.

Argh, it feels so weird putting these out there! I so hope you guys like it!

Obviously the big changes are the painted brick and garage door.

When comparing the new white to the original yellow the difference is so dramatic that at first it can seem a little startling.

Flip House Before

House Exterior Makeover

I must admit, I made lots of skeptical srunchy faces at it for a good few weeks before deciding I’d made the right choice. The colour is Antique White USA and the paint is Texture ‘Medium Cover’ (both Dulux) which creates a gorgeous bagged effect – LOVE it!

Painted Brick

Although my initial vision was for a black carriage style garage door I honestly couldn’t be happier with this alternative. In fact, it may even be better!

Garage Door and Sconce Light

It’s a sectional door by Gliderol which I purchased through Bunnings and I love the simple panelled design and warm timber-look finish. It compliments the other timber elements and duck-egg accents perfectly, as well as helps warm-up all the white.

Flip House Before Left Side

Flip House After

My favourite area is the front door.

Front Door Transformation

It was one of those REALLY easy yet SUPER effective little transformations.

Front Door Curb Appeal

First we decluttered be clearing the old decor, removing the ugly security screen door and taking down the aluminium shade from the sidelight. Then we simply made things look pretty by painting the door a lovely soft blue, installing a new light fitting and adding stylish accessories!

Flip House Before

Front Door After

I was struggling to find a nice large plant to use beside the front door. Everything established was really expensive and I was worried that might be wasted money if it simply died (given no-one is living at the house to care for it). So I ended up using this artificial fiddle leaf (bet you couldn’t tell, right?) from Koch & Co. which is totally awesome…and definitely will never die!

Front Door Pots and Plants

And I’m in love with the wall baskets from Early Settler which add just the right hint of something. Aren’t they cool?

Boho Cane Wall Baskets

Door House Numbers

Something I haven’t spoken much about is the garden.

DIY Decorative Shutter

I wish the roses were in bloom for my after pics however this particular shot is from a month or so back.

Although it appears okay in the before pics, that’s actually a bit of an illusion. Whilst the plants looked quite green and full from an elevated perspective, at ground level things were very different. Most of them were leggy, sparse and scruffy, there were loads of weeds, and many were half dead by the time summer was over. Unfortunately we had no choice but to remove lots of them and seriously cut back others. It was a shame though it had to be done. I know the garden might not seem as nice now however in reality it’s actually a hundred times better.

Flip House Garden

Of course we didn’t have the budget to create a brand new “instant” garden full of large established plants so we kept things neat and simple by planting Westringa, Viburnum and Pittosporum around the house and Rosemary, Gaura and Dietes in the retaining walls and street level beds. They’re only mostly babies though they are sweet yet tough. Then we mulched everything for that nice finished look.

I really struggled to get a decent photo of the little lawn area. The grass is slowly coming back to life now that we’ve had some rain and it’s staring to look nice so to give the space some purpose and personality I added a simple rattan settee and ceramic stool.

Garden Bench Seat

Garden Bench Settee


Brick Paint | Dulux Texture ‘Medium Cover’ in ‘Antique White USA’ | $640*

Fascia & Eave Paint | Dulux Weathershield ‘Low Sheen’ in ‘Antique White USA’ | $80*

Retaining Wall Paint | Dulux Masonry Matt in ‘Linseed’ | $80*

Front Door & Shutter Paint | Dulux Weathershield ‘Semi Gloss’ in ‘Duck Egg Blue’ | $40*

Garage Door | Gliderol Tuscan Door in ‘Golden Oak’ | $2,600* (gifted at half price)

Plants | Variety mainly from Bunnings & Aumans | $220

Mulch | Cottage Bark from Whittlesea Garden Centre | $150

Mailbox | Sandleford Crest Mailbox and Treated Pine Post from Bunnings | $36*

Wall Lights | Brilliant Black Manoir Exterior Light from Bunnings | $73 each*

Porch Light | Batton Fix Cage Cube from Bunnings | $75*

Door Mat | Madras Link Door Mat from Bunnings | $18*

Door Numbers | Nickel Numbers from Bunnings | $8*

Wall Baskets | Early Settler | $120*

Plant Pots | Tuscan Path Glazed Pots from Bunnings | $60*

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig | Koch & Co. | $60*

Gable Pediment | DIY | $30

Shutters | DIY | $20 each

Settee | Facebook Marketplace & Black Spraypaint | $30

Drum Stool | Already Owned | $0


OUR TOTAL $1,770


*We were super lucky to be gifted some items from Bunnings, Dulux, Early Settler and Koch & Co. 
In the interest of providing an accurate indication of the full overall expense, I’ve still included all costs in the Grand Total.

And now, for the fun bit…

Flip House Before

House Exterior Makeover

Flip House Before

Flip House After

Flip House Before Left Side

Flip House After

Flip House Before

Flip House After Makeover

Flip House Before

Curb Appeal Front Door Makeover

I really want, no, need, to extend a huge thank you to all of you who have followed along with this makeover. I’ve received countless lovely and encouraging comments, emails and messages which have truly helped drive me to the finish line. I am incredibly grateful.

I also have to recognise my dad, my brother, and foremost my mum, who I absolutely could not have done this without. You know I love and appreciate you endlessly.

Okay, enough with the sap. Anyone would think this was some kind of silver screen awards speech!

Anyhoo, just hoping you guys like it and that it helps inspire you in some small way.



Front Door Curb Appeal


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  1. Deb-NC says:

    I think you absolutely knocked it out of the park ! Fabulous makeover for next to nothing even without the donated items that is sure to net you far more than the expenditures. Generally I’m not a fan of painting brick because it takes a virtually maintenance free material and creates necessary maintenance with repainting. But in this case – it will be worth it for the vastly updated look. Well done!

  2. Sandra Long says:

    Love every single thing you did. Just an awesome transformation!!!!

  3. Marqueeta Hartman says:

    You did a fantastic job on your house. You have to be very proud of it. I love every change that you made to it.

  4. Ruth L says:

    What a huge difference! From the exterior color to the wood accents above the large window which pair nicely with the garage door, and that front entrance… the blue is the perfect color to brighten and define the front door. Great job! I look forward to seeing the changes on the inside.

    You are such a creative designer and I enjoy seeing how you transform things on a tight budget. I love being creative and I love being frugal so clearly, I’m a huge fan! Thank you for sharing this project with us!
    Warm regards,

  5. Cathy says:

    Looks fantastic! Love the duck egg blue, and the garage door was a great find. Always love seeing what you can do!

  6. Sue says:

    So, so nice. Bright and clean and inviting.

  7. Wenderella says:

    You’ve made a remarkable difference, and even if you’d paid full cost for it all it was worth every cent. The house has gone from mundane to marvelous.

  8. Anna says:

    It’s beautiful Kristine, looks like the house has been lifted off the ground! You needed have worried about us we love everything you do and read every word you write. Can’t wait to see inside.

  9. Kristine! Wow, I love this thank-you for sharing everything you do, it’s so inspiring! We have a house in blonde brick which looks dated through out the house. I have only renovated my office so far as its a slow work in progress while we are building businesses. But this has really made me take a harder look at painting the house!!!!

  10. Veronica says:

    Loved this post. Your attention to detail and big vision for this house totally works. Inspiring!

  11. madlyn says:

    Beautiful job!

  12. I love the way you do your job, your dedication towards your passion ans i am daily reader
    You are the inspiration. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for guiding us for this informative articles.
    This was very helpful article .thank you for sharing with us.
    This is site is very beneficial.

  13. RSO says:

    It really is beautiful. I love white painted brick, and that looks fantastic. I enjoy your blog so much, just love your budget friendly projects. I look at it and think beautiful, and do-able. Sometimes I look at other projects and just sigh, ‘that’s what money can buy’…pretty, but no imagination, no spark, etc.

  14. Noél Emswiler says:

    Huge improvement! Love your choices.

  15. Connie says:

    Dramatic & delicious transformation!! You definitely have a delightful gift!

  16. Cheryl Gates says:

    What a fabulous friend you are, and what a fabulous job you did here. You brought that house to life, but nothing wrong with it in the first place. Please let us know how the sale goes.

  17. I can’t believe you were worried to post this! This is an amazing reno. You are VERY good at this, and I think this is such a great example of how to work with what you have and not demolish anything. You are definitely one of my favorite home bloggers (and I follow A LOT). Great job!

  18. Diane says:

    I think the transformation is stunning..light, refreshing and it seems like this house can breath again!
    Your color choices are spot on especially the blue door and shutters..but all together it is the ugly duckling that has become the beautiful swan…well done and you should be so proud of yourself.
    I never tire of your endless creativity. Keep it coming!!

  19. Kristine, this is breathtaking! You brought it all together gorgeously and really for a fantastic price (even if you had paid for it all out-of-pocket). Anyone should feel lucky to live here!

    • Aw, thank you Jen. That’s so lovely :)

      Oh, and the book you can spy on the bench seat is actually yours! LOL!

  20. Kathy Simpson says:

    What a beautiful job you’ve done. Just superb. I would love to know pre transformation valuation and what the house will sell for now. I bet there’s a substantial difference.

    • Not sure yet, however the market has slowed over the past six months.

      I’ll be sure to share once everything is finalised :)

  21. Terri says:

    ho hum to Beauty! No doubt this house is the prettiest in the neighborhood. The risk was well worth it!

  22. Connie Meints says:

    Beautiful transformation!

  23. Di says:

    That is an amazing transformation. Your style and energy are an inspiration.

  24. Your post is very helpful. Thanks a lot

  25. Amanda says:

    WOW! Its stunning. You have defiantly outdone yourself with this one. Can not wait to see what you have done with the inside now!

  26. Jeri says:

    Well. Whoa. Another amazing project with your magic touch. Such a stunning and incredible difference. Fresh. Bright. Fabulous. And your Hands on projects and skills are top notch. Well done!

  27. Magda says:

    Stunning transformation! You are so talented! Love everything and cannot wait for more!

  28. Patricia says:

    Spectacular job! It is so much brighter and fresher looking. I love it!

  29. Kate Wagner says:

    Oh my lordy – if you had a professional flipping team and a mega budget behind you, you would be Chip and Joanna combined! What you’ve managed with what was available to you is no small feat 😀 Don’t sell your skill and talent short *insert bossy/stern voice* ha! It all looks amazing! So clever and incredibly inspirational for us home diy-ers. Thank you for everything you do for us on this blog! 😊

  30. Deb says:

    Love it! The blue door and garage door are both perfect. Nicely done!

  31. Dee says:

    You have done a lovely job on the exterior of your home. I in particular love how you have added the wood elements (garage door and rustic wood pediment above the large window). I am curious if perhaps matching the shutters to the wood look of these other features might balance the look a bit? I love the blue door and understand why you would want to add more of that color. Perhaps curtains (sheer) or some form of faux geometric stained glass in the window (with the same blue) next to the door would bring out more of this color and make the width of the door “area” more prominent You could also paint / stencil the window next to the door (it can be scraped off later). This would give the color more presence if you choose to go with more of a wood look on the shutters.

  32. Jill Wolf says:

    Looks wonderful! And don’t apologize about thinning and cutting back the greenery in front of the house. It was overgrown and messy-looking before and now the house is the focal point, not the jungle in front of it. Now, if I could just import you to my house to prep it for sale… ; )

  33. Erin Zubot says:

    It turned out so amazing! Great job and truly a wonderful transformation!

  34. Wendy says:

    The façade transformation couldn’t have turned out better! You always have such amazing ideas! Are you planning to do any work to the interior of the home? I was so impressed with the entry way makeover I was hoping there would be other room reveals : ) Thank you for sharing your talents with your fans!

    • Hi Wendy

      Thanks so much. Yes, I am planning to furnish the interior however I’m not sure if I’ll have the time and budget to make all of the rooms as full-on as the entry. Will do my best and will be sharing as things progress.


  35. Tammy says:

    Looks wonderful. Great job!

  36. Penny says:

    OMG that’s an amazing difference. I agree the warm wood garage door is probably better than a big black door which would have made it all very monochrome. This is lovely and very impactful.

  37. Patricia Hinojos says:


  38. Arconex says:

    WOW. Great makeover. You made it alive

  39. Rachel C Swenson says:

    Holy smokes! I literally gasped! It’s an amazingly good transformation. Well done.

  40. Rachel Norrod says:

    Gorgeous. Everything is gorgeous.

    Two questions, though:
    1. What about the rest of the house? The original post’s Before photos show many rooms in need of love — won’t you be tackling those?
    2. What’s the difference between the Grand Total and Our Total?

    Can’t wait to see more!!!

    • Thanks Rachel.

      1. What about the rest of the house? The original post’s Before photos show many rooms in need of love — won’t you be tackling those?
      Yep, this was just the facade reveal. We won’t be doing any major renovations inside though will be fixing/updating/cleaning/staging where necessary. I’m hoping to share a progress post on the interior early next week.

      2. What’s the difference between the Grand Total and Our Total?
      If you read the italicized text at the bottom of the Price & Source List you will see that we were lucky to be gifted some products. I still wanted to show the true overall total so have included both prices.


  41. Uwalls says:

    That looks incredible! I love the colour of the door and shutters. Amazing transformation.

  42. HANNAH says:

    wow wow wow!!! this is just amazing! i am new to your blog and am having a blast looking at all of your transformations!! just saw the entry way and it is AMAZING!!!!

  43. Belinda Lewis says:

    Beautiful home and transformation! We brought a house not too long ago and it has the similar brick. I have been tossing and turning whether to paint our brick. Yours is fantastic. I’ve heard it’s hard to do.. Was it for you? How did you paint it?

  44. Jill F Jones says:

    Found your blog on an email from D.Lawless (great source of neat things for DIY) and so glad I did. Have been enjoying reading your previous posts. Love what you did with this typical, dated builder home. Brick can be beautiful, but when it looks like this the answer in PAINT, PAINT, PAINT! The crisp white, natural wood accents and touch of blue (with the skinny black door and window) are stunning. Love the Craftsman style wood piece you added to those very 70’s brick accent columns. Great job overall and at a very cost effective price. This is certainly an inspiration to people with similar homes and shows what can be done on a limited budget – too many designers think everyone has 6 figure budgets for a remodel. Keep up the good work. (By the way, I live in Arkansas in the US – sorry to hear that Koch won’t ship their artificial plants here).

  45. Naomi says:

    Incredible!!! Well done 😁😁

    Blood sweat and tears as the Aussie say but all worth it in the end! Fantastic

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